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Uta Jun 2018

alone in the woods,

enjoying the nature and it's beauty,

seeing the shadows that the trees were making,

out of nowhere, a deer appeared in front of me,

his beauty was unbelievable as if he was sent from heaven.

The color of his fur was so rare,

his whole body was colored brown with the mixture of melting gold,

his eyes were black like the universe with many stars in it,

and every star was different and represented memories and different emotions.

They showed what each star has survived and experienced,

love, hate, happiness, sorrow.

His antlers were big, strong and damaged by many fights,

he was the king of all the deer,

he was pure and brave.

But what really fascinated me,

is that,

when he looked into my direction,

he knew,

that there is,

hope in this world,

he knew,

that we have time,

he knew,

that we have a chance to make a difference.
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This actually happened, I was not alone but I was with my mother in the woods. We were just as I said in the poetry traveled around the woods. Seeking whatever comes in our way. We couldn't believe our eyes. This was not just an ordinary deer yet this deer was extraordinary and his beauty was out of this world.
Uta Jun 2018
A bird,


over lands and seas.

Freely feeling the cold air brushing through its wings.

A red bird it was,

who changed colors,

yellow when happy,

blue when sad,

green when excited,

red when in danger.

The bird was flying away from another bird.

Who was much bigger and stronger,

its colors were black,

and black meant,

a terrible thing,

that no one, not even a bird,

would like to know,



death chasing life.
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Uta Jun 2018
The worlds asleep and we are wide awake,

nothing is growing and nothing is fake.

Reality has finally shown up,

look what we have done, look what we have woken up.

The monsters are the shadows,

scaring others and it's foes.

There is no chance for us to survive,

we are all doomed and none of us are alive.
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Uta Jun 2018
Wolves lurking through the trees,

hunting, surviving in the cold breeze.

Monsters hiding beneath the ground,

killing and slaughtering everyone around.

He who searches the sky,

will find the stars amplify.

Witches, wizards, elves, and dwarves,

they all fight for something that isn't yours.

Wealthy or poor they are all the same,

dying and living is just a game.

Do not be fooled by the allure,

it can trick you into thinking obscure.
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Inspired by the Witcher 3 Lullaby of Woe.
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Uta Jun 2018
When you start a fire, it has a burning desire.

It can burn down trees and lands, but also help in everyday needs for survival.

It whispers very quietly, telling you the beautiful truth and the terrible lie.

The fire glows, flickers, embraces, dances, crackles.

But do not be fooled by its beauty, for it can burn, roar, blister, and blaze.

Its waves of heat and anger can **** you and give you a painfully sharp touch but it can also help you with its protective warmth.
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-requested from a friend-
Uta Jun 2018
The leaves that are attached to a tree, slowly moving from the wind that is blowing softly.

Leaves whom we do not think before we take their lives just by taking them away from their home, a tree or a bush.

The texture on the front and behind, deep and lime foresty green, the vessels that are highlighted by the Sun.

All they give is a simple thing to keep us alive,

air to breath.

And what do we give them in return?

No ability to grow forever, no ability to just, live.

We cut them down.

That's "thanks." to them.

Not all people hate nature or dislike it in any way, or even don't cherish it and protect it, but there are some who don't
care about its beauty and its power.

Trees, flowers, bushes, grass, they all do the same.

We only keep them alive by watering them or the rain waters them, or we simply like every human being, breath in return for

Only a few realize that nature is so important and the only way to keep it alive is to protect it, but are we really,

the ones who must protect it?

It is now, but it will not be forever.

Nature lives with us now, but it can also live without us.
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-quick message-
I will write poetry on how I see the world and in general some other things.
I DO NOT want to offend anyone on what I think and what I say.
Everyone is different, they all have their own perspectives on things, but of course, I do have my own as well.
Uta May 2018
Nothing will shine brighter and be more beautiful than the full moon.

Not even the stars who surround it will ever be noticed more.

The way it shines and gives you the energy as if you were controlling space and time,

The way you see the darker gray spots on it,

Makes you feel special within.

The moonlight will show you the sad truth which will later lead you to freedom,

and always will stand by your side and lift you up into the sky to fly with it and the stars.
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