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I was dreamin' last night real well,
of kush that seemed quite swell.
Sadly, when my eyes did open,
my dream was then broken,
because my herb was not the smell.

The smell was poo.
I **** myself.
I need an adult.
Slap da bass right up mon.
Slap da bass down low now.
Bump ya sweet ting a little closa.
I just wanna get to know ya.

Gettin' all blem on ya vibes.
You gettin' knocked down by mine.
Bend down, turn 'round, back it up right.
Wanna puff what I'm puffin' all night.

Me nose burns with wit smoke.
Me body's empty, waiting for ya touch.
The bass is slammin' in me ear drums.
The bass slappin' makes me face numb.

Beat poundin' as I slide over
Boombastic rydems like no otha'.
You da noicest ting I ever did see.
Lemme take ya home. Slap da bass wit me.

*Slap it riiiiiight up
Slap dat ******* bass, all up in my face, you tasteful patty-licker.

— The End —