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hannah Dec 2017
Sometimes I wish to be one with the sky.
I wish I could see the view up from above.
It would only be a day or 2.
Am I ready for blast off?
Fitting right in with the colorful sky
See all the beautiful lines and clouds in the sky while I float along with the lines
Reaching for stars I could finally touch
It may seem like a crazy thing
Maybe I would discover something new
But I will have to wait till I’m Ready
I will have to wait to be one with the sky!
Viktoria Jan 2019
Is it true?
Or am I fooling,
Is it real,
Or am I lost?
Am I insecure and lonely?
Is it that what has caused,
Lovely feelings and hopes,
Expectations and dreams,
After all these months,
Is it really still real?

Can't barely catch a thought
That's pure and clear,
It's all a mixture of speculations,
I've always loved it, and I do love still,
The magic and the power of imagination.
I am an artist in projecting,
I see the little signs in every tree,
I am a hopeless romantic for arts,
I am a desperate creator in need.
Just give me one bit hope,
And I'll make history...!

Just a wink of love,
And I'm there,
Just one lovely look,
And I care,
And I present the generations,
A basket full of dreams and passions!

Go try and catch'em,
For they're free,
They're my ideas,
But have history,
They did exist before,
On paper and on more,

This time they came to me!!!!
They've outgrown me,
Now they will come to you,
If you are ready, too!
heisenvader Oct 2015
I will prevail
The system that's failed
Beyond expectations
What often is hailed
The be of success
But never the best
"Just lie on your back"
"Like all of the rest"
"The door is right there"
"We'll keep you impaired"
No, you must break free
A world that's unfair
So stick to your Guns
And prove you're the one
To defy the standard
Of "One versus None"
Chirayu Writer Jun 2015
You are like a Flower
So sweet and beautiful and pure
I look at you, and sadness
Creeps into my heart.
 I feel as if I hands                                        
His head shall put you
Praying that God keep them
So pure and beautiful and charming.

Close my eyes both
With the loving hands!
Is it all that I am suffering,
Under your hand to rest.
And how quiet the pain                                       
Well 'lay no sleep wave
As the last stroke stirs,
Füllest you my whole heart.

Some dreams in life sail
Some dreams seeds live
two excursions to the bird Birds fly
around to two Hold out hope Rested a few moments
Then be careful Dreams really changing
Keep up continuous work everyday
How to lose No matter how many times
Keep up enterprise And suffers from dreams
If desire is the path If the path is the destination
Around the same in every fatigue Is a my shade.


— The End —