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Winter is here, there is nowhere to go.
I'd light up me blunt, but it'd be covered in snow.
All I need is a cup of hot chocolate to hold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Wanna hook up wit a baety? Just wanna slay her?
Too bad mon, she's wearing layer upon layer.
Booking a flight for Jamaica, but they've all been sold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Hit up me bradda's garage to jam out.
I knock on de door, he'll be there, no doubt.
He's taking forever. Longer den I can withhold.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

I'm sick of dis season, it's simply the worst
Only a sip of hot cocoa will quench me thirst.
Dis is da coldest story that's ever been told.
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.

Sit back in my lounge chair like Scrooge McDuck.
Reluctant to go out, cuz it's cold as ****.
I nag and complain, am I just gettin' old?
Me hate winter, me hate de cold.
Brrrrrr, what's a lonely island boy to do on a cold winter's night?
Empty theatre, no sound.
Spotlight on Marley.
Smoke rises to da ceiling.
The room fills witta rasta feelin'

Dis is no baldhead.
Dis is Marley, the great.
Dreads as soft as silk.
Riffs creamy like milk.

I wanna watch fo' de rest of me life.
Face 'gainst guitar as he wails.
He paints da skies wit his sound.
Catches me wit a reggae trap, I'm bound.

Feels like just yesterday.
He was on dis Earth.
I feel his watch, from above.
Flying tru da sky, like a reggae dove.

Sun Is Shining
Forever Loving Jah
Get up, Stand up
Stir It Up
Redemption Song

He wanted what he all did... One love... Just one...

**Plus, massive bluntz
We miss you very much. Spread the Love. Spread the kush.
Cramp me style; baldheads.
No dreads, no respect; baldheads.
Forget em'; baldheads.
Dem bladheads get me reeeal steamed

— The End —