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Jenish Jul 2020
puny pink primrose
pursuing phantom pleasure
pecking playful puff
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
Prove, prove, prove
think, think think a little think at

thought speed.
Build me a death star, you shall not surely die.

Ah, hero, take your role. This is your page, this age
of informing
of outsides
of mobiusish objects we make

using imaginary morsels of
the substance of things
hoped for.
Science of space and times remembered,

Hopf-phor uni-ometry in our augmented mind,
forming forms, take shape,

form in the image of "the cloud"

where lay the
base of con
carne values.

Meatmind, the brain-gut-outer-inner portal
from which flow
empty thoughts from

the pineal core click sig

drawing measurable infospheres
from at-most-fears,
using big ears
as a bit of an esteem antenna on boys who
saw themselves as goofy a rascal as Alfalfa

and Alfred. E. and Barrack, the drone thrower
of the twenty-first century, one of the
last to unbelieve the reasonable
lie behind war,
per se. Disperse the leaven, dust in the wind,

Alls we are, all ye, all ye, ours in free flow

fractal feeder of new knowables as we ever learn

time as a tool empowers our progress to next, that's all.

Remember con
sistency, sub
sistency, in
sistancy, resist the urge to wield words worn smooth

reflecting any context, as if it were
now, the meaning in the word. I say pray, you say "Our Father"

I say ask, you say what. I say, For the answers you hope to have

being as you are. On  Point. I made a point.
Or arrived at this point.
with knowing,
the tree of knowledge is at least as fractal as an oak.

Inside out being in the jello universe of knowns,
good and not, all jigglin' in time,
sort it out.

Start where your treasure is. Nullify the evil clinging to
your horde 'pon which ye sit,
sweep the ashes from the last burnt bridge
over this edge, to the flow below.

You sweep slow in jello, but sweep into d'flow
is what is done wit ashes here.

Pile some stone here. Then give 'em all yo bitchinmoans,

for the peace their balancing at your finger tips
gives you, in real life,

take it. Now, go be.
The Physics of Spirituality | Nassim Haramein with Vishen Lakhiani youtube,
take it with a grain of salt and  a thoughtful puff or two.
annh May 2019
I used to be your little cream puff;
But these days I just feel like a medium-sized cabbage.

By way of explanation:
chou, choux m. - cabbage;
mon petit chou - my little cabbage, my sweetheart, darling;
pâte à choux - puff pastry (named for the dough's resemblance to a small cabbage);
chou à la crème - cream puff
Mickey May 2019
How many doses can I take of this toxic substance.
How many can my body hold.
I can feel it burning.
With every puff I take.
How many?
Before I turn into ashes.
Sovit Pokhrel May 2018
inhale curiosity.
exhale amusement.
A roll of fantasy.
A Tragic chapter sprouting..

Inhale stress.
exhale relief.
A puff of heaven !
drowning in  the tar of ecstacy !
connecting my life support on you.

inhale frustration.
exhale happiness.
A puff of goodness !
Flying on clouds of smoke !
connecting my life support on you !

inhale temptation.
exhale pleasure.
a sense of anxiety in your absense.
fooled by a desire.
connected my life support on you !

light on my fingers.
so good on the lips.
breath of pleasure.
connected my life support on you !

heavey heart, tight lungs.
dizzy head, weary eyes.
explosion of thoughts.
Calmness only comes with you !
Can't function without you !


smoking is stupidity at its finest.
Viseract Apr 2018
My girlfriend, she's getting back into boarding.
And out of boredom, i wanna restart smoking
Cigarettes on my mind,
All the time,
whenever i feel like giving up, my friends asking if im fine and im like...

rhymes aha

Because to her, its seen a crime,
Despite the fact that its what got her hooked on my line....
Projecting a bad boy image, kinda funny innit,
How i sit here spilling words and she off on her wheels like.                                                                                                                                                      

****, i wish i did some **** just like that,
Instead i do boxing; beat myself up bad            

Sitting alone, thinking to myself "where's home?"
Because if i was there, surely I'd feel a little welcome but no...

I dont feel hope...just cold
Instead of being positive i want my brain to choke

Huh, pretty funny isnt it?
Seeing a psych for two years and here I am, like it didnt do ****

You would think that it might, think I'd be alright but                                                                                
I sit here killing myself while y'all say my bars are tight but

Life aint great, never has nor will be.....
When you going up you get cut down, you feel me?

It may be hard to see, through all this fog,
But its made from cigarettes yknow the urge aint quite gone huh

I'm still bringing that back...
Thought i was gunna say something wise, but hell, cut me some slack

Its hard to just speak like, straight from the brain,
When half of you is already smoking, the other goin insane

The circuitry that is me, its not been wired right,
So when you might see just shadows, my day is seen as night

Its probably the rising stress, the anger and the pain
But I'd quite like to smoke a bit, and see those embers again
Been a while but I'm fighting it
He huffed and he puffed and he blew my house down
The devil found me here
joel jokonia Oct 2017
I puff,
I pass

i learn a life lesson
share with people it pays if it doesnt it satisfies
Lynn Al-Abiad Jul 2017
Give me a puff.
Drowse me and kiss me.

- LynnAA
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