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Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
Let's go to Sabrina's gym,
When city lights are bright,
At there, who're never dim,
At the peak of the night.

Let's see the starry skies,
While trainers battle hard,
With fire in their eyes,
Desires in their hearts.

Some shady figures – oh!
Dressed in black, I see,
Around the city and Silph-co,
Who might they be?


Let's go to Saffron City!
Where magic does happen,
Along this happy ditty,
With hope, and faith and passion!
A song I've written on seeing the trailer of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee. I'm looking forward to these games!
RN Nov 2018
I choose you like my favorite Pokemon
Baby, I will give you even the sun and moon
I will love you from morning to noon
Please Just don't leave me too soon

Don't worry darling, it's my choice
My heart! Yes, my heart is still yours
With all these noises, all I hear is your voice
I'm not playing around, like most of these boys

I'm sorry, my heart still chooses you
For hoping that you can love me too
It's fine with me being your number two
I can't just afford to lose you
Rhymes in my Mind
Lilywhite Oct 2018
What if I told you that...

my brother, well he's older than me
but he has a mental disability
he isn't like you and me
he learns, thinks, and acts differently
so at 23, he's a little brother to me

and growing up, a little brother he was . . .
always taking things without asking!
and there's no telling how he found it because by that age
I had him beat in hide and go seek like no bodies business
he turned the dryer on while me and my poodle, baby-girl, were still inside

but even that isn't as bad as the time
I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED  until there were tears no more


No more did I want to watch dragon ball z, no more
No more did I want to play another card game of yu-gi-oh, no more, not after that whole debockle, no!
I didn't want to play hide and go seek and I definitely did not want to go trick-or-treat

"You're too big to receive any candy" the neighbors would say as they shut the door in his face
and as he walked back, tears in his eyes, confused in his super hero disguise as to why he got denied

It was then that I realized I was growing older and even though he could be the biggest pain in my neck, he's my brother.

so, to me it was as if I had to protect him, from then on out,
to look after and defend him,
to guard against all the rude comments and hateful tauntings
the other kids would try to impress upon him

It was then I became the rubber that stuck to his shoes, that kept his feet placed firmly upon the ground
So he would know how to stand up for himself

because it was then I watched my mother tell that lady to try again
and when she came back, in one hand, she carried a bag of candy and in the other, a bag of apologies

oh and it was then that I knew
when she wasn't around, I would be
and that it was up to me to be his rock and not to roll
in and out of his life like everyone and everything else
that out grows him

February 17, 2015
Ira Aug 2018
The day is bright and blue,
While the night hails the universes true view.

The sun, hailed as the giver of all life and the first true fire,
As the moon is considered all of deaths lyre.

While life is given power by the sun,
The moon is the cloak for all it's assassins.

As the sun is fiery and passionate,
Are moon is quite and loves maleficence.

As the day gives only the bare truth,
The night covers all that who are to sleuth

Sun and moon,
God and Satan,
Earth and sky,
Truth and jive,
Life and death,
Fire and water,
Dusk and dawn
Diverting Martyrs

Two things that can explain everything,
The sun and moon are life’s most important worshippings
Lycanroc is pretty BOOLIN. So here's a poem that is all about a duet that they would sing in a church for other pokemon
brandy hall Apr 2018

My favorite pokemon is absol
why you may ask
dosen't it cause destruction others may say
i say no
all it ever wanted was to warn you of a coming disaster
but you caused it to hide up in the mountains
so now it can't help you...
no it's not that it can't, it's that it won't
all because you drove it away
Just a little thing I wrote about absol
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2016
When it's for me the time of day,
For them it is the time of night,
But still we are able to play
This game where in battle we fight.

One side of this world blessed with light,
One side covered under a shade,
But still that does not interrupt
The way we play, the way we trade.
A different topic this time.
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2016
This place,
Cianwood City,
is a place to relax,
to listen to the winds and waves
at noon.
Angie S Nov 2016
Under the burning sun, we run,
our brave hearts beating as one.
Beneath the shining moon we rest,
and in the morning we're at our best.
Together in battle we fight to win;
we'll beat the odds no matter how thin.
You're my partner through and through--
so let's use our ultimate Z-Move!
Who else is playing Pokemon Sun and Moon?!?! Don't spoil anything for me though haha I'm not even close to beating Sun yet... but do tell me what starter you chose!!!!! I'm team rowlet myself :^)
Äŧül Oct 2016
Pikachu is not totally fiction after all,
There's this cute rodent called Pika,
This Pika is Pikachu's inspiration,
Found in the foothills of Sikkim,
But the scientists think it's new,
Pika is one tiny Indian rodent,
Its standing posture, its ears,
Have been the inspiration,
Not just now but for long,
Since antiquity it's there,
Only now got discovered.
HP Poem #1164
©Atul Kaushal
There's no Pokémon
here in Rio, much like our
clean drinking water.
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