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alexis wansor Jan 25
his eyes are made of honey
it ain't about the money
his lips are bright pink
and his hair is really fluffy
and whenever he's around me
butterflies fill my tummy
and when I think of home
I think of him
he is the one I want to spend my life with
alexis wansor Jan 25
I don't read.
they say when she pulls out a book
I don't read
but she does
I don't read
it's her escape
I don't read
she doesn't care
I don't read
but her nose is in the book
I don't read
but that's where it'll stay
I don't read
about when you pull out a book and there's always that one person that says they don't read when no one asked
alexis wansor Oct 2018
I am From
I am From mounds of albums
From under my bed
From my mom mumbling
“don’t cry be happy even when you’re not”
I am from the screams and punches form my fathers anger

I am from the whistling kettle,
That holds hot steaming tea,
From the smell of old books on an,
Old cherry oak shelf,
I am from the pitter-patter from,
The rain on a window.

I am from late nights with my mom,
Eating oreos and milk,
From watching random shows when,
The house is finally quiet,
I am from the clock reading,
3 am.

I am from jumping in ***** puddles,
From the rain,
From the vibrant red stop sign,
At the corner,
And the rusted park down the street,
I am from waks in the rain.

I am from watching the moon ,
Late at night,
From being comforted by,
The night sky,
I am from the stories on how,
The sun loved,
The moon.
alexis wansor Dec 2017
she sat up against the tree
with her notebook and her guitar
she looked up at the sky
and started to sing

as her red hair blew in the wind
the stars started to listen
and the moon started to watch
she sang

she sang of the moon
she sang about the stars
she sang about her only friend
she sang about her broken heart

she was jealous of the moon and stars
she was jealous of their beauty
she was jealous of how they sparkled
little did she know they were jealous too

they were jealous of her hair
they were jealous of her baby blue eyes
they were jealous of her soft voice
they were jealous of her mind

she was a lot like the moon and stars
her mind was a universe
she was hidden like the moon
shes up all night and empty all day

She admired the night
The night admired her too

— The End —