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Jaicob Jul 5
Bruised and bandaged blisters
On hands ravaged by wars
Against one's own life through years
Paired with cascades of burning tears
And left dangling o'er wooden floors.

Though you may run from your fate,
You'll never escape its iron grasp.
Reality will grab you and hold you down,
Pulling you under a diminished frown
Until you end the pain at last.
Uta Jun 2018
When you start a fire, it has a burning desire.

It can burn down trees and lands, but also help in everyday needs for survival.

It whispers very quietly, telling you the beautiful truth and the terrible lie.

The fire glows, flickers, embraces, dances, crackles.

But do not be fooled by its beauty, for it can burn, roar, blister, and blaze.

Its waves of heat and anger can **** you and give you a painfully sharp touch but it can also help you with its protective warmth.
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-requested from a friend-
Abdullah Ayyash Jan 2016
Time is never measured by seconds
Nor by how many years passed
Luck is too wild to catch
And love can be easily crashed
When I'm just an oblivious kid
Waiting for Christmas that never lasts

Breeze is a sign of good times to come
Unless winds grow into a twister
No matter how sweet the water is
When it reaches the sea it becomes a blister
I wish this year to have a warm heart
For this life is a waste if it's all just winter
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
January 3rd, 2016
oni Oct 2015
all of these drugs in my system
all of these holes and blisters
you said that i was made of the sun -
but what do you know of light,
you creature of darkness?
Esz-Pe-Bea Jul 2014
Sweat sweet with mid-day summer sun.
Skin burns red to blister.
It permits no resistance.
Insistent on shining.
Eyes squint for shadow.
All to rare in this lonely atmosphere.
Rarer breezes blow to tease relief,
But all this provides for view beyond belief.
The city erupts in the Sun's Rays.
Reflecting infinite daily cloud-play off Glassy faced behemoths.
Every ripple sparks diamond waves.
And sometimes
this place doesn't seem so bleak.
In the Summer of 2012, I embarked on a mission to cover a bridge going over the Ohio Rive with poems.  This is just one of those, selected from now more than 60.
Kerrigan Reyes Apr 2014
I got into an argument
the argument was over the radio
he wanted to listen to music
I wanted to listen to silence
I got out of the car
and began to walk
I walked and walked
for forever.
two hours later I walked home
mom and dad were worried
they called family and the police
why couldn't I have held my anger?
what's wrong with me?
Why couldn't I listen to music?
I began to cry and I screamed,
the silence was broken.
I have a blister on my right heel today
the blister stings and burns
but I deserve pain for upsetting my parents
Next time, I'll step in front of a car.
I walked away from the brother the other day and walked over 10 miles to get home...

— The End —