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Uta Jul 2018
And she visited heaven many times,

but they never let her in,

she saw a golden river,

of restless souls,

she cried and grieved so hard,

seeing angels fall,

her broken heart,

was destroyed,

into thousands of pieces,

because of what she saw

in front of heavenly gates.
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What did this girl, saw in front of the heavenly gates?
Uta Jul 2018
She danced with others,
with no shame, only laughter,
Elizabeth was her name,
and she had eyes of flame.

Her golden head was beyond the beauty of the Sun,
yet her skin was paler than the Moon,
and she signed the perfect tune.

She lived alone, deep amidst the trees,
her friends were the animals, especially the bees.

Nothing could compare her beauty because she wasn't a human,
yet an angel who fell from the sky,
a gift to all beings that walk the Earth and those who sing her lullaby.
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Uta Jul 2018
She sings very softly,

making the whole ocean fall asleep,

and all the fishes start to dance,

humans above follow her voice,

and in seconds, fall in love,

but later when they discover what she is capable of,

when you enter the underwater world,

you are only, but a simple prey,

to her and others below.
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Uta Jun 2018
Fear is an illusion, and so is the pain.

Happiness is a raindrop, therefore a God's tear that fell from the beloved sky,

Tears are crystals, diamonds of which fall down upon the skin and tears it apart with forever lasting scars,

Life is like a bird,

flying freely but knowing that something bigger can hunt it down,

Death is a reality of which everyone must and shall face,

and lastly,

Reality is nothing but a game of lies, truths, mistakes, and success.
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Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this, maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't.
Uta Jun 2018
Cold night,

swift breeze,

she was shining like a bright diamond beneath the moonlight sky,

her skin was pale and soft,

Her eyes blue, secretive and true,

an elf she was,

fairest, wisest and most powerful of all beings that walk the Earth,

and yet a creature so beautiful and so wise,

fell in love,

with a man,

a mortal,

of which was a shocking decision for others,

but a right one for her.
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A very short loving tale between a she-elf and a man.
Uta Jun 2018
She gave him with her cold elvish crystal hands,

a bottle of starlight,

that will protect him from the evil outside and it's poisoning blackness,

for it will show him that there will always be light in his life.

He gave her with his warm, ***** and damaged humanly hands,

a pearl from a shell, from its wavey sea,

of which men have traveled upon for many years.

It will remind her of what a man can give when having a clean and kind soul.

Till this day she has the pearl,

and it makes her smile,

every time when she sees it,

as if,

a human and an elf were meant to be,

a mortal with an immortal.
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(the first short part was from Lord of The Rings when Galadriel gives Frodo a  small crystal bottle of liquid which contains the light of EƤrendil's star in the water of Galadriel's fountain. Other is all made up ofc.)
Uta Jun 2018
Do not laugh and mock nature of how it is,

for it can bring disaster whenever it wants and how it wants,

from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis,

we are nothing compared to it.

Our weapons today won't stop avalanches and earthquakes,

nature is far more powerful and stronger then us then we think.

Of course, there are people that know this,

but some may think that humans,

are stronger than nature.

In what way really?

As I see it if nature makes up her mind she could swallow us all at once if she decides to do it right this instant.

But she won't, know why?

Because nature is fair and knows how to control herself,

but humans aren't so we only know one thing,

and that is,

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