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tread Oct 2013
I died once

in the hallow mechanics of an elevator set to silent

I died once
tread Oct 2013
Practically everyone fell to their knees at the sound of the whistle. Maszar glanced backwards at the iron rod pressed to his spine and the articulated expression of a misty thought-god that held the holographic weapon prisoner. He believed, and the sudden twitch of dendrites and synapses claustrophobicly trapped him inside of his head- - he began screaming, "too small, too small!" like it made a difference and scratched at the walls of his mind as the Queen of Deza Park dosed her way into the debate panel of his mind for an evening special of Into the Mist.

There wasn't much left to debate when she arrived- - the synapses were firing at one another, frightened warriors frantically snapping their own necks in unintentional combat or disillusioned by the unromance of war. Dendrites and neurons began to shoot themselves hard in the temple as the world swiveled into a whirlpool around them, thoughts crashing through the unprotected dam of the cerebral cortex and landing on the war torn beaches of repressed memory. Slowly, the chasm between Maszar's body and mind began to close- - revealing to the war torn gods the implicit unity within each explicit duality, swapping sanity for quick sand and comfort for faded lenses through which scratch marks created a tear in the space-time continuum.

If only.. was his second-to-last thought.

If only there was some way to measure the death erupting within me to see if..
was his last.
pls follow my new hello poetry account if you would like to keep up with my poetry from here on in; this account will continue as an archive of my older works, but otherwise, I'll be keeping it to whiney, sad rant-poems when I'm upset / heartbroken etc.. The polished 'tread' now lives here:
tread Oct 2013
why did the residual effect continue to reside-ual within the mind I articulated as a master plan to nowhere in particular and particularly no one hurting questions like they're bigger answers to something you never wished to ask or asked to squish like mantracker episodes on OLN where you're hopping the bush like a freight train through the Utah Salt Flats, O' beautiful, buttered misery!
tread Oct 2013
"to prove how
fast things change,
this is still the same
box of Corn Pops."
tread Oct 2013
after a long day's work

I forget my life isn't

a dream.
tread Sep 2013
I am the biggest
******* who has
ever loved.
breaking hearts breaks me.
tread Sep 2013
sometimes I'm not sure I know
how to love. and if I don't know
how to love, I wonder if I love
you. I something. I am-thing.
I feel you like carved wood. I
am in you so close I can no
longer tell. sometimes I'm
not sure I know how to
love. and if I don't know
how to love, I wonder if
I love you.

I love you like I love myself.
where do 'I' reside?

throwback to May's doubtful love
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