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Jul 2 · 84
A Secret to Keep
Farida Salem Jul 2
Yesterday, I went on a journey to a distant land.
I dreamed of flowers and fire.
I dreamed of fresh air, and a bit of sand.

Back then, it seemed like a bit of a stretch.
I didn’t know that in life, sometimes you have to sit on the bench.

But I knew that one day it would come true
For I know a secret that only I can bear.

A secret that revealed itself to me
On a cold summer night under the shiny stars by the sea.

I will tell you my secret if you promise it’ll be yours to keep.
A secret that, on most nights, has helped me sleep:

“Someone, somewhere out there can see.
Someone, somewhere said a prayer for you and me.”

Today, I am seeking a higher power.
Something strong. Something sincere. Something that keeps me in the hour.

To my surprise, I am lost. I am empty. I am sad. I am at most times simply confused.
What used to be a vivid idea in my head is now being questioned, challenged,
Modified, and misconstrued.

I am searching for something that I believe is already within me,
Even when I don’t know where to look.
If you have to ask, you’ll never know.
There are certain things you don’t find as they are not exactly “by the book”.

But let me tell you one thing that I know for sure.

Someone, somewhere out there can see.
Someone, somewhere said a prayer for you and me.

Tomorrow, I will be on my way again.
Off to a new spiral going either up or down.
Off to a new state of nothingness.
Off to a place filled with void and has no Zen.

And although I know I will start wondering “how or when?”
I will do my best to always remember..

Someone, somewhere out there can see.
Someone, somewhere said a prayer for you and me.
Jul 1 · 807
In My Heart
Farida Salem Jul 1
I feel nothing.

Sometimes I feel a small ache on the side of my chest, sometimes.
Small enough to know I’ll survive,
Painful enough to know you’re still here..

In my heart, where you always have been and where you’re always meant to be.
Jun 12 · 110
How Could You?
Farida Salem Jun 12
What a shame it is to watch
The only part left of me get squashed
By someone who once was
The one who turned my wounds into scars.
Farida Salem Jun 12
A part of my heart closed off
The day I decided to stop loving you.

I told myself I’ll move on as I downed this Smirnoff.
Then shortly after I asked myself, “If not you, then who?”
Jun 9 · 73
Farida Salem Jun 9
Back then, I loved you with so much ease.
Today, I think about you before I sleep.

Back then, your love made me softer.
Today, our memories make me colder.

Back then, I used to write so effortlessly.
Today, I’m struggling to spell the word “effortlessly”.

Back then, colour meant sunshine, meant yellow.
Today, I tell myself every day that colour looks like tomorrow.

And tomorrow never comes.
Tomorrow is a mirage.
I’ve had my sandwich
And now all that’s left is the crumbs.
Jun 8 · 55
Farida Salem Jun 8
Close your eyes.
Where do you want to be?
Wake up.
You're halfway there..
May 30 · 90
Petals of Roses
Farida Salem May 30
Just like leaves falling off a tree, she walked through life aimlessly.
Shedding little pieces of her as she went along.
Not knowing where to go, she continues to search for truth,
for meaning,
for herself.
It wasn’t until later that she noticed someone following her,
picking up all the love she had unwillingly left behind.
In a trail of endless petals of roses.
Line from my book: Lifeline byFS (a work in progress)
May 30 · 72
Busy Mind
Farida Salem May 30
I correct my own grammar.
Never anyone else’s.
Not out loud, anyway.
Line from my book: Lifeline byFS (a work in progress)
May 30 · 121
Out There
Farida Salem May 30
Out there, in the middle of nowhere,
I woke up and noticed I found a home.

“On a block of ice? Or a piece of stone?
Either way, I think this would suffice.”

Away from everyone. Away from myself.
Right there. Out there.

In the middle of nowhere.
Line from my book: Lifeline byFS (a work in progress)
May 17 · 45
Farida Salem May 17
How is it
that the one person whose messages you want to read is
on mute,
while the rest of the world is obnoxiously
on loud?
Farida Salem Apr 5
To look at a student and see an old friend.
To look at a teacher and know you’ll turn out to be just like them in the end.

To climb a mountain so fast and climb down so slow.
To never thinking you were gonna make it, right from the get-go.

To walk down an endless, empty road.
To eventually lay down in the middle of that same road and laugh about it with a friend over the phone.

To take a picture with another friend, with a background that fits your mood.
To stare at that picture for so long when you miss them and think about how happy they were, not you.

To hold a trophy and think this is the end.
To know full well that you will never be this happy again.

To lose an object that you never knew meant so much to you.
To find it a year later, bent and broken, but brought safely back to you.

