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mjad Nov 2018
I often wonder about my own origin
I wonder how much of me is from just one woman
I also wonder if I am anything like the man
Does my DNA from her make me the good student I am
Does it explain my ever present sarcasm and attitude
I wonder if we have the same personality or mood
I wonder about my appearance and hers
Does her hair also fall down her back or shape her curves
Does it reflect in the same golden way that mine does
Does she also let hers grow too long just because

I know you from online
And from the few files I find
Is my height, or lack thereof, from you?
(After all, I'm only five foot two)
Do all my half siblings know of me, or just you?
Do you talk to my father? Does he want to meet too?

I meet you this week
17 years or 6,463 days
Not a moment too late
A reunion like an awkward first date
I was told to "expect nothing" from it
That I can easily call to just quit
But I know more everyday that I am ready
I want my family tree to be a little less webby

I want you to know I am not mad
I do not cry because I am sad
You are the reason I live the life I have
I cannot be more grateful for that

I understand the choice you made
That raising me was a price you had to pay
Your past is not something to regret
The questions I have are nothing to fret
You might fear the how's and why's
But they're the last thing on my mind
I just want to meet you for you
And to thank you for giving me the chance to live anew
I meet my birthmother later this week and I am full of emotions, but I want all birthmothers to know that the last question an adoptee has on their mind is  "why?" We want to know YOU, the you of today, so do not be scared. ( ps. If youre an adoptee too, hmu! I am here for you on your journey)
Bella Sep 2018
My mother is upset;
I comfort her.
My father is angry;
I calm him.
My youngest sister is scared;
I calmly comfort her.

I tell my mother:
I am bisexual;
She tries to beat it out of me.
I tell my father:
I cut myself;
He yells and screams til my ears bleed.
I tell my middle sister:
I am broken;
She hugs me and says,
That’s alright.
This is about how my parents and youngest sister, Carli, treat me like **** even when i care for them.
But its also about how my younger sister, Destiny (older than Carli), treats me as an equal.
Beast Apr 2018
Looking at the night sky,
She wonders why,
Why'd they take her away,
She wanted to stay.

Leaving everything she has ever known,
everything she has ever been shown.
Let's sit here and try, try not to cry,
maybe time will pass by.

Then she can go home,
she then won't have to roam.
Looking for a place,
that she won't have to chase.

All the broken dreams lay shattered,
tired of hearing she doesn't matter.
There's a place in this world,
where she can twist and twirl.

She will belong some day,
everyone who did her wrong, they will pay.
They shouldn't have taken her,
she knows this for sure.

Let's set this trap,
get rid of this crap.
She will get revenge,
when they see me they will all cringe.

Everything has to do with being adopted,
her house is filled with lies.

As the days go by,
she's always known this is who you really are, then I want you far...
If this is what a father is, than I never want one...
You abandon me in my time of need,
Left me with nothing to eat...
I had to survive on my own two feet...
All the money you had, and still you treated me so bad...
You're the worst dad, and that makes you so glad!!!
What comes around goes right around...
I hate when you yell, I hate that sound!!!
I looked for you and hell is what I found!
I should of been your princess with a crown
instead, you treated me like I was your clown..
Betrayed me and left me with a frown!!
Look at my tears, what about my fears?
You can't help me anymore, Don't even try, what for?
I hate what you have done to me!
I use to be so weak, I was afraid to ever speak...
Now I have found strength and I'm not afraid...
I'm not afraid of telling you to leave.
You are my dad just by name, because of you I will never be the same...
You are insane and that's how you will remain.
My mom is good, she's not the one to blame...
She had to play your role as a dad...
You were never there, she was always so fair...

Hoping it will get rid of the pain,
so she can dance in the rain.

She doesn't know what to do,
always lost and so confused.
She feels so used and abused,
wants to get lost in this world.

One, she is just one girl,
sick of all the stuff,
she's had enough!

Going to run away,
not going to stay!

After everything she's been through,
she still doesn't know who?
Who she is inside.

Sick of running to hide,
when she dies,
there will be no more lies.

Dying a happy girl,
her life going to unfurl.

All the shatter times,
all the hating rhymes.
They will not be gone,
so let's wait till dawn.
Samantha Feb 2018
I wish I was my mother's daughter
The real one, to be sure
I wish I was the baby
To which she had birthed
I see the way she looks at me
With love, but differently
Than the love that I see
When she looks at her real baby
I wish I was my mother's daughter
The real one, to be sure
Joe Thompson Nov 2017
The boy, age seven
Stayed behind the others -
Remained outside in waist deep snow
While his newly assigned family
plodded and stomped onto the back porch of the great house,
shaking snow and cracked ice from their matted sweaters,
Shedding their scarves, wet gloves and socks .  
Loud excited voices growing muffled and faint
until they disappeared completely into the warmth and comfort of interior rooms.

It was the boy's first winter in western New York
and he had never known such monumental silence
or seen the world disappear so completely
in snowstorm and dusk.
His cheeks burned red;
His toes and fingers grew fat and numb –
How long would it take, he wondered, for fresh snow and wind
to obliterate his footsteps completely,
leaving no evidence of the path
that had brought him there;
Until it looked as if he had just been dropped into someone's yard;
as if he had just appeared from nowhere.

Before he began to move again –
before he headed inside with the others
he smiled.
In the space between his thoughts
there was a moment of silence deeper than anything he had ever felt before.
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