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Apr 1 · 564

Ikaw ang alaalang nais kong ibaon sa limot —
Ang kalimutan ka ay kalayaan ko.
Ikaw ang larawang sana’y kumupas na
At handa ako kung anayin na
Ang mga sandaling kasama ka.

Sa tuwing pumipikit ako’y
Dinadalaw mo pa rin ang aking isipan
At maging sa panaginip,
Ako’y tila binabangungot
At magigising nang bigla ang aking ulirat.

Ang bawat patak ng luha’y ni hindi na masukat
Gaya ng ulang walang himpil na pagbagsak.
Kung sana noong una’y binitawan ka na agad,
Sana’y hindi nagdurusa ang puso kong pagod na.

I entered an open door —
A room was before me
The presence was high
And I sense no misery.

When I pray, You listen
When I listen, You speak.
You’re the Author of everything —
You’re the Keeper of the keys.

Nothing —
Just nothing can separate You and me
I say, “One storm at a time,”
My soul was thirsty for more
More Faith to quench the thirst.

When You look at me,
What can You see,
When You measure my faith,
Can You say I passed the test?

When I leave this place,
Does it mean You don’t care?
Oh, carry me in Your arms
I’ll be back, I will always return.
Apr 1 · 180
I Long for the Day
2:20PM/ SM

I long for this very day —
You’ll sing me lullabies
You’ll welcome me to Your rest
Where You prepared a room for me.

I long for the tears to be wiped away
For every spoken word to be heard firsthand.
And Your throne of majesty will satisfy my eyes,
Your presence and greatness, no more a picture.

I long for the glory to come,
For every heart to beat for You —
To bring glory not just in knees
But to see You face to face.

I long for Your return
Not just a visit to my broken soul,
My weary heart awaits for you…
And I’ll wait patiently —
Patiently waiting for You.
Mar 31 · 247

I told you I would no longer write for you —
That I won’t hide it in series of poetry anymore.
I was old enough
And I know it’s no longer trendy
I write you letters but I don’t send it anyways.

I wanna tell you how much I cared
To let you go as God says so
At first, I was so scared losing you
As if you were “mine”
Though I never had this “thing” with you.

Honestly, I was left with no choice at all —
I thought you’ll wait for me
Just like what you’ve promised.
But maybe words were just empty words.

Hey, I’m sorry that you got tired of me
I was crazy to let you go without even confessing.
You’re too early and I was too late
But it’s kinda unfair
Coz I believed everything you said.

I know I hurt you too
Many times, you told me you’re no longer at peace.
I hated myself for hurting you
But I have to let myself heal and bloom once again.

The connection I had with you was different
I thought I’m already “home” when I’m with you.
But I never had the chance to cherish everything…
It was the last time, but I haven’t said anything.

The pain within me was more than my emotions,
You’re not just a piece of me
But being with you for a short span
Was like staying where I want to be.

I had so many questions in my head —
But the answer I get was you moved on already.
Seeing you around makes me forgive you
And leads me to forgive myself too.

I ain’t perfect —
But this connection has lapsed
And I have to leave this page.
Mar 31 · 178

The Joy within me is a flowing river
And I can’t deny the Source.

If I die young —
I’m sure He’ll remember me…
And every anthem of my soul
Shall weave the letters to portray His love.

I consider myself a dust —
One day, I’ll leave this shell
One day, I’m no longer a vessel
But a dust without His breath.

He holds the future I have never imagined,
My plans will always fail without Him
And I know that.
But my faith, it’s unending —
By grace, I shall live…

For today, I’m a vessel of His love,
Tomorrow, I’ll die too
I’ll die and be forgotten
But I hope they remember —
That Jesus lived within me
And that what matters the most
Then my purpose was done.
Mar 17 · 253
My Universe in Your Eyes

As I look to the skies, I see the stars
Waving their light
In the vastness of their own universe.

In the mirror, I talk to myself —
“I see your scars and you’re messed up…
You’re tired and everything’s heavy.”

I tried to close my eyes
Where it’s just me and You —
You who always believed in me.

You say,
“I see your scars and yet I love you…
I know you’re tired but I have you.”

When I try to quit,
You say, “Quitting is not an option.”
Your love is enough; at the Cross, I surrender.

Who am I to be numb?
When Your love was the only hope I cling to…
Who am I not to love you back?
When Your love was the reason of my existence?
Mar 13 · 627

Ako’y nilaban Mo —
Buhay ang alay Mo
Walang kapantay,
Ganyan ang pag-ibig Mo.

Saan ko man hanapin,
Saan ko man hagilapin,
Dalışay ang Iyong pagsinta
Tanging Ikaw ang hanap ng aking mga mata.

Puso ko’y Iyong nabihag
Nabihag ng Iyong Kadakilaan
Pagsamba ko’y abot langit
Ikaw at Ikaw pa rin ang sambit.

Ano pa nga bang hahanapin?
Ako’y Iyong-iyo, Sa’yo ang pag-ibig ko.
Kanino pa nga ba tatakbo?
Oras ay ‘di na hihinto, Sa’yo pa rin ang kapit ko.
Mar 12 · 606

Gusto ko nang magwala,
Gusto ko nang kumawala —
Hahanap ng pluma
At kakatha ng isang tula.

Isa na namang piyesa
Susulpot na parang bula,
Mawawala nang kusa
Lilisanin ang mga tugma.

Alay ko ang aking awit
Minsang mga bala’y mapanakit.
Isisigaw na may dawit
Ang sukli’y kaakit-akit.

Ilang libong mga salita,
Papalibutan ng mga katha.
Isang araw ng pagkukusa —
Isang obra ang maipipinta.

