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Lizzy Apr 2014
Relapse and rewind
This happens every ******* time.
I've been neglecting the drugs,
The ones that were supposed to save me.

They only make it worse
Make me feel more crazy.
But when the time comes
Where my tide breaks
I cannot hold my ground.
The monsters come to me
With deafening sound.

Whispers from malevolent lips
Sound so sweet.
Like candy for my starving soul.
And soon I'm on that sugar high.

Rushing cherry red
It's got such a lovely flavor.
Feeds my hunger
Satisfies my thirst.

It won't be long
Before I'm back for more.
Emma Sep 2018
The best part about you leaving
Is forgetting you.
It’s as though the sugar you injected into me
To keep me sweet for you,
And only you,
Is dying off;
Slowly but surely,
Until the only part of you that will
Remain in my body
Is the notch in my heart.

You will always own that
Notch in my heart.
It will always make me care for you,
And make it like my heart always beat for two.
It will always skip a beat
When I see you in the streets.
The smell of burnt tobacco
Will always make my hands tie knots into the bedsheets,
All for you.

I used to believe
That with your sweet honey
Injected into my heart,
I would never be able to forget you,
Much less let you go.
But now, I see that lovers will
Come and go.
You do not own the sweet tune
That makes me undress for you;
And better will come after you.
You leaving hurt, yes,
But without you I am whole.
Stu Harley Sep 2018
nothing left
gorge herself
sugar plum stars
must confess
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
I swirled in a ocean of brown.
Venting in steam.
My drown overlapped by current
On top of current.
I swirled around and around,
swimming in sugary spec.
I once dreamed of dry land.
Loosing my footing on the edge of a spoon.
The top of a pink packet torn off.
Sprinkled on my head.
There was no sense in fighting.
One single serving brewed.
It was exciting to feel myself swirl,
All I'd ever know.
around and around.
All I'd ever know.
The more I drunk the more evident it became.
The here after in addiction.
Sweet in taste.
My skin dipped in heart of something so delicious.
I swirled around in an ocean of brown.
Her eyes.
Never once did it occur that I couldn't gulp them.
I still tried.
Lost forever in Mocha flavored aroma
Fainche Siobhan Dec 2018
it's so ironic
you wanted eternity
yet you're full of lies
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
I saw us in that moment,
three circles interwine
in a venn diagram.

Making me dry of words,
just because in that moment
I had nothing to make me dark.

I never thought I could find
what I just had a sip of
and I have never been more thirsty.

It's tea with no need for sugar,
It's a perfect milkshake
and an olive in the martini.

Now you tell me,
for my world is lost.
What am I now suppose to write about?
J L S Dec 2018
i woke up today in a dream,
i pinched myself.
i saw an angel in my phone records
who drifted to sleep to my voice,
and i rejoice—
that my heart is taken care of
and my verse has a place to rest.

i’ve always known i had a sweet tooth,
those chocolate eyes and sugar lips
exist to end me,
and if i am to be ended by anything
then let it be this one from the heavens.

my verse sleeps easy now,
my voice rolls like a river would
and her eyes fall heavy
to my dreams and my vivid sights.
soon i’m coming home,
to hold that angel tight—
if only i could do so tonight.

sugar lips, i said she had
that keep me hooked
and coming back.
chocolate eyes that melt in the sun,
drip over me and kiss my skin
and leave my heart praying she’s the one.

keep a place in your heart for my poetry
and let my verse take you to sleep
among the clouds like an angel should
and i’ll keep on loving you,
like a true romantic should.
Donall Dempsey Nov 2018

Took the telegram
from the telegram boy.

He looked like an angel.

"STOP!"( stop )it said.
It was from Death.

"Ahhhhh man..!" I said.
"I haven't got time to die!"

I sent a telegram back
quick as a flash.,

" NO STOP!"(stop).

I deleted Death
from my facebook friends.

Death sulked.
Hotfooted it to God..

"Tell himmmm!" Death boo hoo hoo'd.
God called me up.

But I ooops dropped
my mobile down the loo.

Flushed it away.

I hid my soul
behind an ormolu clock

that  hadn't told the right time
for a long time now.

I stuck it to the back
with well masticated chewing gum.


The Devil I knew
invited me to tea.

"Is it hot in here or
. . .is it me"

My life struggled like a fly
stuck on flypaper.

"Shall I be mother?"

"One lump or two"
the Devil inquired politely.

"No.  No sugar
thank you!"
Samantha Cunha Nov 2018
China white
Dark angel
of the night
Brown sugar

Gold in
his veins
soft touch
to take away
his pains
electric sea
electrify me
gal of the night
I do what you like
Far out
my mind
but you're
still in
my sight
Samantha Cunha Nov 2018
rush haze
China white
Dark angel
of the night
Brown sugar
from the
  hush hush

Gold in
his veins
soft touch
to take away
his pains
electric sea
electrify me
gal of the night
I do what you like
Far out
my mind
but you're
still in
my sight
You think I’m sweet like sugar and spice
Well this little girl doesn’t have to be nice
I can be evil, you wait and see
You’re going to wish you never messed with me.

