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Pedro Dec 2018
1987 she arrived
31 years, man I'm happy she's alive
She wasn't supposed to live passed the
age of 5
The years have gone by
And I'm grateful she survived
Truly thankful to have her in this life of mine
My mom carried her in her belly for a very long time
What happened during birth felt like a crime
I learned about it when I was young
Got sentimental and I cried

I understand that pregnancies don't
always go as expected
My mom was in pain and the doctors
were so neglecting
The umbilical cord got wrapped around
my sister's neck and
There must have been something they
could have done to prevent it

I did some research and things like this could happen
But the doctors suddenly fell into a panic
The time kept ticking and it was adding
up so fast and
She suffered brain damages and a lack
of oxygen

They took a while before they could
remove the cord
It's almost like the doctors were not
aware of her position
My momma was happy to finally hold her
in her arms
But now, she has to live each day with cerebral palsy and mental retardation

My motive is not to seek revenge
I just want everyone to get a better understanding of an unfortunate situation
You must comprehend that they are
humans too
They deserve more respect and they do
not deserve humiliation

Even though she has the brain mentality
of a young child
She'll come give me a hug once in a while
She gets excited to hear my voice when
I talk to her on the phone
The happiness I get when I see her
lovely smile

And even though she's technically the middle child
She's always going to be considered the baby
I love her no matter what she has as a condition
She is still a child of God
She is such a beautiful young lady
Inspired by J. Cole's 1985. My sister has cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She is the most amazing human being. I love her so much!
Pedro Dec 2018
We started getting really close
I called you my friend
We were supposed to be there for each other
Until the very end
But certain things were said
I probably shouldn't say them again
Because if I do, it'll feel like I'm committing a sin
But these thoughts keep on racing through my head
I can't take it anymore
So **** it, let me say them again
You said "I wish you were never born"
And out of frustration I said "I wish you were dead"
And at that point, our friendship was hanging by a thread
We should have tried to make it work
But we went our separate ways instead

The years flew by
Started watching the clock spin
And realized I'm tired of holding grudges in
We were clearly both at fault
But I guess it depends
Because you might put the blame on me
Let's not pretend the blames on you too
It was one of those arguments where there was a slight misunderstanding
Yet we threw away the whole friendship
There could have been a better way in handling it
It's probably too late for us to make amends
I wonder if we we will ever decide to be friends again
Pedro Dec 2018
It ***** that everything I did seemed to be a problem
I wanted to see you happy
I didn't want to be a bother
Told you things I haven't told anybody else about em
I wanted to become a part of the solution and not another problem
Real friends? Nah I barely even got them
Been going through some **** and only you knew about it
Wanted to do so much for you
Barely had anything in my wallet
Wishing I had more money but I'm not tryna pretend to be a baller
Going through some struggles and you were right there beside me
Looked at you as a person that I wanted to be with and guide me
Being in each other's lives was one of the best things that's ever happened
All those times, laughing so hard that we even started clapping
We listened to some throwbacks
And we even started singing
Had so much in common
And I felt like we were winning
Constant arguments were always so silly
Remember all those nights cuddled up when it was chilly
Developed a strong bond
I actually cared about your feelings
Speaking from my conscience
**** all this nonsense
I'm tired of apologizing
But with what I say
I may be facing the consequences
And you know what?
You're right, you deserve it all
You deserve someone who can give you everything you want in life
Someone who's going to love you
and one day call you his wife
Who misses you all day and all night
Who wouldn't take you for granted
Who can tolerate when you're mad
and handle your ranting
We were never perfect
But what we had was worth it
Maybe I just need some time to reevaluate
Because I'm going through a tough time
I feel like I should set you free
And if you come back
then it was truly meant to be
Pedro Aug 2018
Close your eyes
I want you to visualize
And look deep into my mind
Feed into my thoughts
And play with my emotions
You'll be surprised with what you'll find
There are some things I only want you to see
Look at my past, present, and future
Look at the good and bad
And tell me what you see

Now imagine walking in my shoes
Seeing what I've gone through
The obstacles I've overcome
The struggles I've faced
Some things will never be the same
Life is such a crazy thing
It's never really what it seems
But before you, I stand tall
And through it all
I've become the person that I am today
Pedro Aug 2018
Growing up was a hardship
Suffered through some tough times
My parents got divorced
I didn’t even want to be alive

Went through years of therapy
And was given the diagnosis of having ADHD
It’s true that I wanted some attention
But wanted to seek it from my family

I kept trying to tell them what was wrong
But they just wouldn’t listen to me
And being as young as I was at the time
People thought that I was simply crazy

Taking all kinds of medication
But the solution was simple, all I needed was love
And as I grew older
I learned to find that love from above

Life can be difficult at times
And it’s never what I expected
But I’m reminded that there is at least one person there
So whenever I need him, I am no longer neglected
Some people don't realize how good they've got it. Having both parents in your life is something we take for granted sometimes. Others may only have one and some have none. For those who don't have anyone, remember there is always someone who is watching over you. There is always someone who is willing to listen when you need someone to talk to. But whoever you have in your life, appreciate them. Cherish them. Love them.
Pedro Aug 2018
Another day went by
And all she could do was cry
I saw the look in her eyes
And I could tell that she wanted to die

Death is such a fearful thing
But she seemed to be ready
After witnessing such a painful death
Her heart remained unsteady

I reminded her of what she would be missing in life
But she didn't want to hear it
I didn't want to give up on her yet
I had to be persistent and convincing

I knew that this wasn't going to be easy
But it was something I had to do
Imagine you were in the same situation
Wouldn't you want someone to be there for you?

Her dad was her favorite person in the whole world
It's such a shame that he is gone
They used to do everything together
They had such an incredible bond

She was unsure what to do next
She wasn't in the right state of mind
She felt like no one understood her pain
She thought seeking help would be so hard to find

I reminded her that help was only a phone call away
We all want you to remain alive
If you or any loved one have had thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

— The End —