Many times I tried to play CHESS…
To WIN, a player must CHECKMATE his/her opponent.
When the ‘king’ is in checkmate,
Then the game is OVER.

And checkmate doesn’t happen
But TODAY I call it as a “PRAYperation”
Then, everything else will be added

For you CANNOT use your anointing yesterday
To FEED your soul for today…
Learn how to OBEY and SEEK the Higher King,
Then you’ll know whose SIDE are you in.
Mar 6 · 297

Per pause, You speak purpose…
Per cause, so much it’ll cost.
Feb 29 · 588

Minsan ka nang lumuha’t
Nagtiis sa mga salıtang binato ng mundo.
Minsan ka na ring napatid at nalunod
Ngunit bumangon at sumikap pa rin.

Sinisinta kita
Sa kabila ng iyong mga pagkukulang.
Pagpapatawad at pag-ibig
Umaapaw buhat sa aking kaibuturan.

Batuhin ka man ng lahat
Ay hindi kita iiwan.
Hindi ito isang pangako,
Bagkus ito ang aking puso.

Patuloy kitang ipananalangin,
Hangga’t sa kaya ko pa.
Hindi kita susukuan
Ako’y yuyukod sa Maykapal.
Feb 29 · 658

Magsisimula akong muli —
Dalhin mo ang aking pangamba’t
Waksian maging mga pag-aalinlangan.

Sa’yo ko ihahain ang lahat-lahat
Kaya hindi na ako magdududa pa
Kung sakaling mag-iba ang aking landas.

Patas ang Iyong paghusga
Kung sakaling ako ang nasa kadiliman.
At Ikaw rin mismo, ang magsisilbing Ilaw.

Ikaw ang aking Daan —
Ako’y akayin Mo hanggang dulo
At ‘wag na ‘wag na bibitawan.

Aking buhay, Iyong pagharian
At wala na akong ibang nanaisin pa
Kundi Ikaw ang aking Kanlungan.
Feb 29 · 89
No Body

My hands were weary
Even before I came here —
But the stone was already rolled away!
Where are You?
Where are you, my Lord?

I was a nobody
But still, You called me.
Where is Your Body, Lord?
Where did they take You?
Or, what miracle are You doing?

I look at the skies
As the sun rays kisse my skin.
I lift up my hands and praise from within —
I lift up my eyes to the One
Coz I know You always make a Way!

No body’s in the grave!
But I know the promises You made!
No body and yet my soul rejoices!
What a wonderful resurrection!
Jesus, the freedom is here! Reign! Reign!

My soul waits for You
But I wait not in vain
But in hope, I continually trust in You.
Nobody before, but I’m somebody now!
And You will come, You will come!

Come, awake my soul
Come and get me to rest in You!
I sing to Your magnificence!
I dance in the hymn of the Spirit You gave me!
I’ll wait for nobody else, but You!
Feb 28 · 267
In Your Loving Arms

During Your creation,
You rest not because You’re tired —
You rest but the details were hidden to us,
You do things because You are God.

Most of the times, I do not understand You
And yet You have never failed me —
You have never left nor forsaken me.

My life is short, Lord…
Let no one ****** me from You.
Remove those that isn’t for me —
My great desire is more of You and less of me.

The battles I face, I drop them down
I won’t carry any sword but I’l run to You.
I’ll run to my Father’s arms and tell You,
“Lord, I am so tired…”

I know You can see me —
You even listen to conversations
You keep away from my own ears
And it’s how You protect me.

You have never abandoned me
But You gave so much meaning in my life
And even if the world shows me who I was,
You unveil the truth and set me on fire.

The heavy curtains and the puffy clouds,
You remove them from my vision.
You form new things more than I ever imagined.
And You mold me with Your willing hands again.

I cry to You, my God
I cry for help coz I don’t need somebody else.
I am desperate when I call You —
I am willing to live for You,
So bury me in Your arms,
In Your loving arms.
Feb 28 · 169

My Solid and Firm Foundation,
My Rock and my Strong tower —
You are my God,
And You love me more than anyone does.

My heart hurts, Lord
And yet my eyes have no tears.
My weakness is evident
And yet in Your hands, I wanna be kept.

Heal my weary soul,
Heal and breathe me life.
I long for You
All the days of my life.
Feb 27 · 168

I found no butterflies when I’m with you,
But there is peace and silent thumping
As I see the calmness of your face.
And your so, so sweet smile
Radiates from the core of your spirit —
Eradicating every pain my heart has.

I don’t shiver when you hold my hand,
And it no longer bothers me
When you ****** me from my old self.
Neither got no goosebumps when you speak.
But when you lead me to the One I love —
That’s when I know I love you the most.

And when my eyes can’t see you,
When I no longer blink as I count one, two, three.
That’s when I know I’m at the edge of my own cliff
And I’m ready to dive and submit
Where the Spirit ignites my vision —
Bringing me to a great heights of my faith renewed.

I don’t make every second count itself —
But I can simply put the verses of my heart
To the invisible jar of hope and start praying…
And never lean on my own understanding,
Never place myself in the drowning emotions
But to bring praise and melody in such harmony.

I won’t deal this this pace
But I won’t shut my doors too.
When the time comes, I will understand
That the best version of me can lift up another soul.
Maybe when I’ll cross this road again,
There’ll be flowers everywhere.

I hope and pray —
But His will be done! The glory is His!

Wings glide as He hovers and covers me,
The Alpha and Omega has come
And He shall reign forever and ever!
His throne will be established!

All thrones and all crowns will bow down,
All powers will lose their might,
No pride left for any tribe
But just one hymn will be in harmony and collide.

