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Brenda Nalugo Apr 30
Well today could have been our anniversary
Today....I would have dressed just for you
Today, I would have written you a poem or a love letter, maybe both
Today...I would..
But today marks 634 days since you broke my heart
634 days since I found you in her arms
Today, could have been our anniversary,but instead... today serves as a reminder of my foolishness and immaturity.

I had you were getting married
And oh, thank you for asking
If I was "okay" with it, like my opinion ever mattered
And thanks for the apology,but I think it's too late
It was too late  the moment I caught you
And oh thanks for the invite..
What a blissful reunion it would be if I showed up at your wedding

Today, exactly 634 days ago,I slit my wrists
I felt at peace as I bled
I found peace in my dark thoughts
But today 634 days ago,I was saved by my mother
And I realized she had raised me better
That I was never really in love with you,I was in love with a version of you that you switched on when you wanted to get laid
That I deserved better.

Today, therapist gave me a punching bag with your face on it
She asked me to hit hard to let go of all my anger
But today I realized it wasn't worth it, you weren't worth it
Today I realized I owed myself an apology for my stupidity
For trying to **** myself
For putting you before me
Today... could have been our anniversary but am glad it isn't
Cause today...I realized am glad I lost you
Brenda Nalugo Jul 2019
Hope you figure it out
And give me a call
Brenda Nalugo Jun 2019
So cold in a lonely world
Brenda Nalugo Apr 2019
Love don't cost a thing
       Or maybe t does
Maybe t costs a thing or a number of things
But 4 u my love.. I wud give t all up
Love costs tym & ur my world,
My love all my time z yrs to have
Love requires sacrifice
   There z nothing i wudnt give up 4 u
Not a single thing
Love z unconditional
My love 4 u z not seasonal
I love u in all seasons
     Before the sun kisses the earth
I want to be with u
And when the moon hugs the night sky
I'll still be by ur side
I love u with every breath I take
For eternity I will always love u
Brenda Nalugo Apr 2019
Criticism so harsh
Expectations too high
Feel like am falling without stop
A tear slips
A spung of pain
The voices in my head tell me to hold on
Hold on and fight
Screaming words of encouragement
Words I rili need to hear
Wat wud I do without them
What would I do without myself
Brenda Nalugo Apr 2019
I've never loved anyone as much as I love you
...thats  wat I told the girl standing in front of me~in a mirror
Brenda Nalugo Apr 2019
Walk away
Leave without a word..leave me here
Wen it grows colder
I'll miss u
I'll miss the people we used to be
So weneva ur ready,come back
I'll always be
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