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Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Reggae Rivial Pt3
I'm back, you rowdy rond boys.
Got me rowdy rond rhymes, and me rowdy rond noize.
Kick back in me ol' spot, smokin' me spliff.
Sit up in me chair when I hear a sweet riff.

It's Marley on da bass, slappin like he do
Head bangin' back and forth like ya know ya want to.
Reggae is back and me life in on track.
Got baeties in the penthouse and they cookin' up crack.

Can't believe me stopped writing. It was hard to say no.
But I'm back to smokin' mo' ***** than ever befo'.
Me poetry's like sirup, open ya mouth, and I'll pour it.
It's clever, it's dank, it's reggae. I'm glad for it
We back in this.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
And also some kush.

Good ****** we bring,
To you and your spliffs.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas
And also some kush.

Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
And we'll jam out some too.

We won't smoke until ya roll some,
We won't smoke until ya roll some,
We won't smoke until ya roll some,
So bring dem right here

OH ****, please don't green-out,
OH ****!, please don't green-out,
OH ****!!!, please don't green-out,
That was a close call. PHEW!

Good ****** we bring,
To you and your bluntz.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
And a Happy Blem Year.
Reggae Christmas, everyone!
Dec 2014 · 3.4k
Reggae Night (Silent Night)
Reggae night, rasta night,
Blunts are rolled, tru de night.
Round young spliffs, rolled so tight,
***** and ****** hit me so right.
Smoke in heavenly peace,
Smoking in heavenly peace.

Reggae night, rasta night,
Island boy, raised up right.
Radiant beams from thy holy ****,
All night long, we be singin' dis song.
Poundin' dat kush so hard,
Pounding that ****** so hard.

Reggae night, rasta night,
Slappin' de bass, it's quite a sight.
Kush smoke climbs to de heavens above
Jaco greens out, Hallelujah.
Reggae the Savior is born,
Rasta the Savior is born.
Shhhh, it's a reggae night. Happy Holidays
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
I'm as deep as ya modda.


No waaaaaaay!
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
De Cold
Winter is here, there is nowhere to go.
I'd light up me blunt, but it'd be covered in snow.
All I need is a cup of hot chocolate to hold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Wanna hook up wit a baety? Just wanna slay her?
Too bad mon, she's wearing layer upon layer.
Booking a flight for Jamaica, but they've all been sold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Hit up me bradda's garage to jam out.
I knock on de door, he'll be there, no doubt.
He's taking forever. Longer den I can withhold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

I'm sick of dis season, it's simply the worst
Only a sip of hot cocoa will quench me thirst.
Dis is da coldest story that's ever been told.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Sit back in my lounge chair like Scrooge McDuck.
Reluctant to go out, cuz it's cold as ****.
I nag and complain, am I just gettin' old?
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.
Brrrrrr, what's a lonely island boy to do on a cold winter's night?
Dec 2014 · 626
10 Words... Again!

Ja feel, ja feel
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Understand the Misunderstood
I'm as dark as da Jamaican sun
Got a heart as cold as a winter's day
As stubborn as cream of onion soup
As hard as a soggy piece of bread
It's been a year since December 4th

*Soooooo high rn
Don't know where I am right now tbh.
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
3 Doobies
3 reggae doobies sat on a wall.
One of them was seven feet tall.
The second was short, and fat.
De **** was tough, n' carried a gat.

All of a sudden, a doobette walks by.
De tree doobies wanna giv'er a try.
De bluntz lean in a little closer.
Each givea whistle lik a poser.

De female spliff dismisses deir plees.
De doobies cut 'er off n' get on deir kneees.
Dey beg, and dey beg, and dey cry.
But she turns away and says, "nice try".

De doobies jump back, onto deir wall.
Didn't get how she resisted their call.
A new baety walks by, to test their luck.
Hopefully dis spliff will be down to ****.

The tall one walks around front.
She waves her hand, shooin' dat blunt.
The fat one takes a shot, talks derty.
Clearly she ain't in da mood to be flirty.

Da gangster ****** roll takes a shot.
Literally, he ******' shot 'er bumba clot.
De doobies flee, as the doobette falls.
Dere goes 3 reggae doobies who sat on a wall.

*Respect women. You never know when they might save ya life.
It'd be jokes if the doobies were all cats instead. Right?
Dec 2014 · 656
Dat Hard $hit
Batibwais got bluntz
Me thinks I like to try one
Take one puff, I'm gone.
Me boy Darius got de best kush.
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Stuff It Up
I was out wit me doopas.
I was wailin' on a massive blunt.
Feet up, eased up, havin' a blem time.
All of a sudd'n, de fuzz comes out front.

