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Dominic Wright Jun 2019
It’s the wanderlust souls who escaped from the tedious bodies,
they inhabited.
Only to spread its wings and fly along the sky’s terrain.
Whom who hears the birds chirping at 3 am are shedding its human skin,
As a reptile would before it enters a new realm of existence.
It feels different.
It’s soothing. It’s calming.
It’s the feeling of earl grey tea submerging the taste buds on the white blanket lying on the tongue in the morning.
Who hears the birds chirping at 3 am?
Is it the wanderlust souls whose restless eyeballs glistens in the night or the lonely stoner who finds serenity in the hugs of the ghosts he is hiding?
Dominic Wright Nov 2018
I remember the blurred vision,
Nose quivers.

The feeling of sadness free falling from my eyes.

I watched it take shape,
In the crevices of my palms.

Palmar Flexion.

My face was the night sky,
My eyes were the moon.

They controlled the tides,
And crashed the waves.

That night,
Those 2 weeks,

I was stuck in the twilight.
Dominic Wright Oct 2018
Over the last few weeks,
I prayed to the blood orange sun,
That was setting beneath the pastel backdrop,
And tinted clouds.

I asked for the peace that I've been searching for,
Only to find gusts of wind,
And lack of warmth,
Be the response.
Dominic Wright Sep 2018
I’ve watched the sky change from blue to black every day.
From the second the sun breaks the clouds to warm the earth,
To the sudden transition into pastel skies,
And finally into the manifestation
Of darkness the night brings.

It wasn't the content clouds with the marshmallow feel,
Nor was it the champagne clouds with the intoxicating feeling,
Maybe it was the grey clouds in the dark sky,
With the similar ability of humans.

To carry an unreasonable amount of tension until we burst.
Dominic Wright Sep 2018
Soon enough,
The air will become frigid,
As the blue sky fades to black.
Like the trees,
We will be stripped free.

Then we will be naked of our human skin.
Only the moon will see us for who we truly are.
Dominic Wright Sep 2018
Don't know why it took the sounds of Airplanes cutting the wind,
For me to realize that I am in a better place.

When you died,
I felt a void in my heart
And soul.

No longer am I praying to God to ease my Weary soul but I am speaking to the moon Every night. Sometimes I wonder if you Are able to see me.

A few nights ago,
I broke down in front of the moon,
When my soul rose to the stars,
I was able to sit on the moon.

During that time,
I grew wings
And opened the sky.
I saw your face briefly.

Your smile was wide
And you whispered to me that,
I won't be this sad forever.
In due time.
Dominic Wright Sep 2018
Tell me that you love me,
Until my heart is full,
And my soul is happy.

Tell me that I made sense of your world,
For we both
Shed tears at the midnight hour.

Kiss me with your wine stained lips,
Smother me with your charm
Ressurect me,
When the sun rises over the horizon,
And brings the same warmth as you brought me.

That is when we remember how much passion was in this wine glass.
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