Ceyhun Mâhî Dec 2016

When it's for me the time of day,
For them it is the time of night,
But still we are able to play
This game where in battle we fight.

One side of this world blessed with light,
One side covered under a shade,
But still that does not interrupt
The way we play, the way we trade.

A different topic this time.
Ceyhun Mâhî Dec 2016

This place,
Cianwood City,
is a place to relax,
to listen to the winds and waves
at noon.

Angie S Nov 2016

Under the burning sun, we run,
our brave hearts beating as one.
Beneath the shining moon we rest,
and in the morning we're at our best.
Together in battle we fight to win;
we'll beat the odds no matter how thin.
You're my partner through and through--
so let's use our ultimate Z-Move!

Who else is playing Pokemon Sun and Moon?!?! Don't spoil anything for me though haha I'm not even close to beating Sun yet... but do tell me what starter you chose!!!!! I'm team rowlet myself :^)

Pikachu is not totally fiction after all,
There's this cute rodent called Pika,
This Pika is Pikachu's inspiration,
Found in the foothills of Sikkim,
But the scientists think it's new,
Pika is one tiny Indian rodent,
Its standing posture, its ears,
Have been the inspiration,
Not just now but for long,
Since antiquity it's there,
Only now got discovered.

HP Poem #1164
©Atul Kaushal

There's no Pokémon
here in Rio, much like our
clean drinking water.

SassyJ Aug 2016

Is there a difference,
give us a reference,
between a stalker,
and a pokemon.

The monger hits news,
game spots and toss,
time lost and chaos,
with a pokemon.

In Canada......
The rule breakers,
cross the borders,
an inadvertently walk,
for a pokemon.

In Guatemala city .......
The teenage boy,
under the wizard,
die in the cause,
for a pokemon.

In London.......
The go players,
ambushed in public,
and robbed by trees,
all for pokemon.

In Africa.....
The rumble,
then scrambles,
to get the last,
the dusts of pokeman.

In Asia...........
No signs too,
they tire and wait,
for the nostalgia,
all for pokeman.

In New York.....
It's a no, no,
for sex offenders,
or become criminals,
All for pokeman.

Poke me man,
It's all crazy,
the apocalypse,
of freaks and creatures!

Poke me man!
Go find old cards,
a bank of more funds,
all for pokemon.

Poke me man!
As phones hide,
their lunch hunt,
the herd of pokemon.

Austin Bauer Jul 2016

Each morning I look through my drawers
Looking for what outfit would best 
Suit me for the day. 
I see anger, cynicism, pride, and crankiness.
I see sadness, frustration, and entitlement.
Then at the bottom of the drawer
I see humility. 

One of my least favorite pairs of
Tight-fitting pants - ones I've gained 
Too much weight to wear comfortably. 
Yet, after careful deliberation
Something inside me knows I must choose
To wear them, even if they don't fit.

I may not look right,
And passersby may get a good chuckle,
But I know you will reward me with ones
That fit much better:  strength, confirmation,
Restoration, and establishment. 
All of which require a big leather belt.

Inspired by 1 Peter 5: 5-6, 10

Last night Gary Facebooked me:
11:03 PM
"Can I ask you to be crazy with me?"
Gary said he had been flirting with this girl, May
for six months.
She wanted to see him in person tonight,
And he needed a ride.
Gary and I met 11 days ago.
Strangers brought together in the streets of Freeport by pokemon GO.
he spotted me holding my phone out from a mile away.
"Team Instinct?
Lightning cracked above us
as we cryed in harmony:

My knowledge of him consists of three things.

1. He works as a security guard
Is first responder for medical emergency
Tackles felons and escorts people with restraining orders.
plays it up like he's a security guard for something mysterious
He is a security guard for Wal-mart.

2. Gary buys peoples affection.
Throws his money aimlessly
Pointing at his trophies
Prooving he too is expensive

3. To Gary,
there is nothing better to do
from 12 - 5am
Than wander Looking for pikachu.
With me.
besides visiting this May.

"A taxi would be $80
but I'd rather pay that to you, Bro."

On the drive there,
He is Squeeing, Singing,
Flipping out.
"I've got knots in my stomach Bro."

Upon arrival,
He readily jumps from my car
"Go catch 'em Brock" I say.

When I get back to Freeport
he sends me a messege.
1:04 AM
I think she fell asleep waiting
I'm not inside yet."

I park my car in Freeport,
Finish catching a Weedle.
"I'm on my way, stay safe."

"Man I'm so down."
"She's not coming to the door Nick."
"I'm just gonna curl up on the ground and cry."
"I've called her 24 times"

He heavily thumps his backpack into my backseat
Slumps down into my car.

"There is"
"no shelter"
"the storm"
"In my heart."

We stare out the window.
At the two homeless men
With no teeth
That he didn't beat.
He's holding night vision binoculars
And a clean Knife.
"I'm sorry I got you involved, Nick
I asked you to be crazy with me."

"There is"
"No shelter"
"The storm"
"In my heart"
Gavin Barnard Jul 2016

Imagine Activision and Treyarch
Making a CoD clone of Pokemon Go.
The players could search for new guns,
Trying to get the biggest collection.
PvP could be something like
Whoever has the most OP gun wins,
And the guns can be nerfed and buffed
Whenever they feel like it
To change the meta-game.
And to give it similar aesthetics
They can make the game laggy as fuck.

This poem is for gamers, I don't expect it to go far.
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