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maddie Sep 2018
can everything just stop
so that I can breathe
because I can't handle
the obstacles you're throwing at me

I try to stay away
from all of my emotions
you shed no tears
while I've cried oceans

I keep things hidden
behind a clever facade
so that no one will know
that i'm a character, who's incredibly flawed
maddie Nov 2018
You convinced me to go home with you
After a night of good fun
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you
How could I have been so dumb ?

It started out with a kiss
A little bitter from the wine
I was in a state of bliss
Everything was just fine

But then I froze in shock
Your hands were down my shirt
I couldn't even move
As your hand went up my skirt

I wanted you to stop
But I was petrified by your actions
The sweet man I knew
Became a monster needing satisfaction

You took what you wanted
I couldn't stop you
You left marks on my body
***** my mind too
maddie Oct 2019
i try to make it look like i'm okay but i'm lying
and no one sees through the smile and sees that i'm crying
i keep pretending that things are fine
i can't keep walking this line

why can't you see i'm broken
#broken #line #lying #cry #smile
maddie Sep 2018
Don't cry.
Don't cry when their words break your heart.
Don't cry when their hands are tearing you apart.
Don't cry when you feel like you aren't enough.
Don't cry when life becomes too rough.
Don't cry when you feel like you are nothing at all.
Don't cry when they're making you feel small.
Don't cry when you don't want to breathe anymore.
Don't cry even if it's behind closed doors.
Don't cry.
maddie Dec 2019
words that leave you feeling sore
are as simple as
"I don't love you anymore"
maddie Oct 2019
i want to delete all the memories
just like i did with all our pictures
i want to forget our history
and act like we're strangers
i don't want to miss you anymore
i want to get over you and close the door
i know you're not missing me
i know this is how it's meant to be
#forget #memories #relationship #missyou #strangers
maddie Dec 2019
if i gave myself
even half of the love i give you
i would be so happy
and confident too
maddie Jan 19
hot wax
frozen water
whether it's hot or cold
make sure it's pleasure
maddie Dec 2019
a late night poet
in the cover of night
writing of her pain
that she hides in the light
maddie Nov 2019
i know you lied about your forbidden love
had to remove me to have her
broke my heart without restraint
hard to believe i loved a liar
maddie Jan 19
i lie awake at night
staring into the darkness
desperate to feel
the shadows of your touch
on my body once more
maddie Sep 2018
Do you remember me darling?
Or am I just another past fling?
Remember how I left you wanting?
I treated you like a king.

I gave you my all
All I asked was for you to fall
Fall into a state of eternal bliss
Where only I could feel your kiss.

But no, that's not what you longed for
I gave you everything yet you wanted more
You told me you loved me
That I was all you needed to be happy.

You wanted body
You wanted ***
I was too pure
That's why you left.
maddie Jan 19
all it takes is
that one person
to make me want to sin
more than any other
maddie Mar 25
Your words are like honey
So quick
So smooth
They slip off your tongue
And leave me toute rouge
maddie Dec 2019
i have the tendency
to accept the pain
just to keep you from leaving
and not return again

it breaks my heart
and i take it all
even when i know
i should not feel this small
maddie Dec 2019
to anyone searching
for a sign to stay strong
well here it is
so keep holding on
maddie Sep 2018
Rain pours down.
Loud, abrupt, consistent.
Water covers ground.
No light in the distance.

Thunder screams in the air.
Lightning cracks like a whip.
Through the sky the bolts tear,
Overthrowing every ship.

This poem may be hard to decipher.
Just as hard it is to keep your head above water.
Some people's minds are cozy and warm...
But mine is a complete thunderstorm.
My thoughts are powerful.
maddie Apr 1
"i'm tired", she tells him
"it's not that I don't want to live,
i simply wish,
to not exist."
maddie Oct 2019
he says i love you, sometimes.
i'm not sure if he means it.
i want to feel loved.
i did.
for a while.
but he still loves her.
i'm not her.
i just wish i was enough for him.
maddie Oct 2018
Two days ago
You were telling me
All of the reasons
Why you love me

Two days ago
Out of class you would sneak
Just to come hug me
You made my heart weak

Two days ago
You called me your everything
I felt happy
But today I am nothing

Two days later
You said you couldn't do this
Breaking my heart with those words
Now you're the one that I miss

Two days later
I see you in the halls
I look away
As tears start to fall
maddie Sep 2018
You occupy my thoughts repeatedly,
I think of you at nightfall.
You're my bright light in the dark,
My brilliant wonderwall.

I think about you so frequently
that I can no longer recall,
when I first started thinking of you,
my beautiful wonderwall.

You're on my mind so often,
I remember telling myself I wouldn't fall.
But when I saw your smile for the first time,
I fell in love with you, my wonderwall.
I am completely infatuated with you, I think about you a lot.
maddie Sep 2018
I didn't go looking for you
You found me
The two of us meeting
Was a stroke of serendipity.

The story of two lovers
That could never be
Is a perfect description
Of you and me.

I'd listen intently
As you'd recite
Never ending stories
Of all the girls you liked.

Tell me why don't you
Why it cannot be me
My unconditional love for you
Is something you cannot see.

I hope one day you realize
That I'm the one for you
Darling you are my wonderwall
But you haven't got a clue.

— The End —