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Emilio Apr 25
They told me I could be
anything that I wanted to be
So I picked a picture,
Putting the pieces together;
Worked hard.

Now,  I'm here where I wanted to be;
Seeing the whole picture.
It's all worth it.. or maybe not.
Maybe I could redecorate.
Maybe I could be something more.

Tired, I went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, and everything was on fire.
The gameplay... or maybe not.
Emilio Apr 1
Is a real thing, for sure.
You could die, or survive
But more importantly,
You could be the greater threat or
the cure
Emilio Apr 1
I've been waiting for this moment
As when the moon meets the sun
As when I splashed new pigments
I have found the one
Emilio Aug 2019
The heart is burning;
Flames that burn souls--undying.
Let love extinguish.
Keep calm and love.
Emilio Aug 2019
Away; I went off.
Agreed to wait for our love.
I came back, you're gone.
What the fck happened?
Emilio Aug 2019
Trying to create a melody;
Like a path where I can follow
Do Re Mi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Let the music flow

Sometimes, you just have to let it go
Because it's just another day
A day to learn and grow
And when there's no other way
Just another day.
Emilio Aug 2019
Bold and strong, you stayed
with a selfish heart and soul.
You left and changed it.
Thank you for everything
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