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 Sep 24 Solaces
A dreamer dreams,
A man sees.
But the dreamer was never a man,
The dreamer is the greatest voice of all mind.

A dreamer dreams,
A  man sees.
But the dreamer was never man.

Now the world has become so dull.
The dreamer is lost in a sight of darkness,
The dreamer is lost in a night of a thousand storms.

Were you ever a man?
 May 9 Solaces
Vera City
Beware ancient grudge
Either the red or the blue
It is all purple
 May 9 Solaces
Jason James
Your life doesn't interest me,
My own life barely interests me.
Days upon days of the mundane.
You grow
You try
You feel
You change
You get by
I stay the same
Every now and then I get high.
I'm going nowhere
But truth be told
I'm happy right here,
Nothing's out there for me,
No love
No mercy
You don't have to be a genius to see
I'd be wrong to complain
I've been blessed
With every day the same
And a life
Most mundane.
sometimes i catch myself
going over the things you said

and wonder if there were things
you didn’t say

if you felt selfish things
you considerately couldn’t say

i would have liked to hear

things that would cause us pain
 May 8 Solaces
Verdant Quo
like water
I poured myself into her until she was overflowing at the brim

like reinforced steel
I bridged my heart to hers and welded myself to her soul

like the sun
I filled myself with light to cover her darkness

like a blanket
I shielded her from the harsh world underneath the covers

like magnets
I orbited her aura until we inevitably collided

like a seed
I felt myself growing up from her

Then, like an idiot
I could tell she felt nothing.
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