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Alice Faye Feb 10
My first ever taste of love was for a girl with messy hair,
And a sweet, genuine smile-
A girl that I yearn for,
That I shared a redamancy with,
A girl I would give anything to get back to.
I fell for her as if the Earth had stopped its rotations,
And my knees couldn’t help but fail me;
And in turn, she too fell for me.
My first love was a girl with a laugh
That was as spectacular as the finale of a firework show,
And her eyes shown just as bright.
Dear God, they were beautiful-
She was beautiful.
Although she didn’t always believe it,
She smiled and thanked everyone who complimented her,
Because it made her love herself that much more.
My first love was a girl, and for that, we received quite a bit of hate.
We weren’t in a relationship per se,
But the society around us disapproved of our affections;
And at first, she didn’t care.
We didn’t care, but the stress seduced her, and she started
To bite off so much more than her precious self could stomach.
It overwhelmed her and pushed her away, and she took off on me,
A runaway bride fleeing the scene
That she had so carefully put together.
I still wait for her to return.
I’ve found new love, but I need her as well—
Without her, I’m never going to feel completely at ease.
I just miss her so much;
I miss her open mind, her voice, her optimism.
I miss her gorgeous hazel eyes that never stay the same shade,
The ones that portrayed her innocence like stained church windows.
I miss her smile, her laugh, the connection we had,
And I miss the girl she was before she let those around us
Poison that beautiful mind of hers.
I hate that I took her for granted.
I hate that I let her slip right between my fingers,
Hot sand slipping out of my shaking hands and burning me in the process. I feel her everywhere- I see her in the innocence of children.
I hear her voice in every early 2000s song she used to adore.
I see her in every picture from her childhood I catch a glimpse of.
I see her in every pair of blue jeans that I own; she haunts me.
I see her in every window I see that reflects back at myself.
I see her in every passing mirror, see who she is now,
And occasionally I catch a glimpse of her innocence in my eye once again. My first love was a girl, a girl with messy hair and hazel eyes-
A girl who, at one point, shared my name and face.
Ever since she left, I haven’t looked the same;
I haven’t been the same.
Before I let anxiety take her place,
Her charm was impeccable and even I loved her.
Once upon a time, I loved a girl who shared a body with me-
I loved myself, not in a self-centered way, but in a humble, lovely way.
I wait for the girl that I was before I fell apart every day.
I wait for her and I keep my heart under the highest security;
I keep my smile intact, just in case she’ll come back,
To make the curve of my lips completely genuine once again.
ash Sep 2019
From the time she was young,
You taught her other girls were her conpetition.
Being better, prettier, more beautiful than other girls you told her was her goal.
You taught her to judge people by their appearance rather than what's in their souls.
Had you taught her to stand by and support other girls the world would've been better.
If you would've taught her the strength of her voice rather than that of sparkles and glitter.
Instead of teaching her to push other girls out of the way to make it to the top,
Teaching her to stand with them would have been enough.
Teaching her that when they are together they are stonger.
That in their unity lies power.
Instead of teaching her to knock other girls' crowns down and being princess alone,
Maybe you should've taught her by fixing each other's crowns and standing together,
They would be queens and rule the world.
Mostly inspired by Lilly Singh's #GirlLove campaign.
Alyssa Brianne Dec 2018
You were supposed to be my forever girl,  
the only person i’d ever write another poem about.  
Your slender fingers intertwined in mine,
making it impossible  
to write a single word
but it would always be worth it when I saw your eyes.

I thought we’d get married,
two white dresses standing out  against the autumn leaves.
But you never liked the breakfast club,
or neck deep  
and you laughed every time
I said I wanted to be a poet.  

It’s been a long time since I adored you,  
since I saw a future in your smile.  I’ve been watching pretty in pink,
something you thought
looked boring  
but i’m loving it.  

I still love you
but not in the way I used to;  
there’s no indie movie playing our story
like I had hoped once before  
but i’m finally alright with that.
Someone Feb 2018
Moon dust in our lungs,
Stars in our eyes,
We are the child of the cosmos !
A ruler of the skies !!! :)

If we are made of stardust
And our skin matches land,
We're allowed to have volcanoes
That bursts red from some glands,

Every girl has it once in 28 days
Which bring showery red falls and stomach aches
But we should be proud it , cause it's the only blood that bleeds without violence
Then why should we be ashamed of it, or be silenced

So, let's be bold, let's be proud .
Let us realize , that we are the clouds,
That may shower inspite of being clean,
Don't ever forget the power of the Queen

Wether in chess or in life,
We are the one that posses the sharpest knives,
We have our dreams inside our eyes
We also have a place where the warrior hides,

Because girls, our born in the storm,
With thunder in their hearts,
Chaos in their organs and
Lightining in their souls..

Wether steady or slow,
They are rooted but they flow
Wether angels or ******* ,
They have a universe full of secrets ,
Wether in air or underground,
Each Queen has her own crown
So, chin up all my princesses , or the crown slips ♡♡
Yasha Harkness Dec 2015
Talk to me about space
About the incredible cosmos
About the way we were all
Made of stardust, talk to me
About the way your hair bleeds colour
When you bathe, about your nightmares
After an evening with your parents, talk to me
About the girls you've kissed and the girls you've wanted to kiss,
Tell me about all the things that bind your soul
To this dusty rock we call home,
For that is where your truth lies.
Tell me what you feel about couples having PDA
On the subway, if you feel jealous or indifferent, talk to me
About the liminal spaces, the coffee shops, cross roads, train stations
Where we have a 1 in a billion chance of meeting our soulmates,
Tell me about the pain you felt when your brother died,
The nights you couldn't sleep because of all the tears
That would never fall, because your heart had gone numb.
Talk to me about you. No, not you, You.
The girl with the cosmos in her body. The you I fell in love with, after all we were made of adjacent stardust.
Talk to me.
communication communication communication :)
Pankaj Thakur May 2015
We love a girl,
We live with a girl,
Our life with a girl,
What we never want a baby girl,,,,

Our life with a girl,
The world is nothing,
Without a girl,
Please everybody save the girl,,,,

We love a girl,
But we leave her,
Then we loves another one,
After cheat her,,,,

Be a man,
Don't be a lady,
Love a girl,
To make her feel crazy,,,,

we earn the money,
We spent the money,
Then why we leave our MOTHER,
At the stage of old lady,,,,,

We all live,
We all die,  
Set a another goal,
That u never make a girl cry.....!
"save the girls to create the world"
Nameless Jun 2014
It seems like a big deal
At first
even to me.
But then I met
the girl who changed

The way I walk
The way I talk
how I do my hair
she doesn't even mind
when I wear boys underwear
Even though she's there
and not over here
I still love her
as if she was
in my arms
holding tight
in a
warm embrace
Cause her love
has a wonderful

— The End —