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Wilbur Feb 2020
My dear, I am sorry for what I have done.
The past continues to haunt my present day actions and feelings, and I feel that has shown time and time again.
I sincerely apoligise for me being so clingy. Clingy enough to make you stay away from me.
I sincerely apoligise for me being so oblivious and idiotic whenever we talk. I often don't realise that you want to drop a certain topic, or that you are generally uncomfortable with whatever situation I put you in.
Please understand that I've never meant to cause you mental anguish, but instead, love and endless support.

I know that, in the end, you doubt most of what I say.
And I wish that I could so something to make that distrust go away.

Maybe someday you'll see the light in between the scenes.
Or perhaps someday the darkness of the scenes will overwhelm us both, and we will no longer have the need to worry.

Please come back soon... I miss you, and I need you here in my arms.

All the love,

Colm Jan 2020
When choice is not a matter of heart
Or sight a glance at sun kissed chin
Arise my dawning love, arise
Don't look away
I'm not sorry that we must being
J'San killing it -
annh Dec 2019
Sometimes I'm an apathist,
Infrequently an anarchist,
Mostly an apologetic aesthete,
And almost never myself.

Whatever...f$@k it...sorry...hello.
'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.'
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
People will keep talking
But I don't have to listen
Others will continue to expect
And define my existence

They will try to take away
What's left of my childlike innocence
And even then, the things I do
Are still none of their business

How can I feel okay?
When they become restless
From me not conforming to their way
They only see it as reckless

Their shallow mouths spew words
Bringing upon damage that is endless
With the naive intentions to help
Yet, why do I feel more helpless?

Childhood criticisms cling to me
Leaving me defenceless
Whenever the guards of my walls
Become tired and careless

I thought it'd be easier to live
If I was just passive and selfless
Until I was driven to the point
Where I couldn't tell what was precious

I have now accepted that it is okay
That I do not share the same ethics
The differences found in me
Should not make me so apologetic
Matthew Jan 2019
Endless Apologies
only bears
Agonizing Pain
I'm too much
yet not enough!
Just get tired of not ever getting it right. I never know when I'm gonna set him off.
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
All that remains
Chalk that wrote our story
I absentmindedly erased
Essence of our core
Still searching
For the lines of us
Lost somewhere
Amongst the dust
My inspiration slowly fading
Sinking in quicksand
With no hopes of wading
I will always be waiting
Rising from the depths
Of my past life
Paper bound
Praying to all gods
That I don’t repeat
The same mistakes
Pleading woefully
For heavens sake
Desperately hoping
I don’t know how much more I can take
redruMAndTea Aug 2018
I’m sorry.
Dreadfully so.
Your hearts a mess-
so skillfully trying
to weave its way
through mine.
But I’ve already began
cutting the ties.
I don’t want your love.
I won’t lie; not to you.
I’m sorry
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
I shouldn't be...sorry
I couldn't be...sorry
I can't be...sorry
I won't be...sorry
Why should I be...sorry?
How could I be...sorry?
Why can't I be...sorry?


I should be proud of the smile I wear, right?
...I'm sorry...
No one should apologise for smiling.
B P Aug 2016
I’m sorry
I wear my body like an apology
I’m sorry
I take up so much space
I’m sorry
I speak quietly
Or not at all
Because my voice takes up so much space
And what if someone else wants to talk?

I’m sorry
I push you away
And I’m sorry
I’m insecure
And I’m sorry
I apologize so much.
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