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Spencer Craig Nov 2014
we must have different definitions of faith,

cause your demonstration has left me a wraith

wanting woes whaling in your

soul. so why must i incurr

these laments- no you don't understand!

this whole time you had my heart in your hand.

for which you were to protect and provide,

but like a toy boomerang you threw me aside.

untill u finish with your ken doll and want me to return,

but not this time! now it is my turn!

but i aint playing, i am throwing out the trash.

and don't you dare expect me to come back!

them over me? what were you bored?

of all the years i chored? you know? Now i abhor

the memories of taking you places, all the kind fallacies

that i had to say cause you can't deal with reality.

you have no decency. you've cause me so much pain.

our relationship is a bike but you leave it in the rain.

then you try to ride it, with the gears full of rust

i guess trust is a word imma have to spell without "us".
repost if someone violated your trt
Spencer Craig Mar 2015
you toss my feelings back and forth like a tennis ball.
It was so asinine to think you cared at all.
you make it out like you wanna meight, but end up stealing
my heart, which isn't condusev in my healing.
You make me six. With me, you didn't have a rival.
I used to think you were necessary for my surfivel.
therefour, from here on, I won't allow you to crush me,
no more threel seeing my reaction when you touch me.
I don't understand people who just get together
to make you think you won and blow you off like a feather.
I half had enough and this topic's not moot,
I have zeroed in on my target and i am ready to shoot.
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
water, some take me for granted, but they need me
i know this sounds conceited but i meant this for everybody, seeing as i am just a normal person. everyone is taking for granted and everyone is somehow needed and people don't realize that until your gone.
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
9 million terrorist in the world and I have to **** the one with feet smaller then my sister's

you should've heard your brother squeal when I broke his neck!

"I thought you guys only ate donuts"
"They're for my wife"
'Uh huh"
"She is pregnant"
"Uh huh"

And finally

Yippie ki-yay mothetrucker!!
(For those of you who have explicit writings off)
Beast action hero movie ever!!!!!!
Spencer Craig Dec 2014
yesterday i was wondering where the sun went…
then it dawned on me.
i am sorry i love this joke.
Spencer Craig Dec 2014
Whenever I write about love it is in the conditional tense: "if"
"I think" "we would" "we could". it is all pensive.
I am not even in the friend zone, i am in a friend ditch
and i am scared she'll refuse me rope if i present this.
i can write beautiful poems and i can pen rich
Thoughts on paper, but if thats all i do, then this
is all futile like me playing Serena in tennis.
i can pay every single type of penance
but if all I am doing is being apprehensive
then does it even matter if she kens this?
I was about to write a love poem and then i was like wait you don't have any experience with real love silly. So i made one about how i don't know about it and how me writing about it is in vain... idk why i gave you the back story i sometimes don't know what to put here... k bye!
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
olvide pizza, olvide macarrones de queso

la comida para el cual le daría todo de mis pesos

es el bocadillo

con queso amarillo,

anaranjado, o blanca

no quiero agua, o fanta

incluso yo tengo mucho ser es-

-ta triste. tengo ser para liquido y mujeres

pero el queso llena el agujero en mi corazon y estomago

tú pides "¿te gusta el queso de plancha? " no!

me encanta el bocadillo y como el queso habla a me

el queso dice "comerme" "comerme"

antonces yo pongo el queso en mi boca

¡ay el bocadillo con queso hace mi loca!
just a stupid poem i wrote for spainish and thought i could share it with you guys. for those of you who don't know spainish it is just an ode to grilled cheese sandwiches... stupid i know, but it is all in fun. and it is definitely not grammatically correct so sorry for that
Spencer Craig Feb 2015
I love you like hypebeast love fads
Except I won't drop you like the ones they've had
They don't unspderstand in their ghouly sets
I could be your romeo you my Juliet
But if one of us dies the other can just be sad
Wrote this poem in detention. Why **** yourself over love? If the person really loved you they would want you to live on
Spencer Craig Jun 2015
there once was a girl,very fair,
who seduced a man with her stare
they hugged and kissed
then his friends got ******
and she "tripped" down some stairs
this is for my friends jar's gf… He is mine! mwah ha ha
watch out on the stairs….
Spencer Craig Dec 2014
Time to celebrate the day baby jesus first opened his eyes
with giving and getting gifts and chiken thighs
all the food and wraps of blue and pink
Now at this moment i finally think
wait i don't believe or celebrate this, do I?
Every christmas i get excited because of all the commercials. "Like yeah i should get that for him/her" and seeing specials on tv emmulating how awesome the dinners are. And then i get my hopes up only to remember my family says it is pagan. But whatever merry early christmas to all of you peeps who do celebrate it! I hope you have a great time!
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
my poems aren't a pastime
they're a way to state
my emotions, and past crimes
and ally my boiling hate

