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Samantha Nguyen Jun 2018
love is the most amazing thing in the world.
someone accompanies you.
someone cares about you.
someone is there for you.

but love can be a pain.
you don't see it coming
so it's a surprise.
it will change your life so much.
it's not normal.

and to conclude,
love isn't a normal pain.
we aren't used to it
so it uses us.
you want to know how i feel right now? betrayed, lonely, depressed. thank you :(
kB 2 Jan 7
Falling over this
made up line
one way or the other has our truth covered
and smothers
the humans we were meant to be
the intelligent
the artists
the teachers and preachers
all run from the projectors
in our brains showing features
subliminally telling us we need to change
we have to fit in
normally some way
while the universe keeps sending us signals
telling us to stay the exact same way
that your cells made you
they were made to create you
the you that comes through
when you let peace preside
over your abnormal life
Society is an oblivious liar
Normal is simply
a setting on a dryer

Bartholomew  Oct 2018
Bartholomew Oct 2018
I’m supposed to be strong for everyone including you. But whose supposed to be strong for me?
Guess I don’t need anyone’s help.
I cry but incognito, can’t allow anyone to see these tears.
I’ll wipe them away myself.

Push it to the back of my mind, all the way in the rear.
I’m afraid to share my emotions so I numb it all away, cage my depression, bury my fears.

Can’t trust anyone cuz one day they’ll be gone, they leave as they usually do, I tell myself I can’t be mad.
So sometimes I leave them before they leave me, Every man for himself right? I learned that from my dad.

My biological..... wherever he is in this reality
I’m on my own. A solitary mentality

The abnormal normality
A man and a woman stand in a yard
their fingertips touching slightly.
She sits between them
hands in her lap
voice off
like she was taught in school.
Mom and dad have a secret.
She thinks there is a surprise waiting for her in the house.
Katherine Anne
Katherine Anne Seymour
There is something abnormal about you
cell deep
malignant and capable of killing.
If we could take it out of you
and put it somewhere else
like a star or the highest branch
of the tallest tree
somewhere so
unreachable that we could ignore its pain
we would.
But Katie
Katherine Anne
Kitty Cat
we can't.
Forced poetry for a creative writing class.
Gaffer  Feb 2017
Gaffer Feb 2017
Death surrounded her
Bombs falling captured the stories inside her head
Real life tears fell over blood-soaked mornings
Screams pierced right into the reality she called life
Friends, limbs missing made her look abnormal
Laughter left the country vowing never to return
She watched the burning figure running towards her
Collapsing before her, pleading for death
But death didn’t want him that day
He wasn’t one of the fortunate ones
She climbed into the basement seeking solace
Clutching the doll who like herself seemed to have survived in one piece
But something wasn’t right
Dolly was living a lie
She pulled one arm and one leg off
Dolly smiled
And the world became normal again.
faith  Sep 2017
faith Sep 2017
i sit alone.
but can one feel alone?
or can one not?
if one cannot, then i am even more abnormal than I first thought i was.
#alone #abnormal #homeschooled #nofriends #lonely #faithpoems
Call me Oliver Nov 2018
The fights we had were quite abnormal
They were quiet
And quite home
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