What girls will do just to get ahead
Don’t you wish you stayed at home in bed,
Lies, deceit, back stabbing *******
Two faced, heartless, tell it all snitches.
Anya Sep 2018
Today my friend told me
I was acting strange
I gave her the
of a sugar high
But really,
I was just being
MeanAileen Jul 2018
When I look into your eyes
I see more than just brown...
I see pools of dark chocolate
in which I want to drown.
Like shots of aged whiskey
they intoxicate me-
I forget all my troubles
and for a moment, I'm free.
They make me feel warm,
so safe and secure.
No longer a sinner-
they make me feel pure.
They're the color of sugar
when caramelized,
with a devilish charm
that has me mesmerised.
Much like the earth
drenched in rain-
with unstoppable force
they now flood my brain.
To be lost in their depths
is where I long to be...
but those perfect brown eyes
were never meant for me.
I love his eyes
There was once upon a time in a forest dark,
A wild brown bear, treads carefully he not
He was fearless yet fearsome, who is brave but not
He thinks, he snorts, he cries, a happy bear he's naught

With friends upon friends the bear's not really lonely
The brown bear laughs, talks, and enjoy other's company
But don't let that fool you with the fact that he hides,
A heaviness of heart, spinning mind, of endless thoughts that smites

Out of the crowd that gathers him
Somewhere deep in-between shoulders
Heads and paws huddle over to and fro
Someone caught the eyes of our bear so slow

It was a bear, no, not just any bear, a pink bear
With eyes that sparkle, pair of eyes so lovely there
And most of all her cheeks, and the smile formed in between
The brown bear turned pink as hot as day he blinked.

A wave was all he could muster and a small "grr" that says "hi"
Meanwhile the pink bear blossoms, waved back looking shy
He thinks, he snorts, he laughs, a happy bear he is now
She completes his world that very moment, he feels alive.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months
Many things have gone, time flew so fast
They are together now happily in their own world
Despite the rain or shine, they continue to ride

She's beautiful, she's kind, she's full of light
For him he's no one's treasure but to himself
To him she's his other half, his pink sugar cub
His only girl, his partner, his bestest friend, his only love

And she was the first one who
heard this poem.

She will always be.
My Pink sugar cub.
My only love.
My Mae mae chan.
I love you Kim, my Mae mae chan <3
Matadi Jul 2018
Pretty girls don't cry
Guess with all the makeup how could I
Ladies don't drink
Guess with all my pain ill just Take your man
Cuz i'm pretty right?

Stereotypical Diva, She too quiet
Guess she stuck up
She's gotta be a ***, why she always lucks up?
Sugar baby,Slays
Waist training made her that way

The world is insecure
Lots of pain that we endure
reflecting judgment on others, to forget our demonic flaws
Iska Feb 2018
The false crisendo of your words
Grate against my every nerves.
Wandering round
With ****** feet
How many expectations
Have I failed to meet?

What more do you want
Of my sorry soul
When I cannot bring
My self to breath anymore?

So I watch your hopes
all tumbling down
It feels quite cold
Down here in the ground.
I'm sorry that I wasn't enough
I tried to be what you asked of me
But I didnt think it'd be So tough.

My weary bones creak and ache,
My wrist all burned and ******,
Can you not be quite just once for my sake?

I understand the gravity.
I know Im failing at life,
But you dig right in,
spreading the cavity,
How to ignore the strife?

Whispered arguments bleed through the walls
How much longer until we fall?
Through the floor straight down to ****
All because I could not tell.

Should I weep in pain,
And ***** away,
To satisfy you're whimsical ways?
Should I sell my soul,
And bite my tongue,
Just to keep the wallet full?
But "your so young,
You've no excuse,
So bend your back,
Put those hands to use."

Welcome to life.
Put away your pain,
No time for strife,
No time for play,
Just nod you head,
Exit the stage,
And get a job,
So you'll be payed.

I'd sooner live a poor church mouse,
Then lose myself in persute of a house.
But no, I'll smile my candy grin,
And talk with sugar sweet.
Hide the weight of the pain,
So your expectations, I'll meet.
Some times it's just not enough.

I am
Unpoetic, for
Isolation built from self-paved
Solitude has wilted my writing's
Possibility for sweetness
And sugar-faked beauty,
But poetry is crazed
For a taste of
Vast feelings,
So here
I am-

All feedback is welcome
elaine Jul 2018
I started drinking coffee, not because I enjoyed the taste, or even the burst of energy it gave me late at night, but simply because you loved it. Always seen with that coffee stained smile.

I hated it though.
I had hated its bitter taste that no amount of sugar or cream could sweeten.
I had hated the way it scorched my mouth and throat as I slowly gulped down the warm liquid.
But I drank it. Every morning and night, tricking my mind into thinking I liked it.
You soon moved on from my try-to-hard self, and left me all alone, with a coffee stained frown.

I threw the mug on the ground, shattering it in a million pieces. I threw out that coffee *** and those silly little brown beans. I accepted the fact that I hated coffee, it was for the better though. I was much more a tea person.
At Chick-fil-A the other day,
dropped a soda and
saw four flies,

Looks like flies
are attracted to
...but they
also eat ****.

Women hate flies...
...think they're unnecessary.

They are unnecessary.


-you are.
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