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just because the star-
fish can grow its arms back does
not mean it didn't hurt.

even though scars heal
and wounds fade it doesn't mean I
will forget the pain.
All I have are words
And the ability to string them up together
To mend the pain and brokenness
Hidden within your soul

All I have are words
And the kindness infused in them
To give warmth to your crying heart
In the midst of a cold, dark world

All I have are words
And the hopeful thoughts they carry
To point you towards the sun
That is sure to rise anew daily

All I have are words
And the love of a friend behind them
To assure your lonely mind
That you are not alone

All I have are words
And they might not seem much
But I can reveal the universe within you
And show that you are so much more

With my words
And the special things that come with them
Dedicated to a friend whose heart has been ripped apart
If I told you that I cried,
How would you look at me?
Would you see me as weak
Like the time I scraped my knee
And the tears fell from my eyes
Faster than the blood escaped my body?

If I told you that I got a rose tattoo,
How would you look at me?
Would you see me as "less than a man"
Because society has taught you that flowers are feminine
And you are too afraid to admit your hyper-masculinity
Blinds you from seeing otherwise?

What if I told you that I am an emotional black man?
Would you look at me differently,
Because I allow myself to break free of what society paints a man to be.

If I told you that I cried because I'm scared to die,
Would you hug me?
Would you tell me that everything will be okay?
Or would you neglect my feelings?
Because "men aren't supposed to feel".

Since I'm an emotional black man,
Am I still your son?
Am I still your friend?
I feel useless.
I feel trapped in a preciously dangerous box
but it seems that no one wants me out
Only restrained
By the fickle hope that maybe someday I will be normal.

Like other girls.

I want to be the smartest girl  
or maybe the prettiest girl for once?

l want to be the one that stands out
I desire your recognition of my accomplishments,
which aren't too many and much to be proud of.

I want to be someone's something
That maybe leaves them awestruck
And I can't help thinking that
I am it,
but how useless would that be,
to assume I am everyone's something?

~ ♡ ~

dark day
has befallen the
Court of Hello Poetry
How it saddens me to see
the good Queens and Kings
to suffer at the hands of jealous
enemies who seek to destroy others
and their Kingdoms. Though she was
exquisitely dressed, she had a humble
heart; many had a good word about her,
though I did not get to meet her, though I
did not see her,     I could see the light she
had shine in the hearts of others.        She
had a wonderful smile       but invaders;
false Kings and Queens        spewed
nothing but abuse,               and it
made      her      surrender
her crown

~ ♡ ~

could only
watch as she
grabbed the ends of
her silk skirts and run out
of the bustling halls, tears down
her soft face.     I could not reach
her but at the dawn,        from the
balcony,          I saw the ship sail
away,         towards the sunset
into the unknown.      How
my heart is so

~ ♡ ~

see a
true artist,
a true queen
leave forever. At
seeing her tears, her
crying soul staining the
floral marble floors, and the
invaders   feeling   satisfied   at
her    pain   and her 'destruction'
Those   who   dare   to  denounce
are   never  Kings  or   Queens.
To be so jealous, so insecure
and think you led her to
her 'destruction'

~ ♡ ~

will say
this - you may
have won the battle
but  you will NEVER
win the war. Because the
true   Kings and Queens will
band   together,  we  will  stand
together    to protect our haven  for
we see, we know who the true artists
are.  I will continue to shed tears of pain
and   sorrow for the loss of this artist,  but
I will always hope that when the sun rises
she   will return to us once more. She  will
never leave our minds, she has touched
so many hearts. Her legacy, her reign,
her   kingdom will always    stand
eternal, will stand immortal
now and always.

~ ♡ ~

Had to get the turmoil off my chest.
This one's for Vicki
Lyn ***
at times i must be
unfiltered, undiluted, pure me
for if i let myself
restrict, edit, reform
one time too many
this death grip will never ease
for all the fear i hold
of letting the wrong thing go
is why i must let it flow
 Aug 2018 Immortal Angel
He was rain

The spray that came

On a scorching summer day.

He fell from his cloud

Without warning

Kissed the Flickering Flame into submission

All the while, saving a few sweet drops

Just for me.

He was the rain

That kissed the Flame and I.

He was rain

Leaving the Flame and I in wait

To see him on another day.

We danced for him

Inviting him to play

As we spun in each other's arms.

Finally, he joined us

The Flame and I jumped for joy

First side-by-side

Then miles apart.

He was the rain

That made the Flame blush

And set my selfish soul ablaze.

He was rain

Standing between the Flame and I

On any given day.

He soothed the new burns

Marring my skin

Though he always feared

He would put out the Flame.

He was the rain

That loved the Flame

While the both of them

Left me parched.

He was rain

A hurricane

Washing me away from the Flame.

The two of them laughed


And told me to swim

As I began to drown.

He was the rain

Who ran away with the Flame

Just when I thought

They could both be mine.

He was rain

And he slipped away

On a sunny winter's day.

The Flame left, too

Without a note

Left the heart within me

High, dry, and cold

Nothing there to set on fire

Or to give hope.

He was the rain

Who disappeared with the flame

Leaving me all alone.

Now, on this day

I float in a fog.

Floods on one side

On the other, burnt smaug.

I know who I am

And I'm here to stay.

I just wish that the Flame

Didn't take my rain boy away.

Still, he is the rain

Who is in love with the Flame

And I wonder

If he thinks about dry Earth like me

At all.

He is the rain

A fool for the Flame

Just like I was

All along.
A piece I did for a poetry contest about rain.
 Aug 2018 Immortal Angel
Another day went by
And all she could do was cry
I saw the look in her eyes
And I could tell that she wanted to die

Death is such a fearful thing
But she seemed to be ready
After witnessing such a painful death
Her heart remained unsteady

I reminded her of what she would be missing in life
But she didn't want to hear it
I didn't want to give up on her yet
I had to be persistent and convincing

I knew that this wasn't going to be easy
But it was something I had to do
Imagine you were in the same situation
Wouldn't you want someone to be there for you?

Her dad was her favorite person in the whole world
It's such a shame that he is gone
They used to do everything together
They had such an incredible bond

She was unsure what to do next
She wasn't in the right state of mind
She felt like no one understood her pain
She thought seeking help would be so hard to find

I reminded her that help was only a phone call away
We all want you to remain alive
If you or any loved one have had thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
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