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843 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Even if you love someone else
Please just notice me
Nothing hurts more than going unnoticed by someone you're emotionally attracted to.
Ouch! It hurts!
690 · Oct 2020
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
This quarantine's got me dizzy
Someone help me
With a cup of hot coffee
Or should I go on
Being lazy
540 · Aug 2020
Dream Or Reality
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
The world turn grey
As a turmoil of whirlwind
Builds within me

My soul quite frail
Must exit the building

Is it a dream?
Or was it reality?
There I lay
While I stood looking at me.
At your observations
It took me quite a while to get the picture.
517 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
My heart is very fragile
So I kept it  from your love
Love is a painful wound
Yours, I might never recover from!
Don't know when I started this!
I think I learnt well from friends
504 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
This quarantine got me dizzy
Will someone help me
With a cup of hot coffee
                               Go....... On
Being lazy..........
                   Lying..... on
       My bed
Starting at empty pages.....
Dabbed with ink
Of once beautiful memories.
Memories before I was quarantined.
443 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Ink dabbed on empty sheets
Jailing behind lines
Almost lost memories
What a perfect sublime
Ink and pages
Of almost forgotten memories.
A short pencil is better than a long memory
442 · May 2020
The last days will
Emmanuel Davies May 2020
10am in the morning
The  clock 🕒 is ticking
When the sky cease it's mourning 👄
My heart ♥  skipped a minute

Then the harvest comes with a veil
Let the world bear witness with me
The soul is very willing
And when the Will arrives in a mail
To me will prosperity prevail.
In the last days
Are we ready?
It's a question for you and me
387 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Black lives matter
Racism inclined
All lives matter
Humanity defined
378 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Free a short word
On a long run
For some its a big fraud
Their minds keep them bound
Freedom is a thing  of the mind
342 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Beguiling faces
Smothering soothing smiles
Dealing deadly dreaded dives
All Liars!
332 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
All sides fair
Life's a big square

To gnawing twilight snare
Memories recall
To a bayonet dance

Colour highlight
Natures creatures chuckles
Blushing between blissful blisters

Still, regardless of a rose's thorn
From within a beauty is born
306 · Oct 2020
Power Down
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
Power down
A short while
Flip the switch
Bring back to life
Thank you all for your appreciation
299 · Jul 2020
Salt And Sugar
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
Both are white
Salt and sugar
Both in their place
Would make your day
When in some case
They merge to create a way
So when you differentiate
Know that both are great
And both can fail
Trust shouldn't be centralised
Everyone deserves a level of trust
Everyone has got a place in your life
You've just got to find their use
299 · Aug 2020
Love Rebound
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
When the will of two lovers bond
Is forged by one desired curse
To deal what the heart must
In earnest against  all of natures force
Then the story of two lovers war
Must end in a tragic form
Never bound to be together
But separated by death
Even till the life to come.
295 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
To and fro to and fro
Faster and faster
Until the world whirls by
Goes the boy on a swing
If he would only learn to take it slow
Maybe then his trousers
Would learn to fit
And the world
Would in his head cease to meet
Maybe we Africans should
Check ourselves and not blame it all
On racism
Don't hate me for saying this ok
Just felt we should know!
249 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Lately I’ve been getting no replies
To the questions I ask
Don’t I deserve an answer?
Or I don’t at all matter?
Please don’t quench my fire 🔥
I’m only trying to be better
That’s all
Nothing more
So when do I get my feedback?
Or am I that much of a bore?
Please your point thus matter
It goes a long way
242 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Pen is mightier than sword
You say!
What complicated way
To simply express the power of words.
230 · Jun 2020
The One
Emmanuel Davies Jun 2020
Sometimes we've got to trust
If we're to ever find the one
Trust not wholly on the heart
For it could turn out to be a bad act
But give in slowly to time
Then maybe it would find us
Cause love is not to rush
That would be a minus
Sometime what we seek
It's just right there
When we open the inner eyes
Then we know
It actually found us
226 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
The beauty of it
The world I tell you
In the last days
When I shall cease
No more to be
But caught up with him
In the firmament

