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Emilio Oct 2017
Dark skies, no rain pours;
A disease that never cures
Only death will come.
Emilio Oct 2017
is like a sleeping monster
It devours anything;
A monster that grinds
without teeth,
and swallows without
it's throat

Painless as it seems
but it has very large stomach,
and very long intestines
A monster and a nightmare.
Emilio Dec 2016
The sun and the moon
have numbered the days;
time moves.
The cold wind blows,
the rain pours;
Another season,
another **love
Thank you for everything.
Emilio Jul 2016
Starry starry night,
A star is shinning so bright;
It's light years away
Emilio Jul 2016
You don't
have to believe
The world is
full of lies
the universe keeps
You don't have to.
Emilio May 2016
you taught me that books and pizzas would go together.
Like the Italian-kind-of cupcake that I ate; chocolate cupcake stuffed with sour cream. Like *** and TV shows—fries and ice creams.

You made me feel what it is to be human again because I think I was;
You let me read words, stories, and poems that made me feel.
You have made me chuckle with your jokes.
You have made me a poet of your soul.
You have made me
Today, you have.
I think I love you
Emilio May 2016
is a romantic thing to say sometimes
But still, I don't know why

**I do
I really do but I don't know why..
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