Between the darkest space,
I have found the abyss too hard to find —
Too hard to dealt with
But no strong tower can deny the Greater Power!

To the loneliest place on earth,
To the empty space where hearing
And beating of splendor resonates,
I will call upon the Lord…
I will exhalt Your Name forever!
Feb 27 · 71
Who You Say I Am

I will SECURE you —
Remove your insecurities
And remember to mention my Name
I am here even before you declare.

I will LIFT you —
Remain grounded, your heart I will take care.
Your fall isn’t a failure
When you see things through My lens.

I willl STRENGTHEN you —
Your weary soul, I breathe life!
Your burdens, I will carry
Your tears, I will wipe.

I will always LOVE you —
Nothing can separate you from Me.
My love is complete and just focus on Me,
I will be sufficient for you!

Believe and receive,
Abide in me, My Child…
And trust Me wholeheartedly —
I Am who you say I Am!
Feb 27 · 222

You wrote Your love in red
Deep love in pure sacrifice —
You were hurt more than I,
But it’s how You brought me back to life!

Your letters aren’t mystery
Bounded with Truth and Spirit,
Your love tames me from within,
No greater love what the world could give.

You call me not as a slave,
But as a child of my Holy King who saves!
My life, You pursued and grant me peace —
Oh how precious Your love in crimson is!

Kalakip ng bawat “oo”
Ang mapapait na “hindi” ng Tadhana.
Kung sa’yong palad ko ikakahon ang sarili’y
Mauubos ako sa sarili kong lakas
Habang sumusuntok ako sa buwan.

Mananatili akong aliping
Nakagapos sa sarılı kong mga pangarap
At marahil ito ang maging mista
Ng tuluyan kong pagkabulag
Pagkat sarili ang aking naging Lupang Hinirang.

Ni hindi masasaklawan ninuman
Ang bawat sumisirit na imahe sa aking balintataw.
At walang sinuman ang makapag-papahele
Sa akin hanggang makaidlip
Pagkat iba ang ritmo ng Pagsintang aking kinapapanabikan.

Kung sarili ang magiging lason
Ng aking pagkalimot sa aking unang sinumpaan…
Ay mas nais ko nang tuldukan
Ang bawat silakbo ng damdaming
Hanggang lupa lamang ang kasarinlan.
Feb 25 · 139
The Birth of Poetry

Maybe some beautiful letters
Were written not in the bed full of roses —
Some write to make their lovers live,
But some… to **** the blurry pages and leave.

Maybe I could write
Until the last dance of the clock…
And I won’t ask another charge
To keep the thumping of my heart.

And maybe I could write
Until the sun smiles
And meet the moon
And bid each other’s goodbyes.

Until the last drop of blood
Shed in tears, falling like leaves unto my feet…
Until my sleep has left my being…
Until everyday meets no end with an infinite kiss.
Feb 25 · 113
The Big Bad Wolf

There’s a story not so long time ago,
And there’s this Big Bad Wolf
Hovering where he wants —
Aiming and locking his target.

His arrows do not look like scary
And most are wrapped in beauty —
In gems and in gold,
In iron and in silver.

He will eat his prey alive
But at times, he can paralyze too.
The prey doesn’t  know the schemes,
Coz he too doesn’t know he’s the prey!

The Big Bad Wolf seemed nice,
They say he’s like a sheep too.
But how foolish are the beholder of those eyes!
For he doesn’t realize even the time of his death!
Feb 25 · 112
The Foolish Vessel

Everyone holds their own containers
And the Day 1 of your life
Will make your cup overflowing —
You will be so, so full of life.

But when the Time comes
And the Overseer checks what’s in your hands…
Will He be pleased that you left nothing for yourself?
Or be dismayed coz you’re still full of yourself?

How will you measure yourself?
What is your standard?
Will you pass the testing?
Will you pass the fire and be the purest gold?
Feb 25 · 144
The Last Man Standing

Trusting no one
Coz there’s so much foolishness
In the world
They began to submit themselves with.

People die to live as a must…
But out of the abundance of the hearts
Of the cold-blooded wolves,
Some chose to believe on their own truths.

But I tell you —
That even those truths can all be false.
Can I dare you to believe again?
And to relive the life you’re supposed to nurture?

Coz in this world with noises
Of random gongs and roaring schemes,
A Voice will dare you to believe again
And that Voice is the last Man standing.
Feb 20 · 95
Bleeding Ribbons

As I watch the Sun bleed,
The oceans went through my eyes —
The deep ocean, diving in my soul
Driving and cleansing every dirt I envision.

I had no hold for tomorrow
Nor I had no idea what will come next.
And yet my hope is in the Sun’s rising again.
My hope isn’t hidden, it will soon be captured.

The image as shut my entity’s door
Becomes the image of a robe in white…
The reddish ribbons in deep wounds,
The spiky thorn in the Sun’s crown.

Tearing all in the mention of a Name —
A name higher than the stars in space,
Higher than the galaxies discovered,
Higher than the infinities no one could ever measure.
Feb 20 · 116
Heaven’s Dew

I hear the slow whisper of the air I breathe —
And then, I breathe in the Heaven’s atmosphere.
You call me in a different kind of peace,
An elevation where I had never climb up yet.

I see the beauty that I once forgotten —
Even the joy that sprouts within me…
The pressure of this world will no longer drag me
To the depths of where I’m not supposed to be.

I am more than myself
Coz there’s greatness in me.
And it’s You who see the value
Of my real identity.

You chose me
Even before I began to had my eyes on You —
That blazing fire that met the hunger of my soul,
And so I began to thirst for more of You.

