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Mar 2019 · 250
A Little Love Letter
Marco Jimenez Mar 2019
It's easy to talk about love,
But it's hard to say how much I love you,
I can't put how I feel about you into just one word
Because you are so much more than that to me,
From the moment we first held hands,
To the moment we first kissed,
From the first time I said I love you,
To right now as I pour out my heart,
I have enjoyed every sweet moment
That I've been lucky enough to share with you
For Rachel
Sep 2018 · 516
In Your Arms
Marco Jimenez Sep 2018
The one thing I look forward to most when I see you,
is laying in your arms again,
because nothing brings me comfort like that moment
when my weary head falls on your soft chest,
and all the world simply disappears,
all my pain & problems,
all my worries & fears,
they just melt away
until there is nothing left in me but you,
your warmth, your scent,
your kindness, your tranquility,
your love and your heart,
every time you kiss my head
is like a drop of pure sunshine falling onto me
seeping into my heart and in my soul,
and then I know above all else,
that in all the universe,
nothing compares to the feeling
of being in your arms.
For Rachel
Marco Jimenez Nov 2017
this is something I can honestly say,
the reason I smile every day
is because of you,
and all the things for me that you do,

you're the light of my life and the sun in my sky,
the fire in my soul and the apple of my eye,
my shining star and no matter where you are
you will always be in my heart,
I will always want you when we're apart,

because every day since the start
you have been my sun,
In my sky you've been the only one
opening my eyes and lighting the way,
showing me the beauty in every day,

warming my soul when it's lonely and cold,
giving me back the love I once foolishly sold,
with your beautiful smile and heart of gold,
you make me strong and you make me bold,
I only hope I can do the same for you,
because you deserve all the love and happiness too,

you never lead my heart astray,
And though I didn't think there was a way,
I still love you more with each passing day,
that is something I can honestly say.
For Rachel
Jul 2017 · 316
All The Pieces
Marco Jimenez Jul 2017
A broken heart just means
that you have all the pieces
to make a new one
Apr 2017 · 419
Photos of the Beach
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
When I see photos of the beach,
my mind gets blocked and all that it sees
is you and me laying on the shore,
watching the sun set once more,
looking into each others eyes again,
feeling like it’ll never end.
Apr 2017 · 6.9k
I Hope you Never Forget It
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
I can hear your voice saying my name,
it feels good that you know it,
it sounds nice coming from your lips,
it looks sweet when you write it,
say it again,
tell me you smile when you think of it,
that you love saying it,
and the vibrations you feel
as each syllable rolls off your tongue
sends tingles through your body,
I hope you never forget it.
Apr 2017 · 453
My First Love
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
It was just a crush at first that I had on you,
but we talked and shared and it grew and grew,
I just wanted someone to smile at me through
the pain of waiting for someone like you,
but I never imagined that you'd like me too,
   so darling,
      what did we do?

We hung out and talked for hours a day,
could never run out of things to say,
I got used to looking into your eyes,
used to thinking of you when I look at the skies,
wanting to kiss you and hold you and miss you,
take you to places that we've never been too,
if there's one thing in my life that I never thought of,
   its that this is how one day
      i'd fall in love,

And it was so beautiful,
at least for a time,
I was yours and you were mine,
so happy I would shout at the skies
with pure joy streaming from my eyes,
and everything just came together,
but love wasn't enough to hold you forever,
   then suddenly,
      it was all over,

And for a while it was so hard to stay sober,
only numbness would take away the pain,
every night trying not to go insane,
wondering how I ****** up,
where it all went wrong,
was it ever even real all along,
was it true when you said I love you
as you gazed into my eyes,
   how much was truth,
      how much was lies,

And now I miss you,
I want to see your smile,
I want to lay next to you again
and hold you for a while,
and feel your breath on my arm
and smell your hair in my face,
go back to that special place
when we were happy
and nothing was wrong,
   i'd read a poem,
      you'd play a song,

But I have to realize that's all gone,
you made your choice and I have to move on,
I hope in time the tears fade away,
and maybe again I can feel one day,
the way I felt when I was with you,
but i'll never forget what we went through,
and baby no matter what I do,
you're the only one I'll ever think of,
   when I remember
      my first love.
Marco Jimenez Mar 2017
I wanted to watch you stand atop a mountain gazing into the distance,
I wanted to hold you beside a burning fire,
I wanted to kiss you on the beach
and make love under the stars,

