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Emilio Apr 2020
They told me I could be
anything that I wanted to be
So I picked a picture,
Putting the pieces together;
Worked hard.

Now,  I'm here where I wanted to be;
Seeing the whole picture.
It's all worth it.. or maybe not.
Maybe I could redecorate.
Maybe I could be something more.

Tired, I went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, and everything was on fire.
The gameplay... or maybe not.
Emilio Apr 2020
Is a real thing, for sure.
You could die, or survive
But more importantly,
You could be the greater threat or
the cure
Emilio Apr 2020
I've been waiting for this moment
As when the moon meets the sun
As when I splashed new pigments
I have found the one
Emilio Aug 2019
The heart is burning;
Flames that burn souls--undying.
Let love extinguish.
Keep calm and love.
Emilio Aug 2019
Away; I went off.
Agreed to wait for our love.
I came back, you're gone.
What the fck happened?
Emilio Aug 2019
Trying to create a melody;
Like a path where I can follow
Do Re Mi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Let the music flow

Sometimes, you just have to let it go
Because it's just another day
A day to learn and grow
And when there's no other way
Just another day.
Emilio Aug 2019
Bold and strong, you stayed
with a selfish heart and soul.
You left and changed it.
Thank you for everything
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