You gave me purpose
In this dying generation…
My flesh decays with the worldly desire
And even my bones will not enter
The rest and the Place that my Spirit longs for.

There’s a gift You give —
A fresh start with Heaven’s dew.
As the rays of the sun kiss my skin,
And I will radiate as the morning does —
To radiate from inside out.
Waking up, there’s a Rhema in my head, “ New Dew.”

*It’s something resembling dew in purity, freshness, or power to refresh.

Hosea 13:3
Therefore they will be like the morning mist, and like the dew that passes away early, like the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the threshing floor, and like the smoke out of the chimney.

The miraculously refreshing and reviving effect of dew upon the plants in the Holy Land prompted Isaiah to use it as a figure of resurrection (see Isaiah 26:19) and Hosea to use it as a figure of repentance (see Hosea 14:4–5).

Proverbs 3:19-20
The Lord by wisdom founded the earth,
By understanding He established the heavens.
By His knowledge the deeps were broken up
And the skies drip with dew.

Deuteronomy 32:2
“Let my teaching drop as the rain,
My speech distill as the dew,
As the droplets on the fresh grass
And as the showers on the herb.

Hosea 14:5
I will be like the dew to Israel;
He will blossom like the lily,
And he will take root like the cedars of Lebanon.

Psalm 110:3
Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power;
In holy array, from the womb of the dawn,
Your youth are to You as the dew.

Genesis 27:28
Now may God give you of the dew of heaven,
And of the fatness of the earth,
And an abundance of grain and new wine;
Feb 19 · 140

There’s a poetry in my head
A hymn that my soul sings
And a Voice deep within my core saying,
“Write again, write about my Splendor and Glory.”  

I will exhalt you in all nations —
And I will continually be amazed…
Of how majestic You are.

How You took notice of my heart…
My oh, so weary soul.  
My desperate call for help,
And yet I am so loved by You.

So, so loved that You died
To wipe out every tear…
To bestow the life I’m supposed to live.

You’re the treasure I will keep…
And to truly live
Is to trust You with all I have,
To wait patiently…  
And so help my unbelief.

You are Jesus,
The Lover of my soul…
The Perfector of my faith.

You are the Keeper
Of the key to my heart and no one —
Just no one
Can separate me from You.
Feb 19 · 697
Isang Kurap, Isang Iglap

Itikom aking bibig
Nang Sayo’y mamahinga.
Isip ko’y Iyong pagharian
At muling awitan ng Iyong pagsinta.

Ilang dekada na’y
Nanatili Kang tapat —
Ni hindi ka nagkulang,
Ikaw ay naging sapat.

Paano nga ba ako hihinto?
Kung Ikaw ang aking Kalakasan.
Bakit nga ba ako mapapagod?
Kung Ikaw rin ang aking uuwian.

Tatahan ang aking mga mata,
Pagkat Ikaw ang aking Tahanan.
Ikaw ang Simulang
Walang katapusan.

At balang araw,
Sa isang kurap
At sa isang iglap lamang —
Ang lahat ay alaala na lamang.
Feb 18 · 456
Ikaw Hanggang Dulo

Ikaw ang Buhay, ang aking Hininga
Ang nagdudulot sa bawat pintig
Na noo’y nais nang mamahinga.

Ikaw ang Pangakong aking panghahawakan,
Ilalaan Sa’yo ang lahat
Nang walang hinihinging kapalit.

Ikaw ang Pagsinta
Sa gitna ng mga mapapait na nobela —
Nobelang akala ko’y syang bubuo sa’king pagkatao.

Ikaw ang Lunas sa bawat sakit,
Sa bawat hapding walang ibang makapagpapagaling…
Ikaw ang aking Kagalingan.

Sa libis at parang
Ako’y kusang hahakbang.
Na kahit ang dilim ay walang kapangyarihan.

Ikaw ang Aking Liwanag —
Akayin Mo ako hanggang sa huling hininga’t
Salubungin ako ng pag-ibig **** walang kapantay.
Jan 29 · 828
Baling Kamay ng Orasan

Walang ibang saksi
Ng mga binhing kusang umuusbong.
At walang ibang tutugon
Sa walang katapusang paghikbi.

Daig pa ng liwanag
Ang kadilimang baluti sa’king mga mata.
Ngunit tila ba ako’y hindi pa rin handa
Sa mga balang tumatagos sa’king katauhan.

Nauuhaw pa rin ako
Sa mga salitang “Mahal kita”
Ngunit sa bawat pagtagisan ng mga salita’y
Puso ko rin ang kusang lumilisan.

Marahil ang paghilom ay isa lamang panimula
Ngunit sa ngayo’y ang mga pahina’y
Nasa dulo na ng aking katapusan
At paano nga ba muling makasasandal?
Paano nga ba muling magsisimula?
Jan 22 · 123
A Call to Come Home

Your heart —
The best place for HUMILITY.
You are —
God’s TEMPLE and never a tenement.

You can be —
A man/ woman AFTER GOD’S HEART
And be a WITNESS
Of your own transformation…
Before the glimpse of your very eyes.

The best EXAMPLE of all…
Your tears, He will wipe…
Your shame, He will cover in His embrace…
Your pain, He has overcome.

He sees things from ABOVE —
More than the speckles in our eyes…
His heart, so PURE…so  GENUINE…

I asked…
“How could Jesus share the same table
With his known betrayer?”
Then the Spirit within me stood up…
For I haven’t seen the BEST OF GOD yet…

The Spirit grieves…
The Spirit says, “What’s in your heart?”
All my LIFE, I’m just a BROKEN VESSEL —
To breathe the BREATH OF HEAVEN…
The breath of SALVATION…
More than the words I can utter in tears.

