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Daivik Feb 2021
"I wanna be best
Like no one ever was"
These words bring back
Memories of times long gone

"I travel across the land
Searching far and wide"
Whenever i feel down and out
I enter the escapist paradise

"I choose you"said Ash Ketchum
It flashed on the television screen
Now so many years have gone by
But the nostalgia doesn't leave

Walking on Mt. Coronet
As I traverse space and time
"Too much water"
Maybe but that's where Hoenn shines

Whenever the world outside
Brings the news of gloom
I go to Pallet town
And start a new journey from my room

Life is not black N white
When necrozma covers the sun and moon
On my Volcorona I ride
Through johto in search of suicune

I lose myself in Lumiose
The city of dazzling gleam
You are my sword ,my shield
And they say ,"just a fictitious being"

It maybe a children's game
But everyone's got a little child
Inside of them.Just a bunch of pixels but
They transport me to a simpler time

Just for a moment there
All the wrongs of the world disappear
In the Pokemon world I lose myself
Been lost for so many years

"You teach me
I teach you"
It's much more than an yellow rodent to me
"I choose you"
I want us to
Walk on the beach in Lilycove City
Watch the Luvdisc swim by
Dare each other to go into Lavender Town
Hold your hand in Floaroma Town
I want to be Volbeat
And you Illumise
In reality you're Milotic
And im just Carnivine
It'll hurt but relax in Snowbelle City
Spend the day at a Poké Spot
I'd figure out your favorite
Travel to the region and get you one
Us living happily in our roles
Our love growing through time
My Croagunk loving you
What more could you ask for
In a Pokémon world
Justin Lai Jul 2020
i'd like to say oh hello like mulaney
grab a pen and craft stories like ashirogi
sing from the heart like chicks from dixie
and be the top percentage like young joey

but when i look at them
i just want to be
all that i am

and drop the hat
the wisecrack
grab a chair,
waiter there's a meme in my soup :/
Michael R Burch May 2020
by Michael R. Burch

There is no sense of urgency
at the local Burger King.

Birds and squirrels squabble outside
for the last scraps of autumn:
remnants of buns,
goopy pulps of dill pickles,
mucousy lettuce,
sesame seeds.

Inside, the workers all move
with the same très-glamorous lethargy,
conserving their energy, one assumes,
for more pressing endeavors: concerts and proms,
pep rallies, keg parties,
reruns of Jenny McCarthy on MTV.

The manager, as usual, is on the phone,
talking to her boyfriend.
She gently smiles,
brushing back wisps of insouciant hair,
ready for the cover of Glamour or Vogue.

Through her filmy white blouse
an indiscreet strap
suspends a lace cup
through which somehow the ****** still shows.
Progress, we guess, ...

and wait patiently in line,
hoping the Pokémons hold out.

NOTE: This poem is almost entirely fiction. There was a Pokemon craze when my son Jeremy was a little boy, and I did see birds and squirrels foraging in parking lots from time to time (and sometimes fed them myself from my car’s window), but everything else is fiction. On the rare occasions that I went to a Burger King, I would go through the drive-in, so I wouldn’t have known who the manager was, or how much time he/she spent on the phone. I think the poem probably started with the image of birds and squirrels squabbling for scraps of food in a parking lot as I waited in a line of slow-moving cars, then evolved as I imagined the hassle of going inside to “speed things up.” Keywords/Tags: America, Americana, American, culture, society, vanity, youth, progress, fast food, video games, Pokemon, MTV, music videos, glamour, models, supermodels, fashion, transparency, see-through, bra, breast, *******
Eli Apr 2020
When I sleep,
And lose the wish to wake,
Take me down with your Precipice Blades.

It's super effective,
Because I am electric,
With negative energy when times are hectic.

I don't know where to ******* spill it.
Abish Apr 2020
Her hair is like gold, pulled back yet hidden.
Although naive and childlike, she’s committed
When her friends are threatened by the villain.
With her psychic powers, she heals the wounded
With the same powers, she reads their feelings
Traveling with her six friends, she goes to
find red. Riding Dody, her search taking
her through all the city’s, routes and towns too.
The elite four she must fight, Lance,
Agatha, Bruno, and Loralie complicate
Her plans. After meeting Blain nows her chance.
To Cerise Island, where battles await.
The final fight between Lance and Yellow,
Ends with Yellows victorious echo.
this poem is based on my favorite Manga character. Her name is Amarillo Del Bosque Verde but goes by Yellow Caballero.
Ken Pepiton Mar 2020
find the answer, never despair, hold hope habitual


rright use learn of love of life
like cloned Poke'mons
in the movie, but rreal

first gentled by a feminine manifestion of Solomon's Jah,

that one. God. Wisdom is her domain, patience
does all her handiwork and
cares for her children,
in time.
Just in time,
each stitch,

each twist of the sweet grass, first lesson learned by
maids and lads alike,
braiding sweetgrass to tie us to the will to be a we,

I call you not servants,
but friends.

There was a wise man who saved a city, the equivalent

of saving civilisation,
these days;
and no one nor anybody knew his name,

only that he had made the peace.

"to manifest many sons, he said. I am one of them."
A me heresy, mocking a friend who warned me of not being ready for the end of time.
Not mocking, paying clown honor to one who missed the joke for lack of knowing even Pikachu, in a Poke'mon battle.
kerri Aug 2019
Alone -
The ghost candle Pokemon (Litwick);
Cold -
The abandoned house (in which he lived);
Dim -
The small fire on his head;
Afraid -
The trainers and their Pokemon;
Hopeless -
The candle Pokemon;

Curious -
The electric mouse Pokemon (Pikachu);
Creaky -
The stairs in the house;
Dusty -
Every inch of the house;
Hiding -
The candle Pokemon;
Friendly -
The mouse Pokemon;

Surrounded -
The candle Pokemon;
Warm -
The feeling of a quick friendship;
Bright -
The smiles on their faces;
Brave -
The mouse Pokemon;
Hopeful -
The candle Pokemon;
Written around 2014.
Olivia Daniels Jul 2019
People are like Pokemon
and I'm the trainer.
This time it's my story
being played by 7.8 billion people

I appear to have broken
a max repel in my backpack
and everyone keeps
leaving, fleeing or disappearing

I guess I'll catch the few
that stick around anyways
*This poem has been claimed by Nintendo for copyright*
*We're sorry for any inconvenience"
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