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Chin up darling
Though the day feels so bland
I know that it's hard
Like youre stuck in quicksand
But soon the quagmire
Will ease and release
Soon I'll be home
For you to cuddle and tease
Until then, just know this:
I'll be missing you too-
So please dont be down
Or give in to the blues.
Catnip Lily Jun 22
Unbelieving the unbelievable
A difficult changing intervals
Time flows unstoppably
Stop just for a second!
How can it be possible?

The unbelievable
A death sentence? A mockery?
A test? Or a blessing?
Denying an undeniable, was it just a waste of my precious time?
روبرت Dec 2018
Backwards; maybe
I'm not upside down
I'm looking for a new perspective
When you are down; you're really up
So perk up; all is well
I just wanted you to know
I hold your hand while you sleep
For I will never let you go
Into your head those nightmares creep
Bright eyed baby I am here
Hold me tight we'll make it through
An eternity without a care
And all the care in the world for you
My lover has disappeared from hellopoetry
Another poet has died and it's such a shame to see
That this love of mine has no more for me to read
As he comes home from work to curl up next to me
His heart is filled by the warmth of mine
Though he no longer writes he'll be certain to shine
As my beautiful man with words that don't rhyme
But are just as sweet as the reddest glass of wine
He may no longer write but I will write every line
For him and his love until the end of time
For imrighthere, My-mind-for-a-crook, Death throws
and any other name you went by on here,
I love you and hope to live a fulfilling life with you, Layten Griffiths x
With love from Kaity x
I know you are reading this
Either in spite or in awe
But breathe these words from my lips
This is not just your war
Poems upon poems
Blood upon wrists
Depression it moans
It puts us in fits
Take your pen my fellow soldier
Press the ink, take a hit
This war is soon over
Writing heals, you are worth more than this
To all who read my ramblings, thank you.
You are all helping me win this war.
For the time being it will hurt like it did the first time
For the next week it will shock you in front of a million
For the time after that you will have but a scar
For the rest of your life it will be but a memory
You will cast upon only every now and then
Chin up beautiful stranger
It'll only hurt a little
In time
Crying in the rain only lasts so long
And redrawing faded sharpie butterflies can't go on forever
Dreading over the pink and white lines that make you look like like a kindergarten art project only causes secrecy
While puking up your last meal only causes travesty.
We all hit the bottom whether it be through drugs or cuts
Burning or vandalism
Alcohol or caffeine
Puking or refusing to eat.
We all have a point that we wish we never turned to
And the meds prescribed to help you
Only make it worse
And seem like a fantasy.
We all hit the bottom but to sip from a different cup
We have learned to fake smiles
And pretend to have our chin up.
©LogenMichel copyright 2015
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