But now I cant,
and all I have left are these empty dreams I wanted to share with you,
and all these things we wanted to do
with no one else but just us two,
dreams of us sharing a tent,
a few years down the road after time has went,
a fire crackles and the crickets sing,
in your eyes the fire is glistening
and everything
is as it should be,
away from the world just you and me,
it could have been a memory,
but now it’s just a fantasy,
nowhere near a dream.
nowhere near reality,
I guess love ain’t what it seems
Mar 2017 · 341
Where I Want to End Up
Marco Jimenez Mar 2017
This is where I want to end up,
at the edge of the forest overlooking a lake,
the sound of nature every time I wake,
in the middle of nowhere with woods all around,
somewhere to be lost,
and nowhere to be found.
Marco Jimenez Mar 2017
I want to build her a cabin in the woods,
so she can wake up to the melody of singing birds
and the smell of trees coming through the window,
so she can sip her morning coffee in the forest
and feel the dewy grass between her toes,
so she can close her eyes and hear nothing
but the river, the trees, and the gentle wind,
so every night she can lay by a fire and read a book,
watch the stars, or fall asleep in my arms,
breathing free air and smiling
knowing she is right where she wants to be,
in a cabin in the woods with her dog,
and me :)
Feb 2017 · 333
I'll Still be Gazing at You
Marco Jimenez Feb 2017
One day we’ll be walking through a field of flowers,
sitting by a silent river,
standing atop a somber mountain,  
or laying on the beach watching the sun set over the ocean,
and I’ll still be gazing at you,
because to me
you will always be
the most beautiful sight I could ever see.
Jan 2017 · 646
The New Year's Kiss
Marco Jimenez Jan 2017
That silent moment,
when midnight hits,
everybody locked in lips,
eyes closed lost in touch,
beer, shots, friends its such
a happy moment to see,
minds filled with ecstasy
but none for me,
no silent bliss,
no taste of lips,
no glow after the New Year's kiss,
but boy was I nervous,
I probably would have missed,
I kept telling myself "I'm ready for this"
and my heart was beating so ******* fast,
but the moment came,
and then it passed,
I wanted it to last a little bit longer,
if only I could have just been stronger,
I might not be waiting any longer
for her to accept my lonely lips,
I guess I have to wait for next New Year's kiss
Jan 2017 · 469
Our First Kiss
Marco Jimenez Jan 2017
There we were
sitting in the car high as can be
I looked at you and you looked at me

we laughed
we smiled
we talked and shared
I was so nervous happy and scared

you reached out your hand
and took hold of mine
and we sat there in silence
frozen in time

ready to just let go
and give in to desire
dive into the ocean
fall into the fire

lost in your eyes
unsure of what to do
I could only say
I really want to kiss you

and when you said go ahead
I swear my heart could have raised dead
and the moment I finally touched your lips
my heart exploded into thunder and bliss

it came like a rush
this wonderous kiss
I didn't know it was possible to feel like this

like a wish that came true
and I'm glad it was you
Jan 2017 · 217
Marco Jimenez Jan 2017
Break me down and what am I?
Open my chest and what do you see?
Am I a daydream,
A nightmare,
a memory?
Dec 2016 · 306
If only Tears gave Answers
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
Which is real?
Which is the dream?
If only tears gave answers,
I'd have them all.
Dec 2016 · 339
My Muse
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
We may never hold hands or kiss
and I'm sorry that I was amiss
thinking that you might someday feel for me too
if only you could see yourself the way I do

because I see your flaws and they burn so bright
but to me they're the shining stars at night
they keep me up in awe and wonder
oh how you tear my mind asunder
you make my heart beat lightning & thunder

but what really breaks the walls of my chest
is your beautiful mind of fire & darkness
you spark this passion within me that burns
you throw me for loops and twists and turns

out of all the lonely fish in the sea
you're the one driving me crazy
in my head every night and day
endlessly searching for the words to say

words I know you may never read or hear
but they'll always be waiting for you here
on these pages written with a longing heart
I just hope that one day when we're worlds apart
and maybe haven't spoken in a while
you might think of me and smile
like someone you don't want to forget
because I cant bare to lose
my lady in the valley
my daydream
my muse
Dec 2016 · 461
The Night is Lonely
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
The night likes long lonely hugs
burning the midnight oil with some ink and drugs
a poet alone and hopelessly in love

