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samara lael Jul 2019
oh, nobody knows
the things in my soul,
the things that i hold

& oh, nobody sees
the things in my dreams,
the things that i keep.

~ stigma.
samara lael Jul 2019
there’s something about familia
that makes me sigh.
the warm glow of a hug;
the cheeky wink of an eye.

there’s something about familia
that makes me cry.
the pain of passing;
the tests set for us to try.

but with the unexpected & emotion
whether biological or chosen,
familia is familiarity; home; connection
& this i cherish with the deepest of affection.
samara lael Jul 2019
quiero traerte a mi país,
y enseñarte lo que me hace feliz.
quiero llevarte a los bares bonitos
donde cantan y arman jaleo.
quiero pasar por debajo
de las pérgolas preciosas del parque
con mis manos colgando
de donde dobla tu brazo.
quiero llevarte a la iglesia  
y bailar y alabar contigo.

pero lamento
que no será posible.
es solamente un sueño
que veo yo solita.
porque tú estás pensando
en tu propio paraíso
y no creo que me incluya.
si no, me lo dirías.
duele querer algo con
alguien que no desea lo mismo.

ver alguien tan cerca de ti
que piensa que estás  
demasiado lejos de él.
no sé cómo la gente lo hacen  
cuando se enamoran  
en otro país.
la mente se queja,  
el corazón lamenta,  
y el alma llora del dolor.
the ache that longing brings lingers close around you.
samara lael Jul 2019
boys are taught not to hit girls
but they will cause
even more damage

it’s like you’re saying
that boys are punching bags
& that girls are dart boards
to fire words at
& to **** & poke.

teach our young equally.
teach them how to love,
not who not to fight.
teach them how to speak
truth & kindness,
not what not to say.

teach them to pour
sweet nurturing nectar
from their souls.

& the next time
you shame a man
for defending himself
against a woman
who attacks him,
or let a man get away
with his pride of
not harming a woman
with his hands
when you see he does it
with his tongue
or mind instead,
remind yourself
of your duty to
lead the next generation.
remind yourself of
how everyone should be
& loved.
& cared for.
& protected.

if i have children
i will teach them
that violence
is damaging
& not becoming
of a human being.

it doesn't matter
whether it's physical
or emotional,
whether they are
a boy or a girl.
it is never okay
to hurt someone.

not all bruises are purple;
not all words are audible.
lassie basher: scottish slang for a male who hits a female. i would hear this growing up as the reason for why boys couldn't defend themselves or play fight with girls as kids. it annoyed me because the reason should be because violence is wrong, not because we are female.
samara lael Jul 2019
the way you cross my mind like your swinging in time
to the sound of harmonies in tune with mine.

~ swing dancing.
samara lael Jul 2019
use your brush
whether it be cracked or stained.
use it to paint a picture
that shows people why
they are made.

use it to write the words
that went unspoken.
use it to keep your mind
from swirling murky clouds
making you broken.  

paint me a picture
to explore what you do;
not for me to judge
but to admire what  
the Lord has poured into you.

~ share your gifts.
samara lael Jul 2019
the calm synth exhales.
i close my eyes as the rumble of the wheels turn.
palms face up on my lap, i pray.

señor, cuídame en este viaje.
estás conmigo.
inhala; exhala.

my stomach dips with the beat,
the bass picks up & so do we,
right on cue in perfect harmony.

i’m not scared of flying.
i found a peace in that moment
where the song, the sky & my soul
snapped into sync so smoothly
that i sighed in serenity.

i’m not scared of flying,
but sometimes of where i’m going,
& of what lies ahead.

but let me have this moment,
where daniel & kali
soar through the clouds with me,
where everything seems to click.

let me breathe,
despite the lack of oxygen outside.
& save a seat for Him.

~ pilot of life, perfect attendant & guiding wind.
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