I am a WITNESS —
Of how the Spirit within me
Thy will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN…
His SAVING GRACE is enough —
I will be HOME soon.
Jan 18 · 172
The Mark You Left Me

The very anthem of my soul
Is to shed every tear in your arms
And the comfort you shared before
Meant a precious treasure found —
Found in the most genuine kindness
In the most peaceful way
That I can ever calm the storms within me…

My soul longed for time
To bring puzzles into pictures
To depict the beauty I found for years
In the palms of my own ashes and failures.

And in such a span of time and space
That draws me into the vastness of my being —
Then maybe I could say I could just dive
In the ocean’s deep and fear no more.  

If I am to bury myself
And the depths of my heart somewhere,
Would you find this a treasure to keep?
Would you ever believe that I found the half of me…
Sep 2023 · 641
Aking Bayan

Ikaw ang Aking Bayan
Ang aking Pag-asa’t Ilaw
Sa mga rehas ng kadiliman…
Hayaan **** ang Liwanag Ko
Ang magningning sa Sanlibutan.

Ikaw ang Aking kawangis
Damhin mo ang Aking pag-ibig
Wagas at dalisay ang hain Ko
Kaya’t itapon ang pangamba’t
Sumabay sa pag-ihip ng hanging
Nagmula sa Aking hininga.

Sa dilim ay mas magliwanag ka
Isasaboy ko ang Aking kinang
Sa liblib na wala pang nakararating.
Takot mo’y babalutin Ko
Ng aking pagsinta habang ikaw ay humahayo.

Yakapin mo ang aking pagkatawag sayo,
Maging saksi ka’t magliwanag pa
Habang ika’y naghihintay…
At ako’y magagalak sa’yong pagsunod…
Mahal kita, Anak at mahal ko ang Sanlibutan
Pagkat Ikaw at Sila —
ang aking Bayang babalikan.
Isaias 49:8-12

8 Sinabi pa ni Yahweh sa kanyang bayan:
“Sa tamang panahon ay tinugon kita,
    sa araw ng pagliligtas, sinaklolohan kita.
Iingatan kita at sa pamamagitan mo
    gagawa ako ng kasunduan sa mga tao,
ibabalik kita sa sariling lupain
    na ngayon ay wasak na.
9 Palalayain ko ang mga nasa bilangguan
    at dadalhin sa liwanag ang mga nasa kadiliman.
Sila'y matutulad sa mga tupang
    nanginginain sa masaganang pastulan.
10 Hindi sila magugutom o mauuhaw,
    hindi rin sila mabibilad sa matinding hangin at nakakapasong init sa disyerto,
    sapagkat papatnubayan sila ng Diyos na nagmamahal sa kanila.
Sila'y gagabayan niya patungo sa bukal ng tubig.
11 Gagawa ako ng daan sa gitna ng kabundukan,
    at ako'y maghahanda ng lansangan, upang maging daanan ng aking bayan.
12 Darating ang bayan ko buhat sa malayo,
    mula sa hilaga at sa kanluran,
    gayon din sa lupain ng Syene sa timog.”


Mateo 25:34-40

34 Kaya't sasabihin ng hari sa mga nasa kanan niya, ‘Halikayo, mga pinagpala ng aking Ama! Pumasok kayo at tanggapin ang kahariang inihanda para sa inyo mula pa nang likhain ang daigdig. 35 Sapagkat ako'y nagugutom at ako'y inyong pinakain; ako'y nauuhaw at ako'y inyong pinainom. Ako'y isang dayuhan at inyong pinatuloy. 36 Ako'y hubad at ako'y inyong dinamitan, nagkasakit at inyong dinalaw, nabilanggo at inyong pinuntahan.’

37 “Sasagot ang mga matuwid, ‘Panginoon, kailan po namin kayo nakitang nagutom at aming pinakain, o nauhaw at aming pinainom? 38 Kailan po kayo naging dayuhan at aming pinatuloy, o kaya'y hubad at aming dinamitan? 39 At kailan po namin kayo nakitang nagkasakit o nabilanggo at kayo'y aming dinalaw?’

40 “Sasabihin ng Hari, ‘Tandaan ninyo, nang gawin ninyo ito sa pinakahamak sa mga kapatid kong ito, sa akin ninyo ito ginawa.’
Jul 2023 · 204
The Kingdom’s Wisdom

Wise are those who win their battles
Not because their strength
Is the same fruit of their labor…

Wise are those who win others
Not by their words
That affirm one’s nation,
But winning them
From the beginning
Until the last breath of their days.
Jul 2023 · 284

Tumatagos ang mga salitang
Bala ang panimula
Balang araw ay yuyukod sa katapusan
Katapusang hindi tuldok ang pagsasalaysay…

Pipiglasin ang mga kandadong walang susi,
Kandong ang kahapong nilimot at nilumot…
Babangon matapos ang paghikbi
Hikbing bangungot sa pagpatay-sindi…

Ikaw ang mananatiling saksi sa aking paglisan..
Walang paalam maging sa gunita ng bukas at kahapon.
Walang kulay na babahagian
Ng liwanag na taglay ko’t iniirog.

Ang iyong akap ang aking baluti
Habang ang sandata ko’y
Bumabara pa sa aking lalamunan.
Ngunit sa pagsiping ng mga tala
Sa kalangitang panatag ang panayam
Ay Walang kukurap maging sa isang idlap lamang.