To spend every midnight in a library with strangers for so long.
To the point that those strangers become familiar faces during the daytime - each face a nod.

To watch the sun set over by the sea.
To be in the company of those with whom you'd love to be.

To drive for hours just to sight see.
To ponder over a large building for hours. To later realize it's all covered by a beautiful tree.

To stand in the middle of a desert and remember the days you stood in the snow.
To think to yourself, "Man this *****!" in both scenarios,  wanting to stay in the sun but so desperately wanting to feel the cold.

To be in a room full of friends at a house party.
To realize everyone is here to have fun. A place and time where no one is being rude, unkind, or cocky.

To have brunch with a friend you just met who invited two of her friends, too.
To sit there and think to yourself, “How in the world did it take so long for me to meet this crew?”

To laugh uncontrollably at something so minuscule.
To later tell your friends about it as you run out of breath from laughing, and they still think you’re cool.

To pose for photos in the middle of a festival.
To cancel the noise of those who do not understand you. Who ever said anyway that their looks were welcome or acceptable?

To get lost several times in a big city for days and nights on end where you walk for so long.
To slowly start to realize that this is exactly where you belong.

To make friends at work and to work with friends.
To hope that this fun never ends.

To be silly and loud.
To get in fights amidst the crowds.

To then be fully yourself.
To step up and make amends.

To take a picture in the middle of a field where your heart belongs and where your destiny resides.
To understand that this is nothing but a dream. To know that only fate decides.

To befriend a preteen and understand how they think.
To sit down with their parents and have a drink.

To fill the mind of a six-year-old with hopes and dreams.
To be mindful of their process. To be patient. To raise their self-esteem.

To reluctantly go to the theatre to watch a friend’s show.
To end up sitting through the whole performance. To tear up. To feel your heart grow.

To trash talk and show off your skills to a new opponent.
To be humbled by what you don’t know. To be grateful for every moment.

To look danger in the eye and feel nothing but fear.
To hear your mother’s voice whispering in your ear.

To meet your best friend on a purely coincidental encounter.
To make the most of a spontaneous trip full of card games, cooking, late night stories, and endless laughter.

To have brunch on your own at your favourite restaurant where you like to hide.
To have coffee at a cafe and write while it rains outside.

To have a drink alone after your friend passed away.
To sit there by yourself and have nothing left to say.

To get a car and drive all across the beautiful scenery of the country.
To promise yourself to do this monthly.

To ignore a “Do Not Enter” sign. To proceed at your own risk.
To stand underneath a waterfall and feel so small, light and brisk.

To fall victim to circumstances but find a way to rise above.
To empower, inspire, and lift up those you love.

To lose sleep to be there for someone who needs you awake.
To sit silently next to them. To hold them together before they break.

To float without thought in an infinite body of sea, peacefully.
To worry about a meaningless argument you had with your roommate, equally.

To dance with someone who has a secret crush.
To later listen to their passionate confession. To stop and tell them you’re in no rush.

To make family out of strangers. To live with them for a week, maybe two.
To say goodbye forever and wonder how time flew.

To try on a costume in a museum that’s been worn by more than a few.
To know deep down that to be safe is to be dull, and to be silly is to be true.

To walk next to a teenager, arm around their shoulder.
To listen to their troubles. To reassure them that things will get better when they’re older.

To sit on a bench in a flower garden with a little girl.
To understand that this might be her most favourite place in the whole world.

To make coffee for an older coworker.
To befriend this beautiful human being over selfies and veggie burgers.

To meet someone and instantly feel like you’ve been friends in another world, at another time.
To find out they feel the same way about you. To be friends for a lifetime.

To get a tattoo of the things that remind you of you.
To write. To document. To reflect on all the emotions you go through.

To still not have a clue.

To sit on boat and wonder who, what, when, where, why, or how.
To be as calm and quiet as the sea and convince yourself instead to be here, now.

To think about all those times and hold a smile for as long as you possibly can.
To stand alone in an empty airport, hoping you will ever feel that same way again.
On traveling: the little things that make you feel alive.
Apr 1 · 32
I Wonder
Farida Salem Apr 1
Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.
In secret or up front.
What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder?

How many of them a mishap?
How many of them a mindless blunder?

How many of them have truly found what they were looking for
In someone else?
How many have gone from blond to blonder?

How many nights did I spend in this rabbit hole?
How many of them deserved all those years, all those tears?
They weren’t kidding when they said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.

How many of them alcoholics?
Drinking away their sorrows, going under.

How many of them were actually good for me? Was it a terrible mistake to let them go? Oh, I wonder.

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those who’ve loved me.
How many of them were able to see the real me?

