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charmaine Jul 2021
to everyone who has left me, whether you were here for 8 days or 5 years, id like to thank you for the laughter, the hopes, the future, and the disappointment.

i'd like to thank you for letting me see that you were less than what i deserve, less than what i need, and saw in yourself that you were going to be no more than a burden to me.

you saw yourself as a leaf on my tree and wanted to be a branch on another.

you saw in my eyes, that i was sad, lonely, desperate for love, and felt it your duty to no longer play with my heart.

as confusing to wake up and see that person cease to exist; i understand you weren't meant to be in my life anyway.

but, thank you for your service.
long overdue note to those who leave unexpectedly.
charmaine Feb 2021
I wish I gave more of a **** sometimes but my trauma won’t allow it.
Love arguments trust worry
charmaine Jan 2021
you are so new to me,
A feeling that I feel is a dream.

you are so familiar to me,
A feeling that I wish will never go away.

you are so important to me,
A feeling that I want more of.

you are so beautiful to me,
A feeling I’ve never saw in myself.

you are so new to me,
A feeling that I know is truth.
charmaine Apr 2020
don't be like me.

a weak person.

unable to swallow abuse, unable to say to a person who is ignoring me that it's okay.

unable to say no.

don't be like me, anxiety filled and emotional to the point of missing work due to stomachaches and headaches.

constantly being yelled at for harmless mistakes and belittled for shortcomings.

don't be like me, a weak sad person who wants to be stronger but can only cry and hide in her room.

don't be like me.
charmaine Nov 2019
highs and lows
of meeting new people
is exciting until
they never speak to you again.
charmaine May 2019
i wonder whose heart i broke so bad in a past life to suffer their heartache today.
charmaine Apr 2019
we had a fight today,
the sun and i.

it was telling me to stay awake, I stayed awake for him, and the sun was jealous.

it felt that I give him a place, a title.
when it was the one who wakes me up,
who let me breathe,
who let me feel warm in this cold world.

i felt sad that the sun was scolding me for abandoning it, but she didn’t understand,

that I only feel safe when she's watching me sleep.
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