Ang sigaw na sumisingaw hanggang sa kalawakan
Ay tila pa ilang dipa na lamang
Sa pagitan ng mga segundong
Nagkakandarapang magsipagtagisan…
At ang silakbo ng damdaming moog sa kaloob-looba’y
Bukas ay wala ring katapusan at panimula.
Feb 2023 · 274
Just Waves: 30th Wave

Even the oceans welcome me
To be drowned in the depths of Your majesty.
You are the King of Peace, the Lord of lords
And you don’t just sit down
In my mind palace
But you dwell in my innermost being…

I breathe as my lungs dry out
I have no words to utter…
No thoughts to ponder…
But every bit of me
Is like puzzle pieces
Of your masterpiece within me.

When I do good, I recognize it is Your heart
And it isn’t all about me…
My life is not my own…
Every trial makes me human
But Faith turns me back to You —
To surrender in the Ocean’s infinite…
And see that Your way is the best…
Because it always points out to You!

The peace you leave in my heart
Like a tattoo that reminds me of who You are,
And Your Words are not empty…
It is life for those who find it…
The only hope that we can ever boast.

The pain, the loss, the disappointments
I can’t count one by one
But just one word from you
Is enough to bounce me back…
In You, I found my identity
For I know You call me Your “beloved.”

The victories, the joy, the peace
Everything good
Makes Your Name claim its place
A place of Your throne, a place of Your own…
You make a home within me —
Not a tenement, but a temple.

All things depict Your glory
And even the darkness loses its power.
The dead air and the crispy sounds of every fallen leaf…
The melody of hope ignites
As the fire turned to blue…
I am nothing without You,
And I can’t do anything without You…
Bury me in Your arms, Lord…
Dec 2022 · 639
Walang Katapusang Liwanag

Mga pangarap ay nasa alapaap pa,
Susungkitin gamit ang pagsisikap
Pag-asa at pananampalataya.

Minsan, hinahanap ko pa rin ang sarili —
Habang sa mga mata ng iba'y
Doon pa rin pala ako nananalamin.
At baka sa paligid ay naroon ang ligaya
Kahit alam ko namang
Isa lamang itong patibong.

May mga katauhang nagpapaalala saking
Gusto ko ring marating kung nasaan man sila.
O makihati man lang sa mga bituing
Nasa kamay na nila ngayon
Habang ako’y naghihintay pa rin
Sa sarili kong panahon.

Binabalot ng dilim ang aking puso
Bagamat ako’y lumalantad sa liwanag.
Naghihikahos at nangugusap
Ang damdaming namahay na sa parang.

Nakakapagod palang mangarap
Na tila ba ako’y pinaglipasan na ng panahon.
Tila ba wala nang tala para sa’kin.
Akala mo ‘yun na,
Kaya ibibigay mo ang lahat
Ngunit uuwi ka pa ring luhaan
Pagkat paulit-ulit ka na ring nasaktan.

Saan na nga ba ibabaling ang tingin?
Kung ang lahat ng pinto ay kusang sumasara…
Kung ang lahat ng balik ay pait at hagupit…
Kanino na nga ba magtitiwala pa?
Sa sarili ba o sa kanila?

Sa kabila ng bigat ng aking mundo'y
Nariyan pa rin ang Liwanag
Ni hindi Sya natitinag
Kahit ako mismo ang mang-iwan…

At kung ang Liwanay ay walang kapaguran,
Ay baka 'yun na rin ang dahilan
Kung bakit mas nararapat ko pa ring piliin
Ang pag-usad kahit pa nasasaktan.

At baka sa dulo ng Liwanag,
Ay naroon ang gantimpala
Na kahit ang mundong ito'y
Hindi makapagbibigay.
Dec 2022 · 280
My Beloved's Garden

I may not be desired by many —
As they pick their most adored flowers,
Smell it with gladness and praise them,
Picked them up and even displayed them.

I may just be so ordinary in the Garden,
But since I am planted in the Yard of my Beloved,
I know I am uniquely beautiful —
He shelters me every day
While He strolls and sees me in person.

I am rooted in His fertile soil
And He waters me with love that is so enough.
The kind of love that rescued me,
The kind of love that I’ll cherish forever.

So even though I am not wanted by many,
My heart is rest assured
And I can dance with His approval and grandeur.
He made me significant so what more could I ask?

Maybe I am different
But that “difference” made us all the same.
And no eyes can ever satisfy me anymore
Like those burning eyes
By my most treasured Possession.
Dec 2022 · 3.1k
Sa Susunod Pang Mga Bukas

Kaba ng puso ko’y Iyong pasan
Pilit ko mang labanan
Ang mga delubyong namamasukan
Ay kusa kong ibinabaling Sa’yo ang tingin.

Pagkat kailanma’y hindi ako nag-iisa
At sa bawat giyera’y Ikaw ang aking Sandata.
Ang hiwaga ng Iyong pag-ibig
Ay higit pa sa kung anumang bala’t palaso
Na sa akin ay hinahagis upang ako’y sumuko na.

Hindi ako nagmamataas
Na kaya kong patuloy na tumayo
Sa kabila ng mga patibong
Habang ako’y nakapikit pa.

Ngunit sa aking paniniwalang
Ikaw ang aking Buhay,
Ay Ikaw rin ang magbibigay daan
Sa patuloy kong paglagay
Patungo sa aking patutunguhan.

Sa aking pagbimbing
Ay palagi Kang gising —
Nakamulat at ako’y pinagmamasdan
At patuloy na hinihingahan ng buhay.

