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samara lael Jul 10
there’s something about familia
that makes me sigh.
the warm glow of a hug;
the cheeky wink of an eye.

there’s something about familia
that makes me cry.
the pain of passing;
the tests set for us to try.

but with the unexpected & emotion
whether biological or chosen,
familia is familiarity; home; connection
& this i cherish with the deepest of affection.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Looking over the parapet
gawking at the Sagrada Familia
built by God's architect
almost makes me
                        want to believe.
Started building in 1882 in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi, will not be completed until 2026. The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.
mikev May 2017
family shouldn't
shame - because
shame lumbers in the belly like a bad ham -
it burns into intestines and spills
hot green stomach acid up your throat while
you're asleep peacefully at the television -
no, family shouldn't
point fingers like a winter's frost, scowling
like a midnight alley cat between trashcans -
no - family
reflects in the
social mirror, and breaks
itself down first
Broken Molecules Aug 2016
went to the house last night
well this morning
4 am
houses so full
of memories
simple things
tiny moments
split seconds
no one remembers
gripping this steering wheel
clenching my fingers
attempting to map
the blueprint
in shadows
trying to look
in black windows
old wounds and burns
festering once more
lump in my throat
tears of happy thoughts
cheery reminiscences
distance is present
desiring past habits and quirks
sunday dinners
countless conversations
with billows of smoke
running from our lips
papa and momma bear
remain on the hill
but kids like to run free
all different directions
locations away from
the white house
odd change in the air
almost ominous
but familiar
but not home

|Broken Molecules |
A tree with broken branches,
Slowly fading as it touches
The hearts of it’s neighbors,
It’s fruits were crying out their flavors,
Carpenters did not see any use for it,
Beautiful colors of the leaves ceased to exist,
Branches couldn’t come together
Because of the tensions amongst each other,
As everyone was passing whispers
The wind had brought the last shivers
To the last branches that were remaining,
While the tree died there standing.

Ussah Kabelo Isaac Mothibi
NeroameeAlucard Oct 2014
Dear twin,
I know you've been going struggles from without and within
but we all go through pain
it's what balances the sun with the rain
Your an amazing person
you have so much to give the world
I'd hate to see you waste that potential on some ******* who didn't know how to treat a girl.
I'm not saying I'm better in fact i know I've done worse
but it breaks my heart to know it's you that's so horribly cursed
Your my twin and I'll stick by you to the end
You've gone through some **** before.
Now rise like the dark knight sis, your superhero story begins.
The voice May 2014
El primero me dijo que volveria
Y nunca volvio
El segunda y el tercero al igual que el cuarto
Me dijeron que me cuidarian
Y se volvieron en promesas
Que nunca fueron cumplidas
El qinto
El cual en serio le crei
Al cual llegue a creer
Odiandome por el miedo de que fuera un error
Me prometio ser un padre
Y solo se gano
Ser el quito
De puras mentiras...
Por eso. No confiaba
Por eso mentia
Pero haora conosco a alguien
Quien simplemente no puede mentir
Es unico que no me ha mentido.
El que cumplio
Y dio todo por mi.
Spanish melody about lies

— The End —