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Ginelle Nov 2015
I'm addicted to you
Just like how I'm addicted to the sadness that courses through my veins
And the cigarettes that burn my lips
And the needles that leave bruises on my skin
But of all these addictions
You'd have to be the worst to ever touch my skin
mw Sep 2015
sunsets on mountains and poetic weekends.
“if you write about me, i will blush when you read it.”
playing my guitar.
playing with my hair.
playing with me.
“do you want to get something to eat?”
“are you tired?”
“let me in."
holding me down, in the best possible way.
approved by my mom.
poetic texts and the reason i’ve been clutching my phone.
too good to me.

what you appear to be, you are so much more.
what i expected.
sure about where this is going, neither am i.
a manic decision, although you may seem like it now.
17th Sep 2014
feel my frightened skin
my voluptuous insecurities
feel my silence breaking
wave by wave
slowly turning into **this
17th Aug 2014
everything seems the same
then repeat
I can't express my feelings right
then repeat
I can't even make them look like a poem
then repeat
that's the thing about repetition
then repeat
it seems like it sounds nice
then repeat
but it sounds so ****** and agh
17th Aug 2014
close your eyes
tell me what is it
don't let those crazy eyes
don't let them cry
keep looking at me
I won't step aside
don't give up on me

I wrote you a song
about all the little things you like
I wanted to take it slow
but the rush between the both of us
couldn't make it any slow

I just wish I could have known you better than this
Bugs in the dark swarm
My screen is not the sunlight
But they know nothing.
17th Jul 2014
I'm falling apart**

I need to be back

I'm not being myself
17th Jul 2014
I want to **** myself
I want to know how it feels to be truly empty
I want to end with this with my hand

when I was a little child
I used to dream of days of happiness
days of being all colorful
now my days are just blue

"suicide is not the answer"
"this will be endless"

I don't care
I'm so depressed I can't even write properly
17th Jun 2014
There's no such thing as
"good" and "bad"
17th Jun 2014
blank pages are nothing
blank pages could be everything
blank pages are being destroyed
user for horrible thoughts
used for distance
asking to be burned
asking to be destroyed
by the hand of the stupid
living for ages
used by the greatest minds
the most creative humans
blank pages are used for art
blank pages are meant to show you
that something empty
can be completely powerful
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