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Anxiety only makes me sick to my stomach
I don't want to be anxious when it's comes to us
I love the smell of your cologne
I love the sound of your laughter, but not the deep feeling in my guts that tells me you'd one day leave and not look back

Till then I would love to be the woman of your dreams

Anxiety keeps eating me up and I can't tell him, he's the man I love endlessly
When I see your face slowly fade from my memory, I sometimes sink into melancholy.
Emmanuel Davies Jun 2022
The coolness of being hot...😎😏
The goodness of being bad...😏🙄
The injustice of justice...😓⚖ī¸
The independence of slavery...đŸ˜Ŗ😮‍💨
The weakness of power...☚ī¸đŸ˜˛
The savagery of civilization...đŸ˜ļ😌
The subjections of rule of law...😭đŸ¤Ŗ
The plays of politics...😁đŸĢŖ
The inactivity of PVCs...💸😌
Believe me...
I didn't say anything...đŸ˜ļđŸ“ĸ
I need a suitable title pls...

Behind the palm trees
In the vast, rust coloured sky
Sets the orange sun
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2021
I tried to get rid of the loud silence
Of your voice ringing in my head
I tried to shut out the presence
Of your absence
But the more I tried
The more crowded I get
In the solitude of loneliness
Only if I could break it down
Emmanuel Davies Jul 2021
We sat patiently
Waiting for the free flow of traffic
Then you alighted
Said you needed a stretch
I waited and watched
As you took a step after another
Till you were quite a distance
Then it started
There was movement
I called out to you
No reply
I screamed and beckon to you
Still you just kept walking
Farther away
Until you are no longer unreachable
Till you were out of sight

I wanted to come after you
He held me back
He said
That's your bus stop
I hoped he was wrong
Hoped you would turn back
And say it was all a prank
But no!!!
You never came back
It dawned on me
And then I wished
For all the time
We spent apart restored
Wished I had made good use of time
And made you proud
I wished I could tell you
How much I love you
One more time
I wished I could hear your voice
Telling me you miss me too

If only I could turn back the hands of time...
Opportunity once a life time
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