all I want to do is write the next line
my mind is empty but my heart is filled
if I closed my eyes my body would be thrilled
but I don't think the night should be alone
under her moon it feels like home
she takes her time whispering into my ear
talking about life and love and fear
her soothing voice and gentle touch
make me not miss sleep as much
at some point I have to say goodbye and close my eyes
under the night, the moon, and the starry skies
our long lonely hug must come to an end
but the sun will rise and set once again
Dec 2016 · 203
Bloom & be Free
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
I don't know who I am
or who I'm supposed to be,
I just want to bloom & be free
amidst all this darkness surrounding me.
Dec 2016 · 330
I Never want to Say Goodbye
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
Please don't tell me not to start,
I just want to spill my heart,
I was lost & broke at sea
you rescued me with love and art,
you made me see a different me,
a man I thought I couldn't be,
every time I look at you it feels like an eternity,
it feels like I can touch the sky,
if loves a drug then you're my high,
forever isn't supposed to end,
I never want to say goodbye.
Dec 2016 · 212
Keep Going
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
I'm just trying to make my life a little better,
I cant see the road as I'm storming through this weather,
but I know that I'll keep going because I know I gotta try,
I appreciate the offer but this isn't the day I die,
because I still gotta fly, gotta laugh, gotta cry,
gotta feel all the joy's that come with this crazy life,
and don't tell me that it's too hard and don't tell me that you cant,
that's why we have each other so that we can lend a hand,
no one has forever so don't waste it in the dirt,
now get up and wipe the blood off on your shirt,
keep going until you get exactly what you're worth,
I'll be right there by your side with my love in every verse,
I'll push you from behind even when it hurts,
we're all together on this ride,
everybody on this earth.
Dec 2016 · 179
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
Why do I ask all these questions
that I can never hope to answer?
my heart only seeks the truth,
but it evades me like love on valentines day,
how do you find what just can't be found?
when my soul shattered all the pieces scattered,
and long sown scars began to bleed again,
the sorrow and sadness set back in,
I remember a time when I was happy,
I could smile as bright as the sun
and have fun without a worry in the world,
but back then I was so young and life so simple,
I didn't know that one man's dream
could be another mans nightmare,
I guess ignorance really is bliss,
because it's easier to smile when you forget about the pain,
but i'd still rather suffer in knowledge,
than be blind in ignorance,
I just wish it wasn't so hard to tell the difference
between what I want
and what I need.
Dec 2016 · 151
What Are We To Do
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
This isn't where I though i'd be at 24,
drifting in the sea clinging to a broken door,
I thought life hit hard but love shook me to my core,
I buckled to the floor,
no way I could predict what was in store,
because trust me love hits like a truck,
I'm sitting here like where the **** is my mind?
I left all rational thought behind for the sake of love,
I don't know what I was thinking of,
so I turn my love into poetry and song
because I'm just trying to keep my heart strong
until she comes along and flips me on my head
and gives life to parts of me that I thought were dead,
because I've been lonely and depressed but I'll take love instead,
even though love isn't always the best,
sometimes it puts too much pressure on your chest,
until your hearts breaks and your head aches,
but you know the stakes when you're playing the game
and I say it's worth all the torture and the pain,
I'll walk through the fire and the flame,
I'll take all the hate and all the blame,
baby just keep on driving me insane
and I swear I'll keep this fire burning for you,
because love,
I know I drive you crazy too.
So what are we to do?
just a car, some ****, and only us two,
we can sit here for a while
and talk about the things that make us smile,
we can laugh and joke as we smoke the time away,
vent about work and the stressful day,
neither of us saying what we really wanna say
but still I wouldn't spend my time any other way,
because as long as I can hear your voice and look into your eyes
I can keep soaring through the skies with these words as my wings,
yet I still cant describe the joy that your smile brings,
and my heart sings for all the little things you do,
so love, what are we to do?
Dec 2016 · 173
Take Me Away
Marco Jimenez Dec 2016
I love it when my mind run's away,
as plagued by sadness as I am,
my imagination still finds a way to take me away from it all,
at least for a time,
when I come back I know I have to deal with real life,
but not right now.
Nov 2016 · 210
I Never Forget
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
I know all too well what it's like to look a good friend in the eye,
say goodbye,
and know that I will never see them again,
I don't know if that makes it easier to hold friend close,
or harder to let them go,
I guess both.
I just know that I never forget.
Nov 2016 · 188
Writing With a Tired Heart
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
Sometimes it's hard to find motivation for even the simplest things,
like lifting my hand to write,
my pen feels so heavy,
like dragging a metal tube over thin dead trees,
the dark blood pouring from my hand
mixes with my tears as they fall to the page,
the blurry letters cry out but I don't recognize them anymore,
so I lay on the floor and try to decide what to do next,
maybe i'll just sleep here,
maybe sleep is whats best.
Nov 2016 · 199
My Depression
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
The words I want to say never want to come out,
even when I scream and shout,
my mind is just filled with doubt,
the words freeze in my every breath,
being unable to self express feels like death
and I can feel the pressure inside of my chest,
I can form a few words, maybe a sentence at best,
like a rope around my throat blocking my voice,
and then people try to tell me that I have a choice,
as if anxiety, depression, & fear would ever adhere to my will,
as if I could **** all the sadness with a simple thought,
but that's just not how it works,
because it still hurts no matter what I do
and I don't know how to explain to you
how I feel,
you can't see the pain but it's real,
and if I were able to show you I would,
but all I can do is just wish I could,
                   I wish I could..
I wish I could smile just like you,
and maybe laugh the same way too,
sleep & wake with a smile on my face,
walk with confidence in any place,
surrounded by people I know & love,
always looking up & above,

