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Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Go back to bed.
Why would you want
To leave the warm embrace
Of silken sheets and silkier thighs?
Kiss-swollen lips and a rats nest of perfect hair,
Those shining silver eyes blinking gummily that beckon you with love glimmering in their depths?
Cancel your plans and make no more.
Bring her breakfast in bed!
And joining her, let the day slip away in contented caresses and laughing kisses
For though this month may be awash with work and stress and troubles
In the bed with her there is nothing but peace, love and harmony...

And just a dash of morning ***. ;)
an ongoing dream
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
There is a river flowing outside my window
I'll make my heart into an origami boat
Add a little flag with your name on it and float it away,
Hopefully one day it will reach you, love.
for the one that got away
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Mouth full of metal
Pocket full of teeth (broke)
These are the trials for perfect smiles
Our loss their gain
The dentists make money again
Weekly monthly wires crossing replacing
Wondering if its even worth it
Like false guarantees: "won't be like on TV"
Not even close.

Mouth full of wires
Pocket full of stones
One stops you at the airport-

The other at the  bottom  of the bay...
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015

My yawn drowns out your voice
It is just meaningless noise.
You are not speaking to me.
I just happened to be here.

On this planet.
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
At age six you bought me a pretty lady doll
I remember your anger
The day I married her to another lady doll.

At age sixteen you bought me a beautiful dress
I remember your anger
When I asked for a suit instead.

At age twenty six you b(r)ought me a husband
I remember the day so clearly even now
**It was the day I eloped with my girlfriend.
how little you know me
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
I don't know where I go when I'm not with you
Perhaps I don't really exist
I do not remember the times in between our togethers
Do I slip through time to meet you
Or does your very presence call me out of time to your side
Time affects humans in linear
I've never seen time as anything but a vapour
It curls around me and I walk above it
For I am like a ghost walking on the waters of time
A miracle or an apocalyptic event
Catalyst to disasters you prevent with a smile meant for me
In a life where smiles are premonitions of betrayal
You are Time for me.
who are you/who am i
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Your love is a black hole
If I get too close I will be consumed
My love is but a star in comparison
Your love's infinite gravity would swallow mine whole
The depth of your love is a reaction to past hurts
Invisible and terrifying in its intensity
This anomaly of gravity so seductive nothing can resist
With no warning received time stops
My heart is falling into the singularity caused by your proximity
You monster that I love

**I will never be able to escape you...
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