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TIZZOP Jan 2020
on a staircase in frankfurt, german financial centre.

a habesha lady in company of two brothers; one of them, a rastafarian, is carrying a beautiful young girl in his arms.

the habesha lady grabs into the girl's ***** blonde hair, saying: "her hair looks so good."

by the sound of her voice, i sense clearly that she has been on strong drugs excessively.

what will be her fate?
and, more importantly, was this girl her daughter?
(Habesha is a term to describe, roughly, people of Eritrean and Ethiopan descent.)

Keep in mind that strong drugs haven't been part of our cultures for long, while the traditions of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist religion have been established for centuries.

And religion is a source of hope, strength and belongingness for many.

But often, faith by itself is not sufficient to keep addicts clean.

That's why the message has to be spread:



Today is a good day.
Justin Aptaker Aug 2019
i and i wept
by the waters of Knoxville
remembering Zion
repatriation, what a notion
slowly, we came to our senses

the brave new world
closing in around us
we sought our refuge
at the doors of perception

timothy leary and
Marcus Garvey
were on a bad trip
together one day
when it began to snow outside
like grace
from heaven, falling
i was there with them
the angel of death

my thanatalivity
is all i know now
i will make it
to the end
Written ca. 2012
datanami Feb 2019
Jah Bless Me
Stick by Me
Princess Gone
Roots Alone

Pass the Pipe
No Coke Pipe
I Need More
Songs of Praise


Give Jah Praise
I Believe
I Found Love
Rock and Groove

Ring Ding Ding
The Right Thing
I Shall Sing
Move along
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
datanami Feb 2019
Oh La La
Si Ma Ya
Zig Zawya
Big in Bed

Paint It Red
The Whole World
Yes Mi Friend
Feel So Good


Highest Grade
By your Side
Half Way Tree
Never See

All my Life
All of Me
Party Time
Happy Home
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
Neptune Jul 2015
I don't talk much cuz,
Nobody hears me,
When nobody hears me,
They don't see me,
Ignored like a dead floating fish,
Nobody can save me,
Fine then I abruptly say to thyself,
***** every soul that I consider alive,
Away to anyone who blows a smile at me,
Excuse my behavior all of sudden...,
Excuse your behavior that I tolerated since my existence began,
Leave me be I need no help from trouble that caused effect,
Everyone be happy in your place of hell that you danced your way to,
I have no more hands to throw out,
I have no sympathy to deliver,
I lost love when I threw my heart away,
Along with burning my emotions into the atmosphere,
I walked away quietly rebalancing thyself somewhere near this beautiful island,
I will call home,
More than just sand,
More than waving waters at my feet,
Sweeter than cut coconuts juice with a pretty straw,
Calmer than the trees breezed in a restful evening,
Prettier than the morning sunrise til the heavenly sunset,
More rhythmic than dem girls hips sway to a reggae beat,
More deeper than a poetic revolutionary black brotha,
I know what I am,
What I like,
What fits me physically and emotionally,
What makes me smile even through the bad,
Who I love to the endless of time,
What's ok to accept and keep it moving,
I say less now because it's just cheap,
I rather work to earn what's owed to me,
Graciously and humbling to my soul,
I only live for me now,
For my own universe.
For my lost soul's Caribbean women out here stay positive. Keep ya head up always!
de bud me found on de ground
twas as strong as smokin a pound
after me smoked it me rosted a hound
wait not a hound, it was a  pizza
me called up me friend shakisha
me asked if she as some good reefa

but why, why must my bike rust
de andlebars is about to bust
ow me guna catch de bus
me ave to bust me piggy bank
me crying, me loved me piggy bank
me drank me a bottle of coke
me accidentally drank a bottle of soap
me trow up and den shakisha show up
me say me drank me some soap
she say me love soap

Empty theatre, no sound.
Spotlight on Marley.
Smoke rises to da ceiling.
The room fills witta rasta feelin'

Dis is no baldhead.
Dis is Marley, the great.
Dreads as soft as silk.
Riffs creamy like milk.

I wanna watch fo' de rest of me life.
Face 'gainst guitar as he wails.
He paints da skies wit his sound.
Catches me wit a reggae trap, I'm bound.

Feels like just yesterday.
He was on dis Earth.
I feel his watch, from above.
Flying tru da sky, like a reggae dove.

Sun Is Shining
Forever Loving Jah
Get up, Stand up
Stir It Up
Redemption Song

He wanted what he all did... One love... Just one...

**Plus, massive bluntz
We miss you very much. Spread the Love. Spread the kush.
Raggae tonic Nov 2014
When I was small enouf to **** da ****** of me mother (13),
I found da great sensation of da *****,
Me uncle Batius make me a sandwich every day,
He know dat I like a da strong cheese,
So he put it in everytime,
I did not know dat da cheese was gangja smoke til much lata,
I neva undastood wy it make me so happy,

I *** yo  *****
Moist Man Nov 2014
A blind dolphin, ready for ****,
sexually attracted to pictures of grapes
the dolphin swims, careful and swift
yells "Fuch tha Police"
and lights a spliff

Wall street, Obama
Homies is dying

- Moist Man
Styles May 2014
Dreadlock Rasta;
No like informa,
No like imposta,
**** smoke; burning da trees
Mango scented leaves,
Burnt grapefruit scented breeze.
Wolly mammoth size locks,
Steal wool, *****, tied in a knot,
Jamaican colors wrap tie; sitting on top.
I and I, believe it or not.
No woman no cry,
No problem;
Him cool as a rock.
Charles Dickens by his side,
Studying stanzas, deciphering plots.
Prayer's meeting;
meditation- never stop.
Water’s blue waves,
Fresh fish after 12’o clock.
Under the bridge, find my spot.
By his sweet Sugarcane from,
Miss Parker Sugarcane shop
Burning a spliff, because the ****
is his only green; pastures plot.
Mary Jane, his only queen be,
Never leaving he; love him or not.

— The End —