But no matter how much I want it to be,
that's just not me, its a fantasy,
can't you see the reality that I just cant and I don't know why,
and all I can do is just scream and cry!
wishing I could die because it's just too painful to be alive!
but I don't have the guts to do it myself,
even though there's no one else
to stop me from taking my own life,
ledge, led, noose or knife it doesn't matter,
I just can't pull the trigger,
yea I keep my life but my demons just grow bigger
as my heart & soul wither until I'm broken cold & bitter,
i'll sit here with a shiver,
trying to catch my tears before they fall,
wondering if I could have ever been happy at all.
Nov 2016 · 431
Sounds Nice
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
I wonder what it feels like,
when someone looks into your eyes
and says,
I Love You.
Nov 2016 · 450
Wherever You Go
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
Safe travels on your journey,
wherever you go,
know that in nature you always have a home,
the place where your beautiful children have grown,

Hold them close,
because ahead there may be darker days,
but together we can find the ways
out of the darkness & into the light,
because we humans don't give up,
we fight,
we fight against the coming night,
so that our children might see a brighter tomorrow,
free of fear, chains, & sorrow,

So safe travels on your journey,
wherever you go,
don't forget to sometimes take it slow,
just close you're eyes,
& feel the wind blow,
take in the sun's heart warming glow,
listen to the rain & the water flow,

And late at night when you look up at the stars,
think of where you've been & where you are,
and don't worry how far the journey is ahead,
just fall asleep & rest your head,
tomorrow the world will have much more to show,

Safe travels my friends,
wherever you go.
Wrote this for a family I made friends with who are traveling the world.
Nov 2016 · 316
A Lonely Wanderers Heart
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
I travel to different places,
see new things, new faces,
new cultures, classes, colors & races,
I made this path with my own two hands
because I decided as a man
that I'm gonna do what I can to travel the land,
because I have a problem,
I cant stand still,
I need to test my strength of will,
I need to fight, conquer & ****
this fear controlling my lonely being,
the darkness that keeps me from seeing
whats right in front of me,
a way to be happy,
a way to smile,
a way to feel at ease for a while,
because for as long as I remember I've been at this by myself,
but now I think I might need someone else
to push me when I slack,
to stand by my side & share the weight on my back,
& I don't know when i'll crack,
because nothing lasts forever,
but maybe if we stay together,
we can make whats left of our time better.
Nov 2016 · 452
Why Her?
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
I ask myself, why her?
i'm not entirely sure.

But if I had to honestly guess,
Maybe its the way
she stands out from the rest.

the way her laugh brightens my day,
the things she likes to do and say,
the way she chooses to pass the time,
the way she looks with her eyes into mine,
the way my heart beats the closer she gets,
the way it wants to break out of my chest,
the way she just loves to feel and to be,
young, wild, & free.
Nov 2016 · 767
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
I'm the kind of guy that likes to lay in the grass
and stare at the sky
no matter what time of day it is,

I let my mind wander to far off places,
I think about the things that are the most beautiful to me,
the starry night sky,
a thunderous rain storm,
the eyes of a woman,

These thoughts loom in my mind for hours upon hours,
thoughts of adventure,
thoughts of love, of passion,
I fashion day dreams & fantasies in my imagination,
and I revel in the aesthetic pleasure
of these realities in my mind.
Nov 2016 · 660
My Morning Song
Marco Jimenez Nov 2016
There is nothing like stepping outside on a chill morning
& standing barefoot in the dewy grass
with my eyes closed against the rising sun.