Nang sa aking paggising
Ay hindi kung kani-kaninong tinig
Ang aking hahanapin.
Pagkat ang nais ng puso ko’y
Sa’yo ako pumisan habambuhay
At Ikaw ay makapiling at maranasan
Sa mga susunod pang bukas
Nang wala nang pangamba pa.
Dec 2022 · 980

Nanginginig ka
Tila ba ayaw mo Akong pagmasdan.
Hindi ko mawari ang nasasakupan
Ng iyong isipan.

Sa aking paglapit
Ay kusa kitang hahagkan.
O, wag ka nang mangamba pa
Pagkat kirot ay pansamantala.

Baunin mo ang aking liham
Na iniukit ko sa’yong katauhan.
At wag **** isiping
Ang pait na iyong sinapit
Ay walang mabuting kapalit.

Magbilang ka ng mga araw pa
At ang nararanasan mo ngayon
Ay kusa mo nang maiintindihan ang dahilan.
Mamuhay ka ng may galak,
Mamuhay ka pagkat ako’y lilisan na.
Nov 2022 · 1.0k
Blazing Passion

Balikan natin ang mga pahina ng kasaysayan
Bagamat may iilang tekstong isinawalang-bahala na.
Mga pahinang hindi na nagawaran
Ng konkretong kalinawagan
Bunsod sa kusang pagpapasakop natin
Sa mga banyagang hayagang dumidikta
Sa ating kultura maging adhikain.

Hindi man natin nalimot
Na tayo’y minsang nakipisan sa mga bahay kubo,
Tayo pa rin ay tumawid sa lubid ng kamangmangan —
Ilang ulit na‘t tila ba hindi na tayo natuto sa mga kamalian ng nakaraan
Hindi lang tayo basta nabitag,
Bagkus rehas ay atin pang ipinagtibay.

Oo, tayo lang naman ang bumihag sa ating mga sarili
Kusang sumiping at nagpatali
Hanggang huli na nang mamalayang
Hirap na pala tayong kumawala
Sa mga buhol na tayo mismo ang may sulsi.

Iniibig natin ang Pilipinas gamit ang ating bibig
Ngunit ang bandilang ating iwinawagayway
Ay hindi na pala ang sariling atin.
Hindi masamang makisabay sa uso
Ngunit wag nating kaligtaan na tayo’y mga Anak ng Bayan.

Hindi rin mainam na tayo’y magpasakop
Sa samu’t saring ideolohiyang inihahain sa atin.
Pagkat hindi porket nasa hapag na’y
Ito’y para sa ating upang nanamnamin.
Wag kang hangal, Inang Bayan!

Isinisiwalat natin na tayo’y tunay na mga kayumanggi
Gamit ang mga sandatang hiram
Ngunit sa ating pakikibaka’y
Hindi ba sapat ang ating armas
At kailangan pang umasa sa kanilang lunas?

Pluma ang naging sandata noon
Ngunit maging ang ating Bayani’y
Hinayaan na nating maging pipi.
Mga lata’y maiingay
Sa araw-araw nating pakikipagkalakal.

Kahit saan tayo sumipat,
Tayo’y natutukso pa rin —
Bumibigay at bumibitaw, nalilimot maging tapat.
Aahon nang nakapikit,
Maging lenggwahe’y pahiram na rin.

At kung tayo ang huhusga
Sa ating walang modong mga nagawa’y
Linisin natin ang sarili nating mga dumi’t
Wag nang hayaang maging pabigat sa iba.

At Bandilang ginula-gulanit
Ay sama-sama nating susulsihing muli
Nang ang mga galos ng nakaraa’y
Maging umaapaw na pabaon sa ating mga iiwan.

Sa pamamagitan ng ating pagbubuklod,
Tayo’y magiging isang buong Pamilya.
At magbabalik ang sigla
Na minsan nating hinayaang kainin ng mga bukbok
At anay ng ating pagkawatak-watak.
Nov 2022 · 438
Pipi(to) na Ngayon

Sabihin Sa'kin ang tangan **** pangamba,
Mga alinlangan o maging pagdurusa.
At sa bawat patak ng luhang walang salita’y
Ako mismo ang marahang hahagkan Sayo —

Lalapit nang kusa’t aagapay
Kahit ako mismo ang naghihingalo.
Ihipan man ng Sandali
Ang apoy **** patay-sindi
Ay hindi magmamaliw ang pagtingin ko’t pagkabighani.

At walang ibang nanaisin
Kundi masilip ang Iyong mga ngiti —
Mga ngiti **** simula’t sapul ay nakakakiliti.
Lulan ng iyong mapupungay na mga mata
Ay ligaya sa puso Kong
Tanging ikaw ang pagsinta.

Kaya maging sa pagbilad mo sa araw ay kumikinang ka—
Nag-uumapaw ang kagandahang hindi masakit sa mata.
Sa bawat pitik ay umiindak Ka
Musika ng kahapon ay nasasapawan na
Ngunit ang sining Sayong mukha’y
Namumutawi pa rin sa pagningning.

Ikaw ata ay Bituin
At maging sa umaga’y kumikislap pa rin.
Ligaya ang makapiling Ka
Lalo pa’t ako ang napiling maging Katipan.
Ngunit sa pagkumpas nang paulit-ulit
Ng kamay ng orasan,
Paminsan ay ayaw ko nang lisanin
Ang larawan ng nakaraan.

Unti-unti akong namumulat
Buhat sa pananaginip ng gising.
Pira-pirasong alaala’y
Kusa na namang nababahiran ng dilim —
Dilim sa paningin,
Dilim na walang katapusan ang mithiin.
Nov 2022 · 208

You become like the Sun —
Everyone stirs up to the heartfelt rays
And the sparkling light that It conveys.
They are indebted for Its existence.