my emotion can't be bottled
i'd be stared at like a big ***
so i decided to be a model
to those who renege fast

i want people to learn from my transgressions
or at least have a sense of pride
be a symbol of progression
and if not i can still say i tried.

my poems aspire to be a cashier and make change
and to mold meek, mindless minds
so nothing will be out of their range
so just know my poetry is of this kind
Spencer Craig Jun 2015
There way a boy, crazy Nate
Who wanted to play with a girl named Kate
He said it'd be fun
Now the deed is done
and now it is much to late.
Kate is dead
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
I painfully remember i thought it was the end
When she led me on and wanted to be friends
I remember when he told, i felt betrayed
and  i remember that feeling lasting for weeks and days
But like the tools in a old shed, you can rot ***
"friend" we are tight like i how i tie my shoe, Ha! we're knot, so
From this day forth,  Only foward i pedal
get the memo i am cutting the strings geppetto

every relationship hangs by thread but they strung me along
and now that each cord is shreded and i feel so strong
Because I realized I shouldn't let other dictate my actions
and Act like a noble heir... Give no reaction
I love opinions weather you hate or enjoy me
But I will not let anyone or thing destroy me.
Sean daley (slug from atmosphere)
Get fly
from this day forth only foward i pedal
get the memo i am cutting the strings geppetto
this line encourages me to keep going by my own strength just make my own choice and not looking back at any one for confirmation from how i express my opinion or how i make relationships i won't let anyone determine or control how i live my life.
Spencer Craig Feb 2015
i am not your type? i'm no prince charming, i don't seem dashing
but i could be a charmander that can always re-lights our passion
i could make all your enemies writhe and burn
or the one that keeps your soul and body warm

drag your feet across the carpet,
i'll make your hair stand on end
i can be electric
fill your head with sparks

I'd be a rock type to you, for such a phenomenon
I'd be a boldore person that you could lean on.
I will anchor you down from thoughts of those with moodyness
And envy of my partner who's so pulchritudinous.

I could be photosynthetic, eat a mouthful of dirt for you
I'd go green with envy over any other lover
Let me be your grass type, I could be your ****
(Or just let me deScyther your thoughts)

I could be your faucet let your feelings flow through me
And I will sink every krabby memory you rue. See,
Can be emotional too, I could drown you in thought.
I could be your water type, without me you'll rot.

