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Yasha Harkness Apr 2017
Hey Daddy
Were you so
in the afterlife
that you had to take
our dog away
with you too?
Ever since
you dies
last year
she'd been sad
and unwell
but we didn't like
to think about
the possibility that
she could be dying
just like
we didn't want
to think about it
when it was you
getting sicker
by the day
Say, Pops
please take Berry
to a garden
where she can
run and play
like she used to
when you
were alive.
My dog died just over a year after my father. I'd like to think they're adventuring together now.
Yasha Harkness May 2016
Baby when I first saw you
I was giving blood
Your smile wasn’t even directed at me
You made more than just my blood flow.

Baby when you spoke to me
Teeth biting that luscious bottom lip
Something grew in me like certain magical beanstalks
And of course I had to climb that.

Baby when you touched my hand
You steadied me physically
Unsteadied me mentally
Because you were softer than a Johnsons baby.

Baby when you gave me your number
The foundations of my soul shook
I aint saying you were heavy
But you were a weight I’d gladly become Atlas for.

Baby when we kissed for the first time
I was dreaming
It never happened.
And aint that a ******* tragedy.
to the one that walked away
Yasha Harkness May 2016
The voice calling me from the dark
Is quiet
Its melody thrums through my bones and tongue
And curls, purring in my heart
Like wine it flushes my cheek with uninhibited warmth
It calls me to action
Reckless self endangering action
Not all voices from the dark are kind.
This one glows like a black sun.
Biting back the fear of warmth and contact
In my touch starved living canvas
The voice has teeth
Teeth that set in my spine and inject courage into my marrow
That scrape ever so slightly down my neck
In wanton display
Of seductive darkness.
Its call is haunting
Sleepworn it sends me running
Through a silver forest of dusky light
Upon an unbroken path
Marked only by whispers that linger in Its wake.
I know not what I’m following
I know its power and magnitude brings summer to my throat and winter to my veins
Spring blooming warm upon my cheeks along the shivering pines
That voice of silk sheets and twisted limbs
A weight in the chest like a secondary heart’s phantom thumping
Throbbing its call of life back to that voice in the dark
Inviting it in for a taste.
Yasha Harkness Feb 2016
Dance with me
Awaken dragon
This fire burns equally
Between you and me
Pulse pounding core throbbing
I dance for you alone
You take me apart
With your fiery words
Inferno heart
To my candle soul
Take your pleasure
And give me mine own
This love richer
Than a dragon's hoard
Shining bright in the sky
Like twin suns
Among the stars
Of an alien planet
Swords gleaming
In your light
I dance
Hell hath no fyre
Like a dragon in love.
title means 'song of the dragon'
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Talk to me about space
About the incredible cosmos
About the way we were all
Made of stardust, talk to me
About the way your hair bleeds colour
When you bathe, about your nightmares
After an evening with your parents, talk to me
About the girls you've kissed and the girls you've wanted to kiss,
Tell me about all the things that bind your soul
To this dusty rock we call home,
For that is where your truth lies.
Tell me what you feel about couples having PDA
On the subway, if you feel jealous or indifferent, talk to me
About the liminal spaces, the coffee shops, cross roads, train stations
Where we have a 1 in a billion chance of meeting our soulmates,
Tell me about the pain you felt when your brother died,
The nights you couldn't sleep because of all the tears
That would never fall, because your heart had gone numb.
Talk to me about you. No, not you, You.
The girl with the cosmos in her body. The you I fell in love with, after all we were made of adjacent stardust.
Talk to me.
communication communication communication :)
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Quite suddenly
They become aware
Of the fragility
Of the jugular vein
No bone no cartilage
Not much flesh either
To protect and shield it
How we humans just
w a n d e r about
With no armour
Simply not realising how easy it'd be
For someone to just
S  L  I  C  E
And down we would go
Spraying blood over all in vicinity
Life blood is warm and dark red.
In other words-
Beautiful in the morning light
Where it shines like prismatic rubies
Warm, and not at all  demonic.
Don't you think so, my love?
The colour suits you...
******* right you should be scared of me
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
We and (I)
She and They
Him and Us
We afloat
Paper boats
In October storms
Who condemned us to die?
There's a hole in the boat, Lover
Perhaps we were simply
Never meant to survive
Your velveteen thorns
Scraped their hickeys
Over my paper skin
-Sinking our boat-
While the storm of your tears
Raged on from the shore.
queer like rain
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