When I shall no longer
By my sins be judged
Nor condemned by my wrongs
But be tested in fire 🔥
My service to Him
225 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
The Gospel preaches no condemnation
But of indisputable love
Why fright?
219 · Aug 2020
Time Tells 3 (friendship)
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Time tells lately
Of #friendship so cold
Hyenas in the hides
And quite disturbingly close
Upon your fat they feed and reside
Consuming mutely from the inside
Until you have been drained
Of your useful essence and soul
218 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
The peace of the night
Goes without fuzz
Fought with a repellent
Mosquitoes can no longer buzz
Today's determination repels tomorrow's disturbances
Don't know just talking
Say no to bad blood
213 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
No one is to be trusted
I didn't say
No one is worthy of your trust
208 · Jul 2020
silent power
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
I feel
I have offended you
Don't be silent
The power of silence
206 · Nov 2020
Emmanuel Davies Nov 2020
Sorry I've not posted
In a while
Time as been
Very so tight
Or I just couldn’t
Find something to write
200 · Jun 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jun 2020
I've come to learn that in life
No one is worthy of your stress
Despite the class
You shouldn't stress to impress
No matter how you try
They still wanna get you depressed

You laugh, you cry
You go out of your way
Thinking you could make em happy
But they still end up ruining your day
Hitting you blows of unhappiness
Fast, hard and steady
Till you're down and can't stand
Even for your own ordinance
It's an episode of life
199 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Two people
Walking the isle
One is you
With your heart
wobbling behind
The fair fears of the isle
You hoping she doesn’t ditch on you
188 · Oct 2020
Nothing To It
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begins to burn
To the very last one

Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting false battles
Along the way
Liars exonerated in white robes
Perambulating, freely reassuring false hope
Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious lives like lords
Tailored tight thieves take turn
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious decisions

What's there to it?
In this vain world
If not that by your greed
We should be crushed
Into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes
Will open to see the world
For its cunningness.
A better nation would be achieved if only we would take off our blindfold both people and elected.
186 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
Painted faces
And contact lenses
Deep inside
You can never hide
181 · Aug 2020
Time Tells 2
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Time tells lately
Of a world gone bad
Mega bucks of destruction
Resulting in economy evasion
Unscaled and undeterred  
Nature draining and global warming
A coherent of capital dished round
Consumed largely by corrupt deities
181 · Oct 2020
Nothing To It
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begin to burn
Upturning to the last one
Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting battles along the way
Liars in exhornorated in white robes
Perambulate, freely reassuring false hope

Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious life like Lords
Tailored thought thieves take turns
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious descisions

What's there to it
In this vain world
If not, that by your greed
We should be crushed into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes will open to see
The world for its cunningness
161 · Sep 2020
Hero's Bliss
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Born from mist
A hero quite a marvel
Demons he must fight from within
Lest his soul be taken from him

A hero's chant
Wakanda Forever
Still ring on our lips.
Now left behind
Family, friends and foe
Both fiction and more reality

Though your soul
Now from us depart
To pant with Panthers
In a world beyond reach

Forever in our heart 💓
You'll be.
In tribute to Chadwick Boseman
A legend of his own legacy
155 · Nov 2020
The Art Of Writing
Emmanuel Davies Nov 2020
Morphemes clustered in unison
Dancing wistfully
To the melodious tune
Of ink dabbed on empty pages
Drawn from the deep well of art
Framed from freely forged phrases
Adorned in a symphonic clause
Of well taught sentences