How many of them looked at the good and overlooked the bad?
How many of them were not my cup of tea?

Had I known they were going to love me until their very last breath, would I have still led them to flee?

How many of them tried so hard to please me?
Yet drowned themselves in the vast darkness that is my sea.

How many hearts have I broken?
Is it one, two, or three?

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those who’ve loved me.

How many of them were too kind, too gentle?
How many of them were ready to take a leap of faith?
How many of them would have set me free?
Oct 2017 · 163
Did you?
Farida Salem Oct 2017
When you closed your eyes for the picture, did you see me? Did you see me looking at you? Smiling in my lonely bed, replaying the photo over and over again until I fell asleep, phone in hand. Did you see me?
Feb 2015 · 7.3k
Farida Salem Feb 2015
Being homesick isn't about being away from home. It's being at home yet still feeling so empty and confused. Because what is home? Home is warmth and love.

You could be at home, yet still feel like everything is crashing down. You could be away from home, and feel like you're having the time of your life. You could be lying on your couch, idly watching everything and everyone as they pass by. Mindlessly active, totally passive.

Or maybe you're just homesick.
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
The Devil's Smile
Farida Salem Dec 2014
There he stands, on the far corner of this room
Leaning against that wooden table
In a black tuxedo, with one hand in his pocket
And another holding his drink.
Mysterious as he seems, his eyes never fail to mesmerize you.
His words so few, his feelings always true.
So deep in his thoughts - you could get lost for hours.
But as you sit here next to me and stare,
Your life wouldn't be so bare..
Because in his presence you feel something so rare.
And if you're lucky you'll catch a smile here and there,
A smile that is almost as deadly as the devil's glare.
Jul 2014 · 562
Farida Salem Jul 2014
Run as fast as you can, little one.
One day, you'll see that it was for your own good.
One day, you'll wake up and it will all be okay.

Run as fast as you can, little one.
Run until your body turns into stone.
This life does not favor the faint-hearted.

Run as fast as you can, little one.
Maybe if you stay away long enough, you'll forget all your hardships and sorrows.

Run as fast as you can, little one.
For those who do not finish the race will fall behind and get lost.

Run as fast as you can, little one.
Until one day, you can stand on your own two feet
And you won't need to run anymore.
Jul 2014 · 2.5k
Farida Salem Jul 2014
I always find myself wondering about a lot of things.
But I never wonder: how or why?

How high is the sky between me and you?
I bet, sometimes, you wonder too.
Are all my loved ones hearing my prayers?
If I can hear you, so can you.

How old am I from within?
If I don't know it, how can you?
How deeply can you see through my shallow eyes?
It's not hard to understand me if you try

How far down can I go
If I just choose to let you go?
How much can I really cry
If I had a place to hide?

How alive would I really be
If you hadn't abandoned me?
How many more people can my humble being bare?
How much of myself could I give away if I had nothing left to spare?

I never got a solid view
Because I'm not supposed to.
But let's take a moment and think it through.
Maybe it's not me, it's you.

So while you lie awake in bed, like I do
Try to imagine "me" without "you"
And let me know how that comes through
Because I, like you, am nothing without you.
Apr 2014 · 705
Endless Wait
Farida Salem Apr 2014
Here I am, waiting.
Waiting for something that never comes.

But it sure can tease you.

It's always far ahead,
And haunts your thoughts while you lay awake in bed.

Sometimes I wonder if it's even fair
To go through life with such a glare.

I eventually give up, stop thinking, and try not to cry.
And pray to God it doesn't pass me by.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Leap of Faith
Farida Salem Apr 2014
When you feel the pain
Through every bone, every vein
You decide not to hide
And instead, you walk with pride
Is it worth it?

When you climb a mountain
So certain
You will fly
But you don’t, and people cry
Is it worth it?

When you see it in their eyes
Beyond the doors, behind the lies
And you finally choose
To stop staring at your shoes
Is it worth it?

When you've been on the other side
It can be hard to decide
Consequences may fill one with remorse
But it’s up to you, of course
So tell me now, is it worth it?
Apr 2014 · 4.0k
Farida Salem Apr 2014
Today, I tried to comfort my 13 year-old self,
But there was nobody there, nobody listening.

It's so cold over there,
So lifeless and sad.
And come to think of it,
I'd rather be mad.

She cries in the middle of the night, hoping one day things would be different.
Then wonders "what if" and suddenly she's indifferent.
And there's nobody there, nobody listening.

I try to make this life as vibrant as can be
For her to finally see
That this is as good as it's gonna get
And that there's nothing she should regret.

But still she storms off in the middle of the night,
"Is anybody there, anybody listening?"

— The End —