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Caitlin Mar 27
It’s been a while since I’ve written
A long while

A lot has changed and I have grown a lot
I’m not sure if I’ll keep writing but who knows
Caitlin Jun 2020
Do you ever have something in your grasp,
Something good
Something that makes you happy
Then the world cracks apart and you feel like you’ve lost it??
Maybe forever?
I hope not.
Caitlin Jan 2019
There are words I want to say
But I don’t want to scare you away.
We’ve known each other forever
I don’t want to lose you, No never
Even though we are just friends
Three words can change us dramatically
It’s funny, because I use those word with my other friends, but with you it’s different.
Should I take a chance?
G-  it’s true, I do. Maybe you’ll see this soon. Maybe not. But I love you. 1/17/2019
  Jun 2018 Caitlin
I'm not writing again
But today is Caitlin's birthday
And she does deserve a piece

We haven't talked of late
Yet I feel she's doing great
I'm not sure what to say
But I'm glad I didn't forget

Before this turns to a bore
I just want to say
I'm glad we were friends for a bit
Happy birthday Caitlin
Caitlin Mar 2017
I feel like a lot of relationships take the next step, when all it takes is one word, and the both of us are smiling or laughing.
I've got a lot of inside jokes with my family here on campus.
It's great.
Caitlin Mar 2017
Maybe we've both matured.
Maybe we've just drifted.
Maybe we were meant for only a short amount of time.
Maybe we were meant for this fate..

That doesn't mean I don't miss you though.
Caitlin Mar 2017
Is it too much to ask to be happy?
To have someone who honestly makes me happy?
To have my heart smile when he walks in the room?
To have a half dozen inside jokes, where all it takes is one word and we ae both laughing?
To have someone to know me better than I know myself?
To be loved?
And to love them back with all my being?
Is it too much to ask if I can be happy?
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