There's nowhere to hide.
Gotta rid the scene of me stuff.
Look back and de fuzz ain't der.
Decide to take one last puff.

De sirens start shriekin'
Dey're almost here, no where to go.
Do I stick me sliff in de ground?
I stuff it up me nose.

Sense of smell is lost from de heat.
Feels like a fresh poptart was squeezed in me snout.
De burning tingles, very bad, very bad.
About to cry when de cops see me, no time to shout.

He walks a little closer, I cringe.
An island bwai wouldn't last in prison
For de love of Zion, don't get caught.
Finally we're face-to-face, I start ******'

De man looks down at de pool of ****
He asks, "that's the hiding spot you chose?"
He rips da spliff rite outta me snout.
Dat's why you never stuff it up ya nose.
Don't worry, dis didn't 'appen. It's just a joke you nutty kids.
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Cree Everytim
She don't wanna speak to me.
Me mind is hidden under a cloud of darkness.
Dere's a feelin' of inner struggle.
I must release reggae.


I rise out of me bed in terror.
Me dreamt of a lonely island boy, lost at sea.
Could you imagine, no friends, no food.
No reggae release.


I'm trapped in a reggae box
I can hear me boy screamin', but I can't find 'im.
I call for 'im, "JACO! JACO, MY YOUT!"
I must release de reggae.


The room is a maze, no exit.
Could me premonitions be true?
Could me boy truly be lost?
No reggae release.


Me vision's too cloudy.
All to be seen is rat-like faces, cringing.
Their snouts snort and sneer to a reggae beat.
I must release de reggae.


The floor falls from under me.
A lizard's heavy gizzard appears below.
Crooked, sharp teeth shining tru de dark.
No reggae release.


Colours upon colours.
An indigo man stabs, then rapes a magenta woman.
Until the reds, and greens, and blues, explode from her stomach.
I must release de reggae.


I catch me breath. I'm in me room.

Safe and sound.

Jeez, what a bad trip, still?
Dat was a silly weekend mon. Hehe
Dec 2014 · 2.4k
Not Even High
Jah kidding? One hit?
Tought you wuz a reggae mon.
Go home, ya eyes red.
Tried to tell him! I ain't even high!
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
I Pissed in Dat Bottle
I did it, I ain't proud.
If you felt de pain in my urethra,
You'd know.

Had a flashback to me pirate days.
The ocean's waves crash upon de shore.

swish, swish

Me bask in da cool breeze.
Of de Zion Waterfall.

swish, swish

Me hands bleedin' from me wounds.
Turn on de tap and me can't take it no more.

swish, swish

Me urges take a hold of me.
Where to release? How? When?

swish, swish

I'm stuck in de corner, belly churning.
Bottle in de corner of me eye, me start turning.

swish, swish

I'm face-to-face wit salvation.
Fly down, piece out, release de flow!


Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh.
What's an island boy to do?

*No toilet, Mo' problems
Sorry boys, don't drink from dat.
Dec 2014 · 2.4k
RIP Bob Marley
Empty theatre, no sound.
Spotlight on Marley.
Smoke rises to da ceiling.
The room fills witta rasta feelin'

Dis is no baldhead.
Dis is Marley, the great.
Dreads as soft as silk.
Riffs creamy like milk.

I wanna watch fo' de rest of me life.
Face 'gainst guitar as he wails.
He paints da skies wit his sound.
Catches me wit a reggae trap, I'm bound.

Feels like just yesterday.
He was on dis Earth.
I feel his watch, from above.
Flying tru da sky, like a reggae dove.

Sun Is Shining
Forever Loving Jah
Get up, Stand up
Stir It Up
Redemption Song

He wanted what he all did... One love... Just one...

**Plus, massive bluntz
We miss you very much. Spread the Love. Spread the kush.
Dec 2014 · 5.9k
10 Words

10 words that describe da world.
Dec 2014 · 568
My Yout
Thee **** yout; no wisdom, no respect...                                            

               Tink they're so boombastic, wait and see...

See a raggamuffin, on da street...                                            

Hood up, knife out...

Some **** reggae fools, dis lot...                    

                                                   Tink they can slosh sum' boomba clot...

Me tink NOT!

Not my yout, not my child.
Little Jaco is ten now.
He's a real blessed dude.
He knows his manners,
And he's clean as shween too.

Can't wait a day longer.
Want me yout to be grown.
Want to fly, get high,
And ease up, once we've flown.

Me yout's like me brodda.
Has the face of his motha.

