Robin Lemmen Jan 8
You tire me out, she whispered
But her words shaped differently
So he understood, stay my dear
Won't you try and love me
We only have nothing left to gain
Everything has already been lost on us  

They danced around each other
Eyes that used to find so much comfort  
Ended up living like strangers
And somehow, somewhere along the line  
The love that once was like wine to blood
A happiness on the verge of infinity  
Turned to blackened dust
Oh how she kept on dressing truths up
As if somehow, maybe
She could keep fooling hearts
A promise worth staying for

You are the love of my life
He whispered to her
But that was not what was needed  
And so she heard his heaviest goodbye
And after silence seeped into spaces  
She broke down in tears and he kindly held her
Because this was not the kind of forever they had been hoping to find
Robin Lemmen Dec 2018
And it was almost as if
I found stars in your eyes again
Lying on your bed, head on your thigh
Stroking my cheek
A lazy smile haunting the corners of your mouth
Beautiful, as the lava lamp gave light
And my eyes closed slowly
Hold me, I am home
For a second I was looking at the boy
The man I once got to call my best friend
And we kissed the stars into meteors
Soaring, spinning, free
We were infinite
But we never got the soft landing we wished for
We crashed into ourselves
Losing sight of the moon and stars
Just like we did back then
Like we always do
Until we are no more than mere stardust
Robin Lemmen Dec 2018
I have been underwater for too long, I think I forgot how to breathe. Water streams through me, grounds.
Here, here I am safe and sound. And under the trees where my rivers end, I find shelter. Broken bones take time to mend. But in water you forget, all the wounds you never let heal on land.
Roots extend to my banks, begging me to breach the surface with them. Leaves touch my waters, sending ripples through me as they whisper words that bring me back from siren calls. Come take a swim, I will show you why I choose to claim the seas as mine.
I have been hiding for so long. I fear I won't be able to find my way back to shore. These waters keep warm.
Sounds of life, background music playing melodies as I sink a little more into waves, like hugs, promises that carry me home.
Come take a swim, together we can try not to drown and discover a universe unharmed by mankind.
  Dec 2018 Robin Lemmen
Emma Rose
I look at my canvas
Painted a perfect porcelain
Highlighted, contoured
The eye lashes are volumized
The eye lids are a perfect shimmer
It doesn't even look like me anymore
And that's how I know
It's perfect.
After a long day of confidence
It's time to clear the canvas
I stare at the acne
The red cheeks
The unnecessary freckles
The skin I was born with
The skin I hide
My canvas is plain

~Emma Rose
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
Today I cried. I stood still for a moment too long. And with my breaking point knocking, heavy on my door. I laid my heavy body down. Sunk deep into the ground. And here is the thing. Tomorrow, when the moon of yesterday is done watching over, after she has sung me to sleep with the lullabies I find it her moonshine, I will wake up. Stand, with a little less pressure on my shoulders. I cried out the hurt and endless wonders, released the tension in my body.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I am always just waiting, tick tock, I am waiting. For my friend, my breaking point, to come knocking once more. Tapping on my bedroom window. Standing over me. Making my breath come shallow, blurring vision and losing color, softly squeezing my heart until I am nothing. I am smothered. Until her shadow, drowns my sorrow and the tears come flooding. And I find comfort in the darkness. Lonely sometimes brings such comfort. Misery a feeling I wish to wallow in.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I will smile. Joke around, my friend came by last night, we just had a long talk. I simply am tired. I am not vulnerable.

And here is the thing. This is a never ending cycle. And somedays, with salt sticking to my cheeks, body disconnected from the world, I don't mind this feeling. I simply feel tired.
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
You leave pavements ******
And graves dug but without bodies
Learning tricks of manipulation
You know how to wrap us around
The small of your finger
With bloodshot eyes and a mouth
Full of sweetened poison
You kiss girls and leave them hungry
Foolishly hoping that your touch
Just might heal them
You leave pavements cracked
So we are all left skipping  
Hoping to save your back
Isn't love unkindly blind?
  Nov 2018 Robin Lemmen
Can you really see her;
What she's feeling
What she's saying?
She's smiling,
so she must be happy - right?

Look deeper, I say.

I gazed into the emerald greens,
Entranced in the gem,
But I saw the inside,
And like an ocean,
Tears trickled down her face.

She was drowning.
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