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I've never loved anyone as much as I love you
...thats  wat I told the girl standing in front of me~in a mirror
Walk away
Leave without a word..leave me here
Wen it grows colder
I'll miss u
I'll miss the people we used to be
So weneva ur ready,come back
I'll always be
I've learnt from my experiences
So next time I meet some1 that interests me
I'll let my feet go to him
But I'll keep my heart safely locked away,far from his reach
Losing your faith in a moment
Faith u built for so long
In so many moments,it grew
Losing urself ,giving in to the world
And then u realise
It was never worth it
Brenda Nalugo Mar 29
Giving it a try
Just trying
Am a little sad
No,really sad.
It usually lasts a few days,a week or at most two
But now it has lasted longer

My safe heaven has been snatched away
Many feelings buried coz I can express them no more
I can't pen them down
This writers block has hit so hard
How to get back to my peaceful place
I don't know
Am just ,TRYING
Brenda Nalugo Feb 26
Cupid why me?!!
Cupid must have eyed me
Not that its a bad thing
        But why me?

His love spell has got me so~
          Lovey Dovey
This really ain't me
Not that am rigid or void of love
           Change is good
But why me?

Love is beautiful
And I did like to fall in love someday
With someone who will move my heart
But I ain't ready
These feelings ,I don't want at the time
So cupid shud have jst passed by
                But he didn't
     Now am here floating
      In a sea of love
     Beautiful but undesired as per now
   Many wud wish 4 it ,but not me
                  •why me?!
Brenda Nalugo Feb 26
The irony that is in his ways
In his actions
The sarcasm only he can portray
Cutting right thru my heart
Reaping my soul apart
Making me lose my senses
But mostly,
The hurt & the pain
The anger I feel
Hatred not for him but me
Hating just how much I love him
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