*All I want is for him to be old enough,
So that we can both smoke ****** together.
Jaco, my son; me yout <3
Dec 2014 · 554
What the Fuck?
Who do this to me?
Who make me cry?
Who want to hurt me?
And my reggae crew?
If you touch me hard,
I will make you into a,
Me love stew <3
Dec 2014 · 2.2k
Me love agony, seen?
Me hate baldheads, seen?
Me love collie, seen?
Me hate duppies, seen?
Me love easing up, seen?
Me hate fishes, seen?
Me love *****, seen?
Me hate harbour sharks, seen?
Me love "irie's", seen?
Me hate janga, seen?
Me love kush, seen?
Me hate lagga heads, seen?
Me love mateys, seen?
Me hate nyng'i-nying'i, seen?
Me love o-dokono, seen?
Me hate passa passa, seen?
Me love quashes, seen?
Me hate running belly, seen?
Me love science (witchcraft), seen?
Me hate toto, seen?
Me love uptown goodas, seen?
Me hate vixxin', seen?
Me love wheels, seen?
Me hate da yout, seen?
Me love Zion, seen?

*Me ******' love Zion
I made a poem, seen? "seen?" means "do you understand?", seen?
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Those Pesky Baldheads
Cramp me style; baldheads.
No dreads, no respect; baldheads.
Forget em'; baldheads.
Dem bladheads get me reeeal steamed
Dec 2014 · 3.1k
Slappa da Bass Mon
Slap da bass right up mon.
Slap da bass down low now.
Bump ya sweet ting a little closa.
I just wanna get to know ya.

Gettin' all blem on ya vibes.
You gettin' knocked down by mine.
Bend down, turn 'round, back it up right.
Wanna puff what I'm puffin' all night.

Me nose burns with wit smoke.
Me body's empty, waiting for ya touch.
The bass is slammin' in me ear drums.
The bass slappin' makes me face numb.

Beat poundin' as I slide over
Boombastic rydems like no otha'.
You da noicest ting I ever did see.
Lemme take ya home. Slap da bass wit me.

*Slap it riiiiiight up
Slap dat ******* bass, all up in my face, you tasteful patty-licker.
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Island Tour
Zion on me side.
Babylon on me shlong.
Come on, take a ride.
Island tour won't be long.

Wrap up ya bamboo.
Stuff it down ya ****.
Smoke corking up on you.
Island tour won't be long.

Come on, sunshine.
I'm a bad bwai, strong.
I wancha to be mine.
Island tour won't be long.

Get a peek 'a' dat bumba clot.
So rite, so wrong.
I'll throw my dunsa down in ya slot.
Island tour won't be long.

Get ya cat otha here, ya sweet ting.
Met a kind honey today. I'm gonna givher de "Island Tour"... You know what I'm sayin'?
Nov 2014 · 2.3k
Smoke Up
Nothin' says nothin' like nothin'.
Nothin' smokes harda than somethin'.
Twinkle in his eyes, da room bout' to cry,
Nothin' says nothin' like nothin'.

Mouth fulla smoke, I ain't smokin'.
Room fulla blow, I ain't blowin'.
Walk out da door, me **** feelin' sore,
Nothin' says nothin' like nothin'.

I wanna stay tru, but I'm lyin'.
I wanna stay calm, but I'm dyin'.
**** fulla *******, ne'er da same,
Nothin' says nothin' like nothin'.

Dank fools, comin' at me all hood.
Wish I could fight, cause I should.
An island boy would, if he thought he was good.
I can't believe how ******' high I am.

Just say no me broddas.
Nov 2014 · 5.0k
Haiku for my High Dude
Yo Jaco, are you high?
The ****** Gods be trippin'.
***** be drippin'.
High all day, high all night. Ma boy Jaco knows what's gud.
Nov 2014 · 2.5k
My Life
Here's a little story I tink you'll like.
It's not bout' two shmucks looking for amour.
It's all bout' me, my life, and my big fat bluntz.
Imma bout' to tell ya what Reggae's for.

Reggae stands for peace and the luv in yaself.
It's bout' them spankable honies and big fat beatz.
It's bout' sweet **** chicken and otha tasty stuff.
It's bout' that dank smell of ***** fillin' da streetz.

Reggae's da warm sensation from a fresh beef patty.
It's the chill rub-a-dub sound of dat Marley noize.
It's the Jamaican sun spreadin light on ya gurl's curves.
It's the dutty jammin ya get in to witcha dazy rond-boys.

*My life is Reggae. Reggae is my life
My first post. Hope you island boys preciate ma style.

— The End —