The light piercing my eyelids fills my vision with a calming sunset red
that perfectly visualizes the feeling of the softly warm sun rays
blanketing my skin as the morning breeze paints my body
with a fine chilled brush.

I feel each patient beat of my heart
singing a song with the morning birds,
the flowing river & the dancing trees.

The sweet melody satiates me with serenity
& if only for a moment,
I am happy.
Oct 2016 · 378
The Calamity Of Time
Marco Jimenez Oct 2016
Time goes on,
it's marching on,
forever a never-ending ending song,
a ballad of existence
& unwavering persistence
without resistance,
we're but an infantismal instance
on the infinite track of time,
insignificant to the grand cosmic line,
incomprehensible to the mind,
we're blind to its true nature,
it's secrets, it's behaviour,
& one day we may succeed in our endeavour to understand it better
& time will be under our command,
but I rue that day,
for I fear humanity's way,
will be death by time's hand.
Jul 2016 · 713
A Moment Of Serenity
Marco Jimenez Jul 2016
When the wind blows I close my eyes,
i feel the cool air painting my skin,
the same breeze that dances with the trees
and gently waves the grass,
it passes through my hair
like a lover so fair,
so soft, so caring, so kind,
and if only for a moment,
I am in serenity in my mind.
Marco Jimenez May 2016
I'm trying to be happy in all the ways that I know how
but in this life of uncertainty its all for naught,
and these caverns in my heart just keep getting deeper,
they keep getting colder and darker
and like beautifully crafted blades
the loneliness is killing me in the softest and slowest ways.

I don't know how to stop the bleeding,
it's taking it's toll and freezing my soul away from the life I want to live,
and nothing I try will give
because I don't have the will to be who I want to be.

So it's ever just me,
falling to the depths of my oblivion sea,
watching the light fade as I sink into the dark,
deep stark silence eases me to the bed,
I close my eyes and retreat into my head
to feel one last happy thought before i'm gone,
but it's all been for naught all along,

And the lonely siren song sings me to forsaken sleep,
ending my agony and pain at the bottom of this ocean deep.
Dec 2015 · 298
I Long To Dream Forever
Marco Jimenez Dec 2015
Each day I spend my waking moments
wishing my dream was my reality,
And I descend into sadness
knowing that will never be the case.

So I just exist through the day
wondering when I will die,
So that I might be able to return to my dreams forever.
Oct 2015 · 764
Fuck Me
Marco Jimenez Oct 2015
I woke up to my brain having a deathmatch with my skull,
It shouldn't be possible to be this young and feel this old,
I need a cure before I fall over and die,
and all I can do is ask my self why oh why oh why
did I try to drink the whole world away?
**** me, surely I could have made a better decision yesterday.

I don't know where on earth I've ended up,
there are lots of empty bottles and red solo cups,
where are the clothes I was wearing last night?
The clothes I'm wearing are way too tight,
Where are my keys? Where is my wallet? Where is the door?
**** me, I can't do this **** anymore.

My brain is at war and my flesh and bones are dying,
I'm just going to lay in this hot shower and start crying,
trying to remember what I did the night before,
hoping I have no more regrets in store,
why do I always have to give in to my friends?
**** me, I'm probably going to end up right back here again.
Oct 2015 · 633
Love's Vex
Marco Jimenez Oct 2015
The vex of all men has peered into my eyes once again
and glimpsed to me that which I long for most in this life.
Love, in all of it's beautifully destructive splendor,
it beckons me to let go of all rational thought
and surrender to the waves of my heart crashing down upon my soul.
Swallowing me up into this wild ocean of reckless emotion.
I am miserable in all ways imaginable and...
Not sure if I should continue this, write a part two, or just leave it as is.
Oct 2015 · 843
Leave Me Dead But Beautiful
Marco Jimenez Oct 2015
Please take me away from my mind,
Let me leave everything behind
and shut every door to my heart,
freeze my soul like a work of art,
forever frozen and alone through time,
numb and dead but beautiful and sublime.
Oct 2015 · 480
Hold Me But Don't Let Me Go
Marco Jimenez Oct 2015
Lie next to me on the bed
and lets stare at the ceiling like it's the night sky,
Hold my hand so I don't feel alone, but don't let me go,
or I just might fall back into my head
and get lost again in my crazy thoughts
Aug 2015 · 397
We're All Lost
Marco Jimenez Aug 2015
I wanted to look into the mirror and smile,
but all I see is nothing.

