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Dec 2015
Talk to me about space
About the incredible cosmos
About the way we were all
Made of stardust, talk to me
About the way your hair bleeds colour
When you bathe, about your nightmares
After an evening with your parents, talk to me
About the girls you've kissed and the girls you've wanted to kiss,
Tell me about all the things that bind your soul
To this dusty rock we call home,
For that is where your truth lies.
Tell me what you feel about couples having PDA
On the subway, if you feel jealous or indifferent, talk to me
About the liminal spaces, the coffee shops, cross roads, train stations
Where we have a 1 in a billion chance of meeting our soulmates,
Tell me about the pain you felt when your brother died,
The nights you couldn't sleep because of all the tears
That would never fall, because your heart had gone numb.
Talk to me about you. No, not you, You.
The girl with the cosmos in her body. The you I fell in love with, after all we were made of adjacent stardust.
Talk to me.
communication communication communication :)
Yasha Harkness
Written by
Yasha Harkness  21/Non-binary/New Delhi
(21/Non-binary/New Delhi)   
   --- and Morgan Fiedler
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