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Leah Carr Aug 5
You were our rock
But we ground you down too much
So now you're sinking sand
And I'm sinking in the memories of you
Leah Carr Jul 19
I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because you told me not to
But because if I do
The mask of my pain
Might rear its head

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I think it wouldn't help
But because if I do
You might turn on me

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I don't want to
But because if I do
we might break each other
all over

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I've got nothing to say
But because if I do
I don't know
what might come

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I'm scared
But because
I'm terrified
I guess I'll keep our meetings in my imagination...
Leah Carr Aug 2021
that simple word
three letters
one syllable
a thousand meanings

it means you're hurting
it means you're aching
it means you're anything
just not happy

it means they hurt you
it means they rejected you
it means they did everything
just not be kind

it means she left you
it means she's gone
it means she's anything
just not here, in my arms

mummy, I just want one last hug
because I'm sad
Leah Carr Jul 2021
You've silenced my voice, for
only you could hear it
and now you've stopped listening

Every little thing
that makes me think of you
doesn't make me smile, anymore

I wish you could show me, a way
back to the happiness I used
to know

You call me harmful and
abusive, but I don't know how I can be that
I'm a child!

The only one who said "I love you"
and meant it, is gone

They say it's only temporary
but I'm big enough to understand
what losing you means

Now I haven't just lost
my protection, my joy, my only hope
I've lost the one I call mummy
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020
The most beautiful artwork made by god...
One and only mother!
Another god):-Mother...
When the star shines
When the cloud thunders
When lightning flashes
One face come's on my mind
That's my mother!
Another heaven):-mother footsteps.
Word is worthless without mother.
She is another god in face of human in our life.
we should worship our God.

Another god...mother in this universe.
who gives born us......
we should worship our god....
The one who brought me down to earth
And held me close every day
The one who gave me birth
And loves me in every way
She taught me everything
Like how to crawl and walk
She guided me to sing
After learning how to talk
She is always  there for me
Just talking to her can make me happy
She tells me of the hard times she's been through
hoping that I won't go through them too
This poem is crafted for you, mom
Because I want this poem to be
My means of showing you
How much you mean to me
The love of a mother is unfathomable. So is my love for you mom.
Cherish Jan 2020
Each time I fall, you pulled me up
No matter what it takes. Sweat,tears,blood you’ll                
Still be here for me, yet I take it for granted

I lied
I steal
I took granted
I gamble
I smoke
I blame
I repeat the same mistake
No one likes that, all I care was myself and I was selfish, but you didn’t give up on me
No matter how busy, tired, sick you will still call me and ask me come back home early or ask me if I have eaten all I did was either decline the call or seen the message

Im young and dumb and always thought my friends got my back, but when I ****** things up
You’re the only one supporting me, comforting me, helping me, my pillar of everything.

I love you so much And I don’t say it out
But I’m really thankful and I look back and I regret for not cherishing it I’m sorry that I’m caused you so much trouble, it’s always me
But you never ******* give up on me
You ******* help me all the way

I’m sorry mummy I’m the burden
Life would be easier if I doesn’t exist

I love you please forgive me.
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