I'm staring into my own eyes
and I cant even see who I am.

Who am I?
I guess it doesn't matter.
We're all lost.
Jul 2015 · 786
Marco Jimenez Jul 2015
Dear lover,
have you met me?
i'm your man,
i'm your fantasy,

Oh lover,
where have you been?
please don't go,
i'll miss you again,

my friend,
my baby,
my sweet little pea,
my half,
my light,
my compass at sea,

Please lover,
stay with me,
don't wander the world
alone and unhappy,

My lover,
my muse,
my creature of lust,
my drug,
my dream,
my angel of trust,

And so I am lost in the innumerable pleasure of lust and passion. Two bodies, steaming and melding one another into a single being. Experiencing each other in the highest form of ecstasy, the likes of which cannot possibly be replicated in any other way. It is an ensemble of energy exploding in all directions in a colorful blaze. Our minds reduced to our baser instincts of ****** attraction and animalistic nature. Ending in an explosion of pleasure that softly carries you on a cloud into the land of dreams.
This is my first time making a poem like this. Or even writing like this at all. I've been wanting to give it a try.
Jun 2015 · 561
My Oblivion Sea
Marco Jimenez Jun 2015
I lay on the floor in my room
and stare up at the ceiling fan,
I try to figure out who I am,
Who is this lost young man?

I live a life with no direction or conviction,
Only the demons of my own affliction,

My own self-loathing married my self-doubt
And let loose my darker half,
Dragging my mind into the darkness,
Imprisoning me in the mistakes of my past,

And so I don't know what to do
To escape my prison and move on,
How do I move forward
When everything I do is wrong?

Purpose has eluded me,
Confidence has fled,
My will deminishes,
My heart almost dead.

In all the ways I can imagine
In all the ways I can see
I'm lost inside the darkness
A place of nihility,

A void,
An emptiness,
A lethe within me,
My oblivion sea.
Apr 2015 · 578
Marco Jimenez Apr 2015
Is this when it starts?
or has it already begun?
does it take one more?
or just this one?

One isn't so bad,
its the only one I've ever had,
another shouldn't do any harm,
so there really is no cause for alarm,

Well now that I've had two,
What's one more going to do?

People say don't give in,
it'll **** you in,
It'll tear apart your life limb from limb,

But I feel fine,
I'm completely okay,
I can just quit any day,

I can control myself,
I don't need to quit,
I'm not like the other people
who lose their life to this ****,

But now that I'm already in so deep,
without it I just cant sleep,
I've run out and I need more,
so in the middle of the night I go to the store,
I spend what little money I have left
just so I can get a decent nights rest,
I wake up and I do it again,
Is this how my life will be til the end?

Scrapping for change to buy another pack,
hack at my skin because I just need another,
my brother telling me I need to change,
but I'm deranged by this demon of ash and charcoal,
burning a hole inside of my soul,
and now I meet death in the face of my affliction,
my demon.
my addiction.
I mostly centered my thoughts on extreme addiction to cigarettes, but extreme addiction to anything can destroy a persons life. Obviously not every situation is like this, so I don't mean this for EVERY smoker. Just the ones whose lives get ruined by it. I don't personally smoke.
Apr 2015 · 232
Here I Sit
Marco Jimenez Apr 2015
Here I sit,
Pondering deep thoughts and ideas about life and the universe.

What is reality?
What is consciousness?
What is our purpose in life? If there is one.
When did it all really begin?
When will it all really end?

Here I sit
with such thoughts weighing on my mind with every day.
I know I can't answer them yet still I try.
Does that make me a philosopher?
Or a fool?

