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Dec 2014
You're like a rose with peddles that've blushed
beautiful, but you bring harm to some when touched.
You're picking a donut when my dreams of cream,
are interrupted by jelly brusting from your seems.
I'm not saying your bad; your different, kind and fair
but like a artifact you must be handled with care.
when I speak of care I mean in how I approach.
You can handle yourself, you are tougher than a coach.
like a star you are beautiful bright and yet distant
but through your years you've become charm resistant.
I see it in your eyes they're deep and dark like a well
so I know in life you've gone through hell.
You don't know trust but you kidding is what you gotta be
if you think a few bets will win you the lottery.
I am not belittling anything you have ever saw
but for all you know this could be the lucky draw.
You and I have a chance and we got a lotto potential.
  we will prance forever over potholes; essential-                      
ly i want you to know i've also had my love bubble busted.
maybe not to you're extent but please just trust this:
we'll ignite real love cause we are the perfect match
you're the only chick with whom i want to hatch
love,  that's shocking because we've that have that spark
of realness in our relationship that is so stark-
ly prodigious and worth more that what is in clams
so please be mine in this world full of shams
love betrays us but just know there people going through the same thing so.  don't want to sound cliché but keep hope please...
Spencer Craig
Written by
Spencer Craig  new york
(new york)   
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