But the sun doesn't try to draw attention to Itself.
It just appears in the morning —
Giving Its warmth and light inaudibly but graciously,
And sets Its time bomb by the evening.

Then It appears the succeeding day.
Everyone goes to bed –
Always looking forward to Its reappearance.
And they are frantic every single day.

You are a light in Christ Jesus –
You have been placed in the center of the room
And on top of the hill.

Don't you use that divine position
To show off your sheen,
Or entice any attention to yourself
So people can see how bright a light you are,
Or so you can intimidate them with your glow.

Instead, let ALL your vigor appears naturally
As you come back tomorrow with no other agenda –
Except to luster for someone’s road.
Giving off that deific balminess
And sunlit to the whole world – and all creations.
Be their warmth, then call it a day.
And you’ll be glad to rest in your sleep.

As long as you remain God-centred –
Allowing Him to spring His Nature through you
Without any selfish interest as the Sun does,
Then your life is full, firm, and accomplished each day.
Nov 2022 · 227
The Face of His Own
A child was born
And he was crying
Until he heard the voice of her Mama
It was a breath that beats like his.
And for the very first time,
He looked into someone's eyes.

On the other side,
The boy heard a husky voice
With a low tone and suddenly,
It was a voice of an expert.

A loving yet not so tender like the first one.
The boy gazed at him
As he carries him
It's as if he's facing his likeness
And it's kinda weird
Having some hair on some areas of his face –
It was the first time he saw that.

Brutal eyes,
Lament in the melody of hope.
Diverse imagery rolls on each soul
Defining the core of their music –
A genre that is one of a kind
With dustings of masculinity
Making a legacy for this generation.

Each voice has no nerves –
And they’re like a formless water
Searching for an everlasting container.
To showcase the exquisiteness of the Pearl,
The backbone of their glory.

At first, they find no one to understand them
Even branded with hostile names
But they never surrender their flags
And raised the Nations’ banner so high
Even if all their villains did belittle them.

Their chords were like no other –
Their skills, they never hype about
And yet both the moon and the stars
Collided for them
And now is their time!

Some say: maybe it was their destiny…
Maybe it’s just for a while.
But their passion and thirst for their craft are unrivaled –
Always exceeding their best
As if their competitor is their living mirror.

Today, even if the Sun has exposed their grandeur,
Their modesty becomes a plus factor.
The world is their stage,
While A’TIN is their steady sustenance.

They had sleepless nights before
But tenacity led them to so many doors.
Many clowns had backed down
And some even turned from villains
Into aficionados who call them their ‘masters.’

They were born to be a standard –
And they deserve mad respect from every Juan.
Coz they’re not just stars but kings of their kind,
World-class vanquishers that we all look up to!
And this is just the beginning
Of the unfolding to the world of their God-given stories!
Nov 2022 · 212
You and I (the Church)

You and I
Are the sand and the Sea,
Multitudes are waiting for You,
We will always keep coming
Back to One another.

You and I
Are the trees of eternal spring,
We shall never leave.
Every Word You’ve spoken is worthy
And Love is never absent
And what is shared,
Never forgotten.

You and I
You’re my Groom, my Safe Place
Your vow means You’re my Rock,
By rock, You mean You’re my castle
And by Castle, You mean You’re my Treasure.

You and I
I wait for my Love
Calling out Your Name
Your beauty is perfection.
A river flows in my eyes and You wipe it away...
You remove my yoke,
Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty!
Revelation 22:1-5 (ESV)

“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.”

V. 7
“And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price.
Nov 2022 · 173
This Too Shall Pass

This too shall pass, Lord —
There is no weakness in You
Your Name brings healing and salvation
You are our strong tower,
That tower who’s ever above every wave.

You see each that strikes one’s bones
And You always go straight to rescue
Even one tends to sleep at night or day.

You are our security in this fading generation,
The Redeemer of our soul
Who calms our raging seas.

And so we let go of our burdens and worries
And choose to magnify Your Name,
Above all, You are God
You are the King who’s on the Throne.
Nov 2022 · 159

Blessed are those
Who hears the sound of His foot
Those who are sure that it was His.
It’s like witnessing the sun
Walking on its way —
As it surely will show up
Upon the rose in no time.

Without a second thought,
The brightest one will eagerly step up
And will bend its ear on the ground.
The sun with its dying colors,
With its roaring upbeat —
May it shed its tears and be rest assured.
And so the sun wasn’t shy,
And it knows no pain.

In the span of time,
It cost me more than diamonds
When I learned by heart “how to fear.”
And to grasp life
With grace as a gift,
I found joy in the emotion of hope.
Nov 2022 · 171
Gospel at Night

Today —
There is a night to reflect on,
As there is a day to celebrate it:
It is love that is pain,
The unspeakable joy
Of the heart of a revolution.

And here —
In this world of cruel men,
It is to love
That is meant to suffer.
And so when you love
with all your heart
with all your soul,
with all your mind
with all your strength.

So is the suffering —
Ever sweeter than the water
Deeper than the well,
Dug into the earth
Where the prophets walked.

But we can die
A hundred times on the Cross,
For there is no love
That does not heal death,
And sanctified is this sky
Under which such a thing as love

Risen, we live
When in suffering, we die.
Loving such is the gospel of love
And so we contemplate tonight.
Nov 2022 · 243
Grace Unfold
Where I escape —
All that is real.

On both sides of the water,
Strange shadows meet
To greet the ****** yet hiding moonlight,
I reflect unknown,
Thrown in the waves,
The water never gives up,
It just takes.

As it flows
With painful motion,
As I run down,
Carrying my sorrows
As all I have,
I run to my Lover:
The dearest Solitude.
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