So here I sit,
Engulfed in my mind,
Searching for answers I can't hope to find.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the time.
Probably not, but who really knows?
What else am I to do?
So here I sit.
Apr 2015 · 639
I Have Become One
Marco Jimenez Apr 2015
I dream of walking in the forest on a beautiful spring morning to smell the fresh air,
The trickling river flows,
the grass tickles my toes,
and the wind gently combs my hair,

The rocks still hold last nights cold,
and the plants are still covered in the morning dew,
bathing in the suns radiant hue as it rises from its rest,
I feel its radiant warmth blanketing my chest,

Time slows down in this moment of bliss
where nature has given me a warm loving kiss,
I feel as though i'm floating in the air,
I wish I could share such a feeling as this,

Serenity takes me into the night in my eyes,
On this morning I dream of the star lit skies,
I am in complete peace under the sun,
I have become whole,
I have become one.
Been working on this one for almost a year now. I was finally able to get to a place that I can feel good about it. There was also a bit of added inspiration to write from an admirer of my work :D
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
Marco Jimenez Oct 2014
I want to tell you how much I love you,
So here is my way to express,
how much I appreciate you,
I will do my best.

I know it may sometimes seem like I forget you're there,
Or like sometimes you are just talking to air,
Or that you haven't influenced my life whatsoever,
But Dad that will never be true, NEVER.

You will never leave my heart,
You will never leave my head,
You will always be a part of me,
Even after You're dead,

You won't leave me alone now,
You've never left me alone before,
It's the reason I'm the man I am today,
So I hope to hear from you even more,

I don't mean to take you for granted,
I don't mean to ignore your calls,
I'm sorry if it seems that way,
That's not what I want at all,

I love you so much dad,
I hope that you're with me forever,
I want you there at my worst,
and I want you there at my better,

I'm one of your children,
and we all love you so much,
I hope one day we can take care of you
Just as you have taken care of us.

I love you dad.        Marky
This poem is dedicated to my amazing father.
Oct 2014 · 525
Searching For Hope
Marco Jimenez Oct 2014
Life can be so hard,
It can be such a heavy burden to bear,
It can wrap around your throat
and make you desperately beg for air,

Its like a weight that I just can't hold,
I'm trying to be bold, but I feel so weak,
and I start think there was never any hope,

So how am I supposed to cope with this sadness in my heart?
With this intangible disease tearing me apart?
Rooting deep inside of my brain,
heightening my sense of weakness and pain,

Forcing me to hate who I see in my reflection,
Believing I am just a rejection,
Sending a ripple through my mind,
Stirring feelings I didn't want to find,

Depressing thoughts start to form by storm,
& I hate myself for being who I am,
This weak pathetic excuse for a man,

& so the stigma of depression inside of my mind
begins to claw and grind at my soul,
Digging a deep dark hole that nothing can fill,
I don't think I have the will to keep on fighting,
I don't think I can cope,
I don't think I have what it takes
to keep searching for hope.
Oct 2014 · 420
My Creative Degeneration
Marco Jimenez Oct 2014
I am trying to write but i can't.

I'm trying to think
and I feel like I'm on the brink
of something.

I'm searching through my mind
trying to find the words to say,
struggling every single day.

Like a dam,
the river of my thought has been blocked,
not locked but left closed,
because I lack the strength of those
who can hold it open,

I think I've lost touch with the heart of my imagination,
and so begins my creative degeneration
Sometimes the problem itself can be the answer.
Oct 2014 · 607
As I Walk Through My Dreams
Marco Jimenez Oct 2014
As I walk through my dreams,
I witness the world end over and over
before my stricken eyes,
and all I've ever known becomes lost in oblivion
as the earth I love dies,

I cant help crying as all life is dying
and a deep plunge of fear entangles my soul,
here I stand still, dead against my will
and I've lost all total control,

This is what I feel
this is what I see,
such is what it seems,
and so,

As I walk through my dreams,
My ethereal imagination travels the universe,
scaling the vast cosmos of space,
As I approach the edge I peer beyond the ledge
and I see my one true place,

Transcending the fabric of the space time continuum
I pull on the strings of creation and existence
Altering reality as I readily see fit...
This is it.
This is the end.
All roads bend to this one place
at the center of time and space,

Oh! the magnificence!
Oh! the beauty!
Oh! the infinite energy
that flows right through me!

But I must cry,
Because as I open each eye
I see what it all means,
That I was just walking through my dreams.
Sometimes my dreams can be so dark. But the sometimes they are so beautiful that when I wake up, I feel sad because none of it was ever real.
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