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LaDawn Sep 2018
From the age of 5 you put us in school, a place that you tell us is comforting and open, yet you want to advance our mental intelligence. Formulas, problem solving, this or that, and life expectations are drilled into our head from the age of 5. How can a 5 year old be expected to live up to those inhuman expectations if they can barely write there name. A 5 year old shouldn't have to or feel the pressure to memorize what formula will help them best in life. These expectations are inhuman, you should never have to feel pressured to be better. You should do things because you want to not because your pressured to.
This is poem #2 hope you enjoy!
Damaris ZA Feb 2018
to do everything to your liking
because the feeling of your disapproval...
                                                                                              it shatters me.
excelling in every aspect
of my life.
                                                                    to be able to get close to you,
having to do every one of your desires
to belong in your arms.
                                                                                  letting everything go
to make you proud of me.
putting my problems in silence
                                                                                        to help your own.
"The best way to get hurt; is by bleeding in silence."-D.Z.-A.
Denisse May 2014
We are all not sure about everything in our life
Today might be okay but tomorrow has no assurance
Some will stay and some will go away
You can do what you want, you can be productive, fool, pretty, smart or stay being the same.

Every minute of our life is a matter of reason
Others may use it wisely and willing to catch bullets
Some will let the opportunities to past to prevent aches
Well, that's life! We are living in world with different opinion.

If you are new in this game, try everything that's good for you
If you are afraid, take the risk, who knows?
If you are pressured, take it easy! Stay clam.
If you are exhausted, give your self a break.
This poem is not literally for life starters only, it is for every one who's losing their way, who's forgetting their purpose in life. Live life to the fullest, it's too short to be wasted on doing things that's not good for your soul.

— The End —