There will never be a reason to run away
I will always find how to give you a sunny day
It isn't unknown, to succeed, I will always find the words
I could be- wait you mean you don't like nerds?
I had so much fun making this with my my partner Kate Lion (italics) you guys should look her up. Pokemon for life!!!
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was! DA DA da-na
All day sight byeee
Spencer Craig May 2015
I love images
of you, but why bother look
if you are now gone?
just think bout my uncle.
Spencer Craig Dec 2014
You're like a rose with peddles that've blushed
beautiful, but you bring harm to some when touched.
You're picking a donut when my dreams of cream,
are interrupted by jelly brusting from your seems.
I'm not saying your bad; your different, kind and fair
but like a artifact you must be handled with care.
when I speak of care I mean in how I approach.
You can handle yourself, you are tougher than a coach.
like a star you are beautiful bright and yet distant
but through your years you've become charm resistant.
I see it in your eyes they're deep and dark like a well
so I know in life you've gone through hell.
You don't know trust but you kidding is what you gotta be
if you think a few bets will win you the lottery.
I am not belittling anything you have ever saw
but for all you know this could be the lucky draw.
You and I have a chance and we got a lotto potential.
  we will prance forever over potholes; essential-                      
ly i want you to know i've also had my love bubble busted.
maybe not to you're extent but please just trust this:
we'll ignite real love cause we are the perfect match
you're the only chick with whom i want to hatch
love,  that's shocking because we've that have that spark
of realness in our relationship that is so stark-
ly prodigious and worth more that what is in clams
so please be mine in this world full of shams
love betrays us but just know there people going through the same thing so.  don't want to sound cliché but keep hope please...
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
he was a gangster in every meaning of the word
with a crew so malicious you'd think they were disturbed
they all went by dont make a thot a wife
cuase they all wanted that mario **** life.
moving bricks just to get paid
stomping anyone that gets in their way
getting some shrooms every ones in a while
and trying to get tail though luck or guile
one day, after what started as lewd innuendo
this girl put an end to his life like nintendo
an indian goddess man! she was divine
like a happy troller not a thing out of line
she was a kind engaging intellectual
but she wasn't looking for anything ******
she didn't want a bad ***
she was a girl who cared for social status
now he was no stranger to rejection
but this talk cut him off from multible babes like a c-section

she was different it felt like she was giving him a chance or

to his conundrum of a life she was the answer.
he was adam she was the forbbidan fruit
and he can't go back to the garden with a suit
but he didn't care so heworked like crazy
just to impress this amazing lady
not my best works but i hope some can relate
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
the only thing that keeps us calm through our life's maelstrom

is the thought of these people and how we just can.t fail them

they keep us focused they're our anchors

so whoever they are just thank your

family, girlfriends all your inspirations

for leading you to you amazing revelation
sorry i meant to put this first
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
she came from a broken home, wasn't to ambitious
and the fact she was loose was surreptitious
she did this to make up for what her childhood lacked
so she picked dudes up and droped them quick like jacks
so it wasn't surprising that after a while
her abdomen became an embryo's domicile
she didn't want it but her parents weren't pro-choice
she might as well have had strep throat, had no vocie
her days were then filled with insults down right explict
all this for just one unsurpervised visit
after nine months of the tribulations of misogyny
it was time to bring forth her progeny
after a few ardous hours she gave birth
to a girl which suprisingly filled her with mirth
she  relized she had something to live for
and she promised to give her
everything she need and to not let anything encumber
her daughter's success as she watched her slumber
she named her rose because she if it took till the world's doom
she would nuture this child untill she finally blooms
i know the lines are a bit to long in this song and it would be very helpful if someone would help me truncate them. thanks!
Spencer Craig Nov 2014
there is always a cause for wantin a life nice and honest

maybe to make someone proud maybe to keep a promise.

maybe you don't like waste, like keeping your keys in

your cars ignition. we all have our reasons

mine started when i was 13 years of age

just an unmotivated teen going through fits of rage

my dad picked me up after a day of practice

and gave me news that stung more than hugging a cactus

my uncle larry died. i was filled with non belief

and i looked at my dad inviting any kind of relief

but the depressions got it and i need the stength to tell them

to leave cause they are bad guest and over stay their welcome

so months after, while i was contemplating

why the good die young, if this was God just hating

and making my life **** that's when i had my epiphany

i was stuck looking one way, i had to shift and see

that mouring his death wouldn't be allowed with

him. he'd say i was wasting the mind i was endowed with

so i got rid of my morbid fascination

and said no more truency ,disrespect or procrastination

i promised to walk the path my uncle paved

in the hopes he will be proud from beyond the grave.
Spencer Craig Jun 2015
sick sally ran against
natural cures like cannabis
but she agreed to meet
a dealer in the street
and she got hit by an ambulance
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
Emma Watson without question is the most amazing woman that has ever existed.
Well this wasn't really spontaneous. I am thinking it at like every second of the day and it is practically my mantra. But I just thought it would be cool to share it with you.
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
Maha salama
the person with whom i made my first collab. she is the best so nice and mature.

— The End —