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Aug 2020
Far from home
Our minds thus wander
To a land
Vast beyond the ocean
Where the whites lives yonder
With minds stone cold
We shun our homemade products
The fats of our toil
We reserve for aliens
Who in their world
Are not worthy
Of a strike of an applaud
Nor a job to be poor

Our children scavenge for crumbs
In the hands of strangers
In their home land.
Our leaders with alluring deceit
Conjure soothing malicious stories
To educate us on the benefits
Of this benevolent strangers

Our youths for ignorance
Scramble to be noticed
By this fair coated aliens
Who's helping outstretched claws
Would save us from the ignorance
Of our daring impulsiveness.

No-one will ease her of the heaviness
The heaviness of her yielding back
Nor till beneath her scorching smiles
But would rather
Dance to the sophisticated tune
Of the aliens piano
Neglecting the message
Of her talking drum.

**! mother Africa
How she weeps so
Beckoning on her children
To come back home
To the hospitable warmth
Of her essence.
Where we love
One another without fear
Nor look down
At our resourcefulness.
Emmanuel Davies
Written by
Emmanuel Davies  21/M/Lagos, Nigeria
(21/M/Lagos, Nigeria)   
     Emmanuel Davies and Erik T Blaze
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