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  Dec 2016 Spencer Craig
pum pum slaya
I got a big power pole that extends to Kamis lookout
Its so big and massive Dende dont doubt
Got my ***** gathered underneath you know I do
I know what you want to wish for so ill *** and give it to you
You say yours is big, you are just a claimer
My power pole so big It cant even be contained in the hyperbolic time chamber
My power pole is such a galore
Not even Hercule can save you anymore
I know your curious ill make you come browsing
Then when you find it your gonna be like ohshit ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!
  Dec 2016 Spencer Craig
No one cares unless you're rich or dying
  Dec 2016 Spencer Craig
" If I could give myself to you I would "
Is this not love?
Maybe I want to believe that it is?
Is this not love?
What the hell is this?
Is this not love?
Should it be this difficult
Is this's been three years
Is this no...walk away
It's's love
  Dec 2016 Spencer Craig
Chances are you've met your soul mate already
But if your soul's corrupted
Your unproductive
And you have to wait your turn
When your new soul is ready
You be met your soul's mate again
But maybe they've corrupted
But corruptives soul like the one that you used to be
So usually
That soul corrupts you
And unadjusted you
Until you see met your soul's mate again
3 times its been
4 times it will be
How many times until
The souls are in harmony

The law of attraction
Past lovers
Future friends
Wether it be mental
Or physical
This attraction exist
And persist
In spite of loyalty

Face the fact that I could attract and be attract while keeping intact that if rather know you
Then not
Care for you
Then hate you
Or think indifferent
But this meaning is different if its differently expressed I digress

Can men and women be friends?
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 12/23/2016
I can't promise the world will never come between us
but whenever that happens, I promise to kick it's ***
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