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Nikita Marley May 2014
You could go to bed and listen to them partying hard
Outside smoking joints in the night in the backyard
You could complain that their music's too loud
Or you could just say **** it and go join the crowd
Nikita Marley Feb 2014
Oh my God you figured it out. Oh my God. Now I know. And I'm so glad.


I don't like him. I don't love him.

because we are one and he is me and I am him and what I thought was love was just me being stupid and just me liking how he likes to cuddle and now I know it's not true and I can't thank you enough.

And you put it into words so eloquently, not your strongest point Sammie.

You can get married or whatever but don't date cause that would be ******.

And it would be and it is so thank god we're not dating even though everyone wants us too.

I'm so relieved

And I texted you thanks Sammie and you replied ok... and I sent you a smiley face even though what I really wanted to do was kiss you and thank you a billion time because now I'm not confused anymore and I don't need to be embarrassed or hate myself because I didn't want to like him. And now I know I don't.
Nikita Marley Oct 2013
And there is nothing I can do.
And they wrap around me
And I can't breathe
And I throw my head back wailing

And I can do nothing.
And there is nothing I can do.

How can you stand it.
How are you so strong.

I am proud of you.
You are my baby.
And you are my friend.
And you are my sister.

And you are what stop me
When they come
And I can't do anything to fight them
And the song in my head is loud and won't go away
And my thoughts torment me.
And I think of you

And how you fight them everyday
And everyday you come out stronger.

I'm so proud of you babe.
I'll never be as strong
Or as brave
As you.

But by God I'll try.
Nikita Marley Oct 2013
Today's a working day.
     One of those days you feel like working.
           When you just want things to look good.
                   When you just want life to look good.
                             So you decide to do something about it.
                                        And that something will be working.
                                                    Because today is a working day.
                                                             Except then when you start working,
                                                                        You decide you don't feel like it.
Nikita Marley Sep 2013
Do you like him?

I don't want to.

But you do?

Nikita Marley Aug 2013
I was angry.
I ran from the beach. I held my towel and sweater.
My glasses were foggy.
I couldn't see anything.
I pulled them off and clenched them in my fist.
I flew over the bridge and tore through the woods.
My flashlight beam was slow
I ran
up the stairs.
I was angry.
Why couldn't they leave me alone.

Up the stairs.
******* sharp things

The lights of the house glowed up ahead.
Too bright.
Like my grandma.
I ran to them.

Around the house.
Through the door.

Bright greeted me.
Are you going in the sauna?
Why the **** do we HAVE a sauna!!!!!
We're in the middle of nowhere
We swim in a lake
We drive an hour
To get to the closest town
And yet we have a SAUNA

No. I'm not going in.

I'm already steaming.
Even though I'm steaming
A *** boiling over
******* SMILES
Why are you SMILING?
So you're just fine like that?

Slam the door.
No more.

I'm crying.
Hot tears over my cold body.
My nose hurts.
I cry and cry.
But no one hears me.
He's in the next room
And he doesn't hear me.
They're still at the beach. I hear them
And they don't hear me.

I sit on the floor.
I ignore the wet spot I'm making on the stupid grey rug.
I pull my wet towel to me.
I haven't dried off yet.
I don't.

I don't care.

I stand up.
I stop crying and pull my towel over my head.

It is dark.
I stand there.
And then I walk.
Through the room
Bumping into beds and walls.
I am nothing.
Nothingness itself.
I see no one
And no one sees me.
I can't see.

I can't see.

I hear my name over and over.

What is that?

What did you say?

What do you want?

Yeah right.

What's up?

Sure. Nothing.
The word one uses when we cannot speak.

I stop being nothing and take off the towel.
I am not nothing.
I am Nikita.
I am crying again.
I hear them coming up the stairs outside.
I gather my clothes and put on my glasses.
Still foggy.
I take them off.

I leave the room.

Are you heading to the sauna?


I go to the bathroom.




I'm crying again.
Nikita Marley Aug 2013
I just looked at something. I mean really looked.
It kind of scared me.
But a gentle kind of scare.
A sighing scare.
An anything scare.

I looked at a window.
Not through a window.
But at a window.

The sun reflected off of it.
It hurt my eyes.
I turned away
And then back.
There were trees
On the surface of the window.
The glass was cool
And soft.

I just looked at the water. Really looked.
Brow furrowed.
Eyes wide.
A concentrating stare.
Trying to make sense of the ripples and waves.

I just looked at myself.
Yes, I feel like everyone else sometimes.
I am ugly.
I am fat.
What is wrong with me.

But there are the times when I'm not.
When I'm exceptional.
When I'm Extraordinary.
And those are the times

I can feel my eyes smiling
I can feel them snake around my
round pupils.
I can feel the small dimple
Only one
On the left side of my face
I can see how thin
my ankles
and wrists are.
The ones that make it so Phoebe can fit into NONE of my shoes.
(Even though we are the same size)
My big feet don't look big.

My eyebrows.
They are perfect.

I love my hands.
My fingers
and arms.
I love that sometimes I smirk and look almost like
Emma Watson.
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