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samara lael Jun 5
you covered
your deceiving sentences
in pretty paper,
letting the gold flecks
blind the careful,
truth-seeking eye.
each fold you made
masked the truth
even further;
the edges too thick
to tear through.

you made lying
an art.
perfecting your trickery
with each crease;
the false concern
on your brow.

how many steps
did you take to hide
your intentions
or your secrets?
how many incisions
did you make
on your victims?
are supposed to be
beautiful demonstrations
of life;
not crumpled up
pieces of false hope
& fake actions,
curated to bend
at your command.

i tried to keep track
of what moves you made
so that i could make sure
you wouldn’t repeat them
on me.
but your nimble, paper cut
fingers moved too fast,
& before i knew it,
i was trapped in a suffocating
paper thin, paper-slicing

if only i had the scissors
to cut myself out of this pointy mess.
but once i unfolded one lie,
the rest unraveled before me
til there was just one
piece of paper
with the marks
showing where i
could have caught you out.

look at all those little lies folded up
into something so intricate
that looked treacherously beautiful
from the outside,
but was simple & sinister from the start.

you contorted me into myself,
creating an aesthetic crane.
but i learnt to fly out of my cage,
& out of your clasp.
i won’t be pleated
into an origami opus
for you to
display & deride.

i am not your paper to fold or decorate.
not aimed at all. just caught inspiration from origami and though that lies unfold just like it; when you discover one, the rest of them unfold.
samara lael Apr 24
i laughed at all those jokes you made about falling
yet here i am feeling tears fall because i realise
i tripped at every sweet sentence you said
& now i can’t tie my shoe laces to stop myself.

my shoes were dancing with yours
to a song i associate with you now
& although i know someone kicked you before
& that you’re not ready to throw out those old sneakers,

my laces are getting ******* with yours.
you’re kneeling down to undo them,
& i want to do it, too, to protect myself,
but my heart laces are making me fall.

& then they wonder why kids take off their shoes.
oh, the irony; they don’t get hurt.
samara lael Apr 19
"your hands are soft",
you say as you hold them gently
& although i have been told
this before,
you make me believe it.

your words are pear drops
that sweeten my soul
& pool in your palm.

your soft hands hold mine.
okay so it's 0237 & i just wrote this with my eyes half shut in 5 minutes because this person is keeping me up in my head.
samara lael Apr 18
after leaving the door ajar for so long
(silently arguing over who was going to leave it),
you shut it in my face.

& i finally felt at peace
knowing whether that door could lead us to another place
or leave us in the cosiness of comfort.

although we switched opinions
a thousand times,
our hands don’t grip the handle anymore.

i don’t mind
if you locked or not.
the door no longer swings.
también lo he traducido al inglés.
samara lael Apr 18
después de tanto tiempo con la puerta entreabierta
(discutiendo silenciosamente sobre quién lo iba a dejar),
la cerraste en mi cara.

& por fin tuve esa paz
en saber si esa puerta pudiera llevarnos a otro sitio
o dejarnos donde estábamos en la casa de lo conocido.

aunque cambiamos de opiniones
mil veces,
nuestras manos ya no agarran la manija.

no me importa
si pusiste el pestillo o no.
ya no se mueve la puerta.
i have translated this into english too.
samara lael Apr 18
pues ya no pienso en ti así.

~ amigos de nuevo.
samara lael Apr 2
salt market; busy road; tracks everywhere;
the pungent noise suffocates the air,
the rain drenches my hair,
& fills the trenches in the road.


raised from the ground,
such a haven from this world,
lives clothed in serenity
with flowers in its hair.

surrounded by green leaves,
hidden from the dirt,
standing firm in its place;
strong in its purpose.

purpose? you may ask.
home- where your loved ones gather
in safe space & warm welcome.
it is beautifully structured, yet free.

it is a breath of fresh air.
                       ­               ~ for home.
i wrote this for a friend's architecture project presentation, but i ended up being rather fond of the image i had created, so i like to include it with the rest of my work.
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