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Zack Ripley Feb 2021
I didn't know I was lost until I met you
I'm still lost.
But before, I was lost in the world;
A sea of blue.
Now I'm lost in something new.
Something true.
Broken Pieces Nov 2020
The green grass meadow where I go to play,
A place where I can take my fears away.
A place where the sun always shines brightly,
And the grass kisses my skin ever so slightly.

The beautiful flowers brightly in bloom,
I don’t have to worry about the coming doom.
The sky so brightly blue above,
It makes me feel so in love.

Here in the meadow I am not alone,
Because here with me are my friends I call home.
Together we lay in the grass having fun,
Pointing at clouds and admiring the sun.
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
All sides fair
Life's a big square

To gnawing twilight snare
Memories recall
To a bayonet dance

Colour highlight
Natures creatures chuckles
Blushing between blissful blisters

Still, regardless of a rose's thorn
From within a beauty is born
Eefs Jungmann Nov 2018

Sorry everyone for the delay. This came to me on a walk home from the bus. I'm not quite sure what it means yet but I'm open to hearing your interpretations!
Lisa Neu Sep 2018
The ability to take one step
Was all I could do
     In the dark
     When I felt alone
     A mask over me
     Hiding me and my truth
Taking one step
Choosing a direction

In the dark, cannot see
Trusting, hoping, believing
     In the tiny speck of light
     Barley visible, so small
     Could be it isn't there at all

One step, then another
     Speaking quietly

Awakening one day in a new place
     A good place
In something new

7 Aug 2018
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
Let's make some time.
Time for you and I to leap past
Anything other than  transcendent.
A vacation other than what we see day in and day out.
To lick our lips in awe.
Awe of how many times we've passed each other.
Never thinking the sun to shine as beautiful as it has against your eye.
Our lips water in infatuation.
A substitution to the emptiness we walk pass on a daily basis.
Stepping outside of the ordinary.
A fluid motion
Laughing at random moments.
The thing's kept in our heads brought to life in a smile.
Status quo of moving pass sitting still.
Seeing you with new eyes,
Shapes & colors.
An intersection of skin travelled by happy eyes.
Open, full.
The sensation of going somewhere new.
The butterflies no longer sit at the stop sign.
Checking both ways before pulling out.
Moving beyond the end of the street
Without the feeling that something is missing.
When you get the chance,
Let's make some time for you and I.
With no intent on arriving,
Whatever destination we set.
Let's make time just to make time
Cameron Jan 2018
Later in the night, when the crowd was gone, and the creature was left alone to his tears, and bloodied body.

A man approached him in his solitude.

The answer to his problems?

Or perhaps, just a gateway to more.

That remains, a mystery.
lieless love Aug 2017
your smile

the way the curves have always surpassed MY ***, which I thought was the fattest thing I had ever seen. but I was wrong. the curve of your smile had chased away almost every single bad thought of myself. almost.

2. your touch

I was uncomfortable with even the thought of human interaction. speaking is one thing but please don't... touch. you showed me that touching didn't always have to be painful. when you wrapped me into your arms and pulled me close. strangers be weary, there's still the bright red sign hanging over what he likes to call this "piece of art" and it still reads "please don't... touch." except this time, this time there's dark bold ink directly under the warning, "unless it's him. then touch all you want because your touches feel like... home."

3. your breathing

I know this one seems a little Charles Manson-esque, but let me get my point across. your breaths are the sound of the ocean tide calmly dancing up onto the sand. I just wanna dip my toes in, no matter the temperature. if it's cold, let it be so cold that my feet go numb. if its warm, let it be warm enough to boil the blood within me.

those three signs were the red flags making it painfully obvious that I wasn't comfortably alone anymore. I was home.
Liz Carlson Jul 2017
I didn't even notice you in the beginning.
You were just another guy among the crowd.
Now, you're so much more.
I noticed you looking my way at times,
did you notice my glances as well?
We spoke few words until that night.
We talked all evening by the sparkling fire.
Your eyes sky blue looking into mine.
Your smile, the sweetest one I've seen in a while.
There were people all around us,
yet it felt like we were the only ones in the world.
I heard your words but I didn't comprehend all of them.
I was too busy gazing into your eyes and hoping this feeling would never fade.
My brain tells me 'no', because it's not the right time.
But will I ever be ready?
Will it ever be the right time?
My heart screams out 'yes', because I've never felt this way before.
I can talk to you, this is real.
This isn't just a fantasy.
This is something new.
Uncharted territory.
You're so quiet, yet powerful in your words.
You are a protector with a kind heart.
I love watching you do what you love,
even if we have different passions.
I feel like I know you so well,
even if it's only been two weeks.
You're something new.
Do I follow my heart?
Or listen to my brain?
Sam Jan 2017
Left behind,
Dust kicked in my face
as the lights of the pick-up
fade away in the darkness.

Frozen by shock and confusion,
So stiff that tears refuse to flow
under the royal blue sky
pondering on the adjacent events.

Hearing the eerie sounds,
Birds fly overhead following as
beauteous stars stretch above, yet
those lights don't cross my mind.

Touching the rough dirt,
Listening to the wind the
music travels from a distance
too far to make out the tune.

Lost in the wilderness,
No help for miles on end
forced to walk forward
with the world on my chest.

The sun starts to rise,
Feeling the cool breeze of the morning
Purple catches my eye
Dancing in the light.

One, lone flower,
As vibrant as the neon sign
alone in the wilderness,
left behind.
-Written: June 29, 2016-
-Edited: September 9, 2016-
-Posted: January 16, 2017-
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