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alexis wansor May 24
Her eyes were filled with love
But she wasn't looking at me
Even though it physically hurt
She was happy

Every time she looked at him
My throat burned and ached
I watched her as i was violently coughing up the beautiful red pedals
Knowing i was going to die

Because i knew she would never look at me
The way she looked at him
And for some reason not loving her
Hurt more then the pedals themselves

Her beauty couldn’t compare to the throned flowers
Rapidly blooming in my throat
I would happily die knowing
That i died loving her

I was going to hold on
Despite the feeling of being set on fire
And knowing exactly how this was going to turn out
But i wanted to die with the little dignity i had left

My vision got blurry
blood dripped from my lip
My throat began to close
And With one last breath
The flowers consumed my smiling dead body

That beautiful hanahaki
Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the beloved returns their feelings (romantic love only; strong friendship is not enough), or when the victim dies. It can be cured through surgical removal, but when the infection is removed, the victim's romantic feelings for their love also disappear.
alexis wansor Sep 2020
Her hair red like soil
And eyes green like springs clover
Skin sun-kissed and dotted like stars in the night sky
And man oh man
Her imagination was endless
And words constantly dripping from her tongue
Her smile never fading
She talked to the trees and the flowers
She was lonely and they were her company
I am in love with every last bit of her
The way she sniffed the air
To smell all the beautiful smells of the crisp cold breeze of fall
The way she nibbles at chocolate and sips tea
when she studies
She's clever and bright
Her mind is worth its weight in gold
And there aren't enough words to describe
The comfort I feel when she graces me with her presence

— The End —