Oh the simplicity of it
The art of writing!!
145 · Oct 2021
Loud presence
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2021
I tried to get rid of the loud silence
Of your voice ringing in my head
I tried to shut out the presence
Of your absence
But the more I tried
The more crowded I get
In the solitude of loneliness
Only if I could break it down
143 · Jul 2021
Hands of time
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2021
We sat patiently
Waiting for the free flow of traffic
Then you alighted
Said you needed a stretch
I waited and watched
As you took a step after another
Till you were quite a distance
Then it started
There was movement
I called out to you
No reply
I screamed and beckon to you
Still you just kept walking
Farther away
Until you are no longer unreachable
Till you were out of sight

I wanted to come after you
He held me back
He said
That's your bus stop
I hoped he was wrong
Hoped you would turn back
And say it was all a prank
But no!!!
You never came back
It dawned on me
And then I wished
For all the time
We spent apart restored
Wished I had made good use of time
And made you proud
I wished I could tell you
How much I love you
One more time
I wished I could hear your voice
Telling me you miss me too

If only I could turn back the hands of time...
Opportunity once a life time
137 · Sep 2020
Simple Haiku?
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
I wish to write a simple haiku
About natures mesmerising beauty
Please how do I start?
134 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
Bright as a star be
Lonely it is within
When within miles afar
Isolate it sits in the sky
When planet🌏 in orbit greet
Solemnly he seeks a friend indeed
126 · Sep 2020
Power Down
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
If the world must fall asleep
Let it be a short while
Otherwise all nature will wonder
If it be pride....
Or a very long nap.....
122 · Jun 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jun 2020
Lost in the abyss
Way deep down in me
I hope to find
That which defines
Who I am meant to 🐝
121 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
To will and to be
Are negative aligned phrases
To what we aspire to be
As been with so many cases
117 · Aug 2020
Weeping Africa
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Far from home
Our minds thus wander
To a land
Vast beyond the ocean
Where the whites lives yonder
With minds stone cold
We shun our homemade products
The fats of our toil
We reserve for aliens
Who in their world
Are not worthy
Of a strike of an applaud
Nor a job to be poor

Our children scavenge for crumbs
In the hands of strangers
In their home land.
Our leaders with alluring deceit
Conjure soothing malicious stories
To educate us on the benefits
Of this benevolent strangers

Our youths for ignorance
Scramble to be noticed
By this fair coated aliens
Who's helping outstretched claws
Would save us from the ignorance
Of our daring impulsiveness.

No-one will ease her of the heaviness
The heaviness of her yielding back
Nor till beneath her scorching smiles
But would rather
Dance to the sophisticated tune
Of the aliens piano
Neglecting the message
Of her talking drum.

**! mother Africa
How she weeps so
Beckoning on her children
To come back home
To the hospitable warmth
Of her essence.
Where we love
One another without fear
Nor look down
At our resourcefulness.
114 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
Flee from the vile of him
Subdued beneath your feet
Be a coward of peace
And let love guide you from within
Never you turn from your dreams
Success lurks
When you live your dreams
Never stop dreaming
114 · May 2020
The Will
Emmanuel Davies May 2020
To be or not to be
Till the fields shall yield
And the vast land fill
Let it be to me
According to his will
109 · Aug 2020
Time Tells(1)
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Time tells lately
Of a willows night
The menacing hoot
Of a flying 🦉 owl
The excruciating pain
Of a joyous 💓 heart
The undue laughter
Of a wailing mouth
Of happiness melancholy
In a home unfound
It comes in four notes
108 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
The Alstroemeria whispers
To the sprouting stem of thorns
Look how I blossom
The Rose mutely announced
"The end is a solace
To the beginning"
108 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Till you meet mine
You have met no friend
Maybe not one as perfect
107 · Oct 2020
Thank you
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
A very big thanks to all
For your appreciation
And for giving me an opportunity
Amongst poetic elites as yours
103 · Aug 2020
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
If only our minds were gay
Don't know
Just checking out
How it would play
101 · Sep 2020
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
To love
Is to live
99 · Jul 2020
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2020
Flip the pages
What do you see?
Check the safe
Nothing about me.
Swift steep stride
Getting nowhere in life
I close my eyes
Hoping there's enough time.
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