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ShFR May 2022
Schools’, free-ish U.S.
budget cuts GALORE, burnout
Teachers:  in terror   |  are trying
© 2022 by ShFR All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of ShFR
Nolan Willett Jan 2022
If one is inert
And ten is a breakthrough
You and I, in concert,
Add to a beautiful two.

If red is progress
And yellow is obscene
Us two, coalesced,
Somehow craft a verdant green.

With the earth above
And the sky below
I’d make a pretty dove
And you a peaceful doe.
Em MacKenzie Sep 2021
You’ve always been where I belong,
it’s proven to me every moment, every day.
You make me think that Frost was wrong
when he said “nothing gold can stay.”
Just a quick shot for my girl
Jason Mar 2021
Rising shadows release frigid forest

From deadly-dark silent guest

Lilac light lilts songbirds astir

Crystals cascade from ruffled fur

Halting soft steps upon frozen grass

Seek chilled silver trickling 'neath polished glass

Sudden stifled step echoes eerily alone

Tickling giggling reply from icy stone

Drinking doe darts sight unseen

Elusive as spring in this snowy scene
© 03/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
I am Jane Doe
My identity is unknown
I am a face without a name
A pile of mysterious bones
an unknown woman
neth jones Aug 2020
you are considered a dead thing
slowed down by decent refrigeration
and declared
'personality put to pasture'

a name would help with the paperwork
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2019
hen potato skip
canyon gnome
butter rose fee
Poetress2 Mar 2019
On a winter's day,
a beautiful, baby Doe,
was born in the snow.
The Napkin Poet Mar 2019
A man comes out of the shadows,
as so it goes.

Held his fist to the doe,
Her money, you know.

“I’ve only but a rose,
one of friendship despite my woes.”

And with that rose she choked.
Like Porphyria’s lover,

Soft mane of death,
like a thorn to the chest.
Only the rose of amity saw the rest.
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