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 Dec 2016 Holly
 Dec 2016 Holly
i - talk quickly
when i
get nervous and
don't think
about the words coming so fast i
just say what i hope you like i
made you a picture
hope you like it
 Nov 2016 Holly
 Nov 2016 Holly
Take me back to Hokkaido:
The streets encased in white,
The crumbling beneath our feet
As we traverse this region
Seeking peace, found in all directions.

Take me back to Hakodate:
A particular bliss can be found,
In the healthy spring,
Whilst we wander naked in the snow,
Bathing in the deepest of seas.

Take me back to Sapporo:
A quiet, yet bustling city,
Touches of silence paired with serenity,
Glimpses of modern paired with old,
Giving us the chance to find ourselves again.

Take me back there with you:*
Eyes looking forward into the distance.
Our selfishness brings us together,
Yet our selfishness will tear us apart.
Yet we still adore each other.
I just want to see snow again.
 Aug 2016 Holly
 Aug 2016 Holly
Let me possess you:
Pull you by the throat,
Lest there be an end to this
Carnal flame.

For I am the sin
You chose, and
I am the sin
You commit,
When you flirt with the devil, and
Lock lips with evil.

I am the guilty pleasure
You seek,
You crave,
You claw for.
Abandon yourself
In the embrace of this
Whiplash tongue.

Look me in the eyes,
I will warn you:
The devil will tempt you,
Walk no further. But do, and
You will feel
A burning lust,
The need and desire of your body,
Pushed to the edge,
An unbearable fire,
Whipping, the chains,
The violent thrusts,
The clawing of your skin,
Pinned to the ground.

The Devil will know.
Forced to excite the
Flames within,
Falling for this temptation,
This sin,
Realizing I am the one
To release you,
Over, and over, and
Over again.

Until you willingly
Chain yourself
Towards me, and
I will use you
Like the slave you already are.
 Jun 2016 Holly
You make the oceans blue.
The air becomes swell,
Thicker, molten,
Choking me.

Setting sail on the surface,
Following the wind,
Amidst the fleeting clouds.

How does it feel up there?
Hovering above the water,
Catching waves in my head?

Maybe you'll cry;
The tears make the sea.
Let's wander through them,
So we can be free.

My mind becomes clearer,
When the thoughts linger:
When you latch me by the throat
Hook, line, and sinker.

Just to be nearer;
Just to be near her.

I'm drowning in insanity.
So **** me, with your hands
I cherish, and with
Your thoughts
I will perish.

*Take me.
I want you, and I always do.
Inspired by our memories, and by the song that reminds me of them.
Seafret - Oceans
 Oct 2015 Holly
How can you hurt someone
who loves you more than enough?
How could you lie to the one
who gave you all her trust?

But why do I still love you
Even if you broke my heart?
Why do I still care for you?
Why do I still long for you?

Why?! Why?! Why?!
 Oct 2015 Holly
Maria G Vagelakos
I miss you
You ******* know I do
But what good is missing
When you're not missing me too

You weren't mine
I knew that much
But you told me you loved me
And I connected your touch
To emotions
And realness
But it was all lies
Now you're caught up
In krystals
And milky white thighs
She's not even pretty
She doesn't love you
But it's all about *****
And I ******* knew it too

I'm ranting forgive me
But I'm missing you so
The fact that it's over
And I've let go
I won't be returning
This time I'm done
I can't be up at night
While you're out having fun
My need for you
My hoping for some
Of your attention
Your kisses
But I'm not the one....

******* all *******
Lover, you see
Was a ******* pretend word
That meant down to **** me
To feed me your false words
To make me believe
I was exclusive
You were a thief
Stealing my heart, the very essence of me
Leaving me dead
In an ocean of see
See you with her
See you without me
See you enjoying
See you ******* free
See you forgetting
Every curve every shape
Every moonlight
Every midnight and hate
Hate that it's easy
That it was pretend
Hate that I'm writing
It doesn't seem to want
To end

Type type
Finger to screen
Wanting only to scream
**** it
A sigh
Putting it down
All that's left
The tears of this clown...........

© MV
 Oct 2015 Holly
Rhiannon Grace
I wanna stop how I feel inside
and the thoughts of worthlessness and pain
I wonder why it has to be this way
and suddenly I'm reminded of you again

I wanna forget about that day
and about your body laying on the floor
I hate that I was old enough to understand
that you were gone; you'd walked through deaths' door

I wanna stop all the darkness
that tears away at my heart
but you're not here to tell me how
and that's the hardest part

Mummy, I wanna hold you again
and see you, just one more time
I can't stand how I've felt since you left
like the sun and stars no longer shine

I guess what I want doesn't matter
you're gone - never coming back
so I'll keep crying and walking
along this sad, dark, empty, lonely track

I'll keep going
until the day my heart ceases to beat
until I join you again
and life quietly whispers defeat.
 Oct 2015 Holly
 Oct 2015 Holly
the tightnessofthechest

  the d i z z i n e s s


  the inhale and the e
the t e a
          rs of failure
and worry.

**hopelessness, and doubt.
been having anxiety attacks these past few days. but now im better so i decided to share.
 Oct 2015 Holly
Corona Harris
I hate you, parents
Yall hurt us the most when yall post to protect us
"Fight for your children!" Naw it's easier to neglect us
Tell grandma don't be afraid of me
Because my generation is reckless
We're labeled naive, wild and disrespectful
But to receive it you must first respect us
Mothers wonder why you bury strangers wearing daddy's necklace                      
Who thought it was good for them to want power and wealth?
Welp, you raised them like that now bury them by yourself
I was conceived to a house they already knew was broken and torn
They let me believe when I die
I'm going down in flames just to burn
I got health and mental problems  
I didn't ask to be this way
But guess I'm forced to live and learn.
For a beautiful death, that's all I pray
 Oct 2015 Holly
 Oct 2015 Holly
Breathing, panting, moaning into each other's mouths.
Lick. ****. Kiss.
Hot in every sense of the word
And every sense is heightened.
Grab. Pull. ******.
Flesh on flesh. Skin on skin.
Eye contact. Lip biting.
My nails in your back,
Your whispers in my ear.
Your name escapes my lips like a bird taking first flight.
And from this high, we leap together.
Falling and sinking, deeper and deeper.
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