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Zack Ripley May 2020
don't let yourself be swept away
By the promise of another day.
And if you have something to say,
say it.
Because no one knows
Exactly how long we get to stay
Andrew Mar 2020
I understand that you are shocked
I know you are confused
But say something
Say something

When you say nothing
Just get out and shut the door
A million possibilities go through my mind

Will he tell everyone?
Will he ever see me the same?
Does he hate me?

I had expectations for your reaction
Blaming me for something I have tried to change
But your reaction is silence

And trust me, I have tried to change it
Tried to starve it out
Cut it out
Deny every feeling

Until i felt nothing

Just like your reaction

I cannot answer questions you do not ask
I cannot reassure your concerns if you do not voice them
I can do nothing if you give me nothing

My sense of self was put at your feet
But you walked away
True, you didn't stomp on it
But you did not pick it up
You left me on the ground
Now i'm here.

Just please

Say someting
i came out to my brother this morning
try to explain again
that's when you say something
my heart is hard to digest
like the figurative phrase I'm trying to make
What's behind the curtain?
look at me embarrassed
the wind laughed at me

I want to hear it again
the voice of your heart
at that time the cars voice broke my hearing
I just look at that frame
My throbbing was fast
then you smile
Fading away,
With nothing to say.

I'm trying to fight,
but nothing work from day to night.

Talk to me,
There is no fee.

What happened to the convos we had?
For I feel like I did something bad.
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
When they saw her sliced up arms and thighs
Because they couldn't believe
Someone with such a childish
Angelic face could really do that to herself
And no one thought to say anything
When she silently screamed out for help
So off she went with some rope
And no hope left
To the bathroom
In the shower
Where she hanged herself
By kicking a stool out from under her feet
After all she was short and tiny
Which leads us to today
An entire year later
Where she could've been an entire year older
An entire year happier
If someone had said something
Thankfully she found her God
But that doesn't justify an 11 year old girl's
Unfortunately, this is a true story about my younger sister's best friend last year. A few of the girls in their "squad" noticed the girl in the poem was cutting herself and said nothing to anyone, not even the girl. I strongly believe with all of my heart that had somebody spoke up my sister's friend could still be here. I say this because I could have been that girl a few times but I've always been talked back to life.
So please, if you notice things like that, SPEAK UP , it could save a life
kaylan joseph Apr 2015
Just open your mouth please
I'm tired of watching you die from the inside
But you say your heart resides in mine but all the the signs say different and I can only bear witness to the pain you show every day
Or the anger you show towards me makes me question even if you want me to stay
take-off of Say Something*

Speak to me, I want to trust in You
I’ll be the one, if You want me to
Anywhere I wanna follow You
Speak to me, I want to trust in You

And I am feeling so small
I tried trusting myself
But I knew nothing at all

And I might stumble and fall
I’m still learning to trust
To listen to Your call

Speak to me, I want to trust in You
I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to You
Anywhere I wanna follow You
Speak to me, I want to trust in You

And I will swallow my pride
You’re the One that I love
With Your arms open wide

Speak to me, I want to trust in You
I'm trying to change, come back to You
And anywhere I wanna follow you
Speak to me, I want to trust in You.
Lani Foronda Jun 2014
This silence is unnerving.
It's filling the room
Filling the spaces
Where you normally are.
I've left the door open
To give you a choice,
But all you do is stand there.
You know
I would do anything
Just to end this fight.
Would have done everything
To make things right between us.
But you don't want to talk
When I'm ready to listen.
& you don't want to listen
When I'm trying to talk.
You were the only thing that made sense to me
But now
You've made me senseless.

So please,
Say something
To show me that you're still there.
Tell me that you're sorry
That you don't want this to be the end.
But if not